Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take-Aways #4

- FIND A WALKING BUDDY: If you start walking regularly with a friend or a neighbor whose company you enjoy, you'll be multitasking in a good way - by exercising and socializing at the same time.

- MAKE CHANGES YOU CAN LIVE WITH: Finding ways to eat healthfully at restaurants or friends' houses or to incorporate your favorite foods into your meal plans will help you to make lasting changes and slim down for good.

- KEEP HIS-AND-HERS VERSIONS OF YOUR FAVORITE FOODS: If you're trying to slim down and your spouse isn't, stock up on regular and low-fat versions of milk, mayo, salad dressing, ice cream, soda, crackers, and cookies. This will allow you both to eat what you like without harming your weight-loss efforts.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.


Blue Hez said...

Great Ideas!

RebeccaILJ said...

Good words...especially the one about making changes you can live with! Too often we set ridiculous standards for what we're going to do, and then can't stick to them...this time around, focusing on what changes are manageable and sustainable!

Rosie said...

BLUE HEZ: Thank you.

REBECCAILJ: Thank you I got them from the a Weight Watcher's book they were selling at my meetings... now I have to listen to the advice I share :)