Thursday, January 31, 2013


My goal for today was to burn 13 points... starting last week I've upped my workouts to an hour a day and I am for 6 days a week but if I only do 5 that's okay... things come up, etc.

I rotate between cardio and weights... today was a cardio day. I was in the zone during my first 30 minute workout... doing the cybex machine with arms... I was working this baby like there was no tomorrow. The other day per the machine, I burned 450 calories in 30 minutes. I kicked butt!

Today was a later workout and it's later in the week so I set my goal for 350... but when I got close to the end of the workout I seen I way surpassed my goal and was already at 400 calories burned... so I put the petal to the metal and go to pumping like crazy....

I had 15 seconds to spare... I felt a little off but ignored the feeling... I wanted to see 444 on the screen.

When I looked again it said 445 with 10 seconds left... I was going to pump like crazy for those next 10 seconds... I felt like something was coming up but again... I was in the zone, so I ignored it.

7 seconds left and my stomach exploded. I vomitted all over the place... must have been about a gallon of water and a tiny bit of orange I had earlier...

So embarrassing. I went to the front desk, explained what happened. Asked for towels... I cleaned it up, but the housekeeping cholo that works there looked a little **** off.

I felt like telling him to get over it. It was mostly just water and I had cleaned up the mess already, all he had to do was run a mop over it.

I actually still was planning to do a second 30 minute workout but the front desk guy in a friendly way said that was it for me... so I came home :o( only 8 points burned.

I completely forgot today was suppose to be a half cardio and half weight day... I have a dumbbell set here... let's see if I can burn a few more calories with some weights... right now I'm up to 8 Activity Points earned... I doubt I be able to make up the other 5... 2 more would be nice... :o)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Official..

It's Official... I'm an emotional eater. I confirmed it today. I've been stressed and a little depressed the last couple of day... yesterday evening I ate and ate... things I knew I didn't have points for... and top it with a slice of German Chocolate Cake with a cherry on top... all bad! I skipped the gym... all bad!

Today wasn't any better... I started off my morning with a Smart Ones English Muffin... but then went ahead and had a liquor store chocolate pie and Sour Skittles... so not worth it. I decided it was going to be zero point foods for the rest of the day... I was doing good until I got stressed again, went upstairs to the pot luck we were having and fixed myself a plate...

I didn't get crazy, but didn't I say earlier it was zero point foods for the rest of the day?

In the middle of smashing my face into my plate trying to get it all in my mouth at once I realized what I was doing.

I wasn't even hungry... something clicked and I realized I was stressed, depressed... and stuffing my face.. BINGO - EMOTIONAL EATING.

I stopped myself and immediately went to track it all online...

I threw the rest of the food away, stopped the mindless eating and afterwork hit the gym... and according to my activelink I earned 13 points today! Good cuz I needed them...

Tomorrow is a new day, new set of points... but this week unfortunately for us trying to control our intake... there is a 2nd pot luck. Wish me luck... I'm going to need it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

1st Weigh-In

I had my first weight in... happy but a little confused about it. I got on the scale I was still exactly the same weight... 168.2... after my workout I weighed myself again... and low and behold 166.2!

I think I might be retaining water for not drinking enough... does that make sense?

I counted my loss at 167.2 :o) Also lost 1/2 inch off my navel line!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Average...

Recently I found an old list of weigh-ins... I went back to all my old resources and updated/filled in the spots... weigh-ins from 2008 to this year 2013.

Bored, I played with the numbers and here are some stats I came up with...

Average Weight Per Year:
2008 - 185.93
2009 - 183.84
2010 - 171.44
2011 - 176.8
2012 - 179.21
2013 - 171.92

2008 - was happy in a relationship... I had been even before the two prior years... at one point in 2006 weighing in at 200.5 at a Weight Watcher's meeting... my heaviest ever.

My over all weight with in the last 6 years (including this one): 179.93

What good do all of these averages make.... hhmmm well none really... just thought it was interesting how I've gone up and down.

I'm tired of battling my weight. I am tired of my weight from holding me back from what I want. I need to take these negative feelings, this frustration and transform it into motivation and strength to keep on moving, keep on tracking... to keep on losing.

My official first goal is 159.8... but my mini personal goal right now is to bring this years average weight down to 171.43... if I lose a pound this week that'll lower my average to 170.94! Then I can focus on lowering my over overall average to 179.21.

I an do this... 28lbs.


Saturday, January 19, 2013




Okay well not OFFICIAL spokesperson... but I have OFFICIALLY joined Weight Watchers Online and I am nominating and electing myself as the Unofficial Weight Watcher's Spokesperson Blogger.

My starting weight - as of this am... 168.2 - I officially have 28.2 more pounds to go!

I'm excited and pumped.

We are starting a biggest loser contest at work on Monday... my concern isn't even about winning... I feel like I have that in the bag... my concern is what if I reach my goal weight before the 12 weeks... what will I do? :op

Weight Watchers Lifetime... HERE I COME!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have one person so far who wants to join the Challenge... anyone else? Final Call... leave a comment if you're interested...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Challenge Anyone?

It just occurred to me that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I know I just got back to blogging... and probably have about 1 to 2 hits a day at the most right now... but is anyone up for a short Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge?

If you're game... leave me a comment. If anyone wants to join me I'll post up the guidelines and rules. I'm not sure about a prize... but there can possibly be one.

Remember... leave a comment below if you're interested in a challenge. Finally call will be Thursday - January 17th, 2013...

Sunday Update

This past week I did pretty good... I started off Fat Smash... then went to just WebMD's program... which is basically counting calories... and ended the week counting points.

I'm down 3.1 pounds... not bad. I'm super excited this week I have a big announcement to make Saturday... Stay Tuned...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

DietSodaDiva Again

Recently, I decided to start blogging again and restarted my lifestyle blog with the intentions of writing about everything including weight loss.. after I posted about my goal to lose weight... it just didn't feel natural to post about it over there... so I'm back here writing DietSodaDiva again...

I'm feeling a little anxiety and frustration right now... as I was looking at my DSD dashboard I realized I've been writing this blog on and off since September 4th, 2008. That means I have been actively trying to lose this same weight for years. I'm going on five! WTF?! What the hell is my problem?

Why can't I just stick to something and just keep at it? And what's even more frustrating and anxiety causing is knowing I've been trying to lose this weight for even longer! I joined Weight Watcher's for the first time January 2, 2000... and have been on and off Weight Watchers and other diets since.

What's my problem? I am tired of failing but refuse to give up. My goal weight isn't unrealistic... I can do this. I know I can. So here we go again... coming along with me on my journey to goal...

below is a post originally posted on my lifestyle blog:

January 3, 2013

Today was Day One of working toward my weight goal in 2013. Odd thing is I got on the scale on the 1st of January and I was 30lbs away from goal... but this morning was 7lbs heavier! Is that really possible... to gain 7lbs in two days on a liquid diet? I had a tad bit too much to drink on New Years Eve and spend the next days living on clear soup, saltines and 7-Up. So today... Day 1 - 37lbs to go.
- The Fat Smash Diet: I use to have a friend who lost 30lbs on this plan and kept it mostly off. I tried this diet a few years ago when she did it... but I got carried on the unlimited fruit and didn't make any progress. This time I'm adding some limitations to my intake. So... there I am above in my glory and 37lbs of extra weight... The Fat Smash Diet is broken up into 4 different phases... Detox, Foundation, Construction, The Temple... Phase 1 is basically 9 days of eating unlimited fruits and vegetables, some egg whites, no meat, no sugar... and limited carbs. I messed up a tiny bit today... I had 1 1/2 green enchiladas... :o/