Friday, January 30, 2009

Working my way down through the 70's

I've been at 180-something for so long I feel like my started weight was 185! I think back to my starting weight and I can't believe I was less than 3 pounds from 200. I don't ever want to go back to the 190's... heck, when I get out of the 180's I won't ever come back.

I felt like I was a high when I got into the 180's, but now this is old news and time to move on. As you know last week, like the past month was a challenge for me. But something has clicked and I'm back on track, I think it has something to do with me realizing how much I've spent on Weight Watcher meetings this time around! Close to $300, not including special Weight Watcher and Smart One's foods and snacks. I know I need the meetings, I truly enjoy them. I work hard, I take care of my family, I do everything I can to improve our lives so I deserve something for myself. My meetings are my something that's just for me. I don't mind spending the money, BUT if I'm going to be spending this money I better be sticking to program. I have no excuse.

This week I'm back in the game and ready to rock...

I didn't even want to post Wednesday's journal, I think I'm waiting to long to have dinner... when I get home I'm STARVING. I'm going to try having a large veggie snack in the every evening. Wednesday, I went home and ended up binging before dinner... not good. That's what the 5 slices of bread, bacon, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce is about. After the hunger monster calmed down and the damage was done, I had a chicken breast.

Yesterday was weigh-in - I was down .4 - I'm now 185.8. I was fine with .4, for a while now I've been happy with any loss.

As a parent of a teenager, yesterday was an extremely stressful day for me. Let me just tell you, if you have small children - DON'T LET THEM TURN INTO TEENAGERS! TEENAGERS WILL GIVE YOU A RUN FOR YOUR MONEY! DO NOT LET THEM TURN INTO TEENAGERS!

To make a long story short, I didn't eat in the morning because my meeting is at noon. What I usually do is take my oatmeal with me to my meeting, I weigh-in then eat breakfast before or during the meeting.

Yesterday I didn't have time to make my breakfast, but I figured I was coming right back so I would be fine. But as it turns out I wasn't able to go home - my day involved teenagers, a hospital, lies, punishments, and now serveral calls to the school principal. Between weigh-in and heading to the hospital I stopped in and found enough coins (had no money on me) to buy two boiled eggs. It was about 12:40pm when I finally had the eggs, and by the time I was walking by the Jack In The Box it was 5pm. I was going too hold my hunger but couldn't anymore. I had a long walk home and honestly as hungry and as mad as I was I don't think I would of made it. I was walking around with only change at the bottom of my purse, so the Jumbo Jack was the only thing I could afford. I didn't know it was going to cost me 14 points, I would of just had a plain hamburger for only 6 points, heck I could of had 2 hamburgers and still it wouldn't amount to what the Jumbo Jack cost me.

Oh well, I was starving - I had the Jumbo Jack - aside from that, I think I did pretty good. I could of skipped some of the salami and had broccoli on the side to fill me up, but I was at my mothers and just ate what she had that I didn't have to cook. I used up 12 flex points yesterday, but despite everything that was going on I feel pretty good about it.

So far today I'm doing good also. I have to do some running around this evening before I go home, so I'm going to have a bowl of broccoli before I leave work this evening and put a few Fiber One bars in my backpack.

Here's to a losing Super Bowl Weekend!


Daily Points: 25
1 cup Oatmeal: 2 (23)
1/2 cup Fat-Free Milk: 1 (22)
2 Fiber One Bar: 4 (18)
Lean Cuisine South Western Style Sandwich: 6 (12)
1 Smart One's Mint Chocolate Ice Cream: 3 (9)
1 Pear: 1 (8)
4 Bacon Strips: 5 (3)
5 Slices White Bread: 5 (-2)
2 tbs Peanut Butter: 5 (-7)
2 tbs Chocolate Sauce: 2 (9)
4 oz Chicken Breast: 4 (-13)

Exercise: 0 (-13)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-12)

Fruits/Veggies: 1
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 2 1/2
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 0
Filling Foods: 4


Daily Points: 25
2 Boiled Eggs: 4 (21)
1 Jumbo Jack (JINB) Hamburger: 14 (7)
1 Mini Banana: 1 (6)
1 Pear: 1 (5)
2 slices Bread: 4 (1)
3 servings Dry Salami: 5 (-4)
1/2 servings Pomo Juice: 2 (-6)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (-8)
2 pieces Mexican Fruit Hard Jelly Candy: 4 (-12)

Exercise: 0 (-12)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-12)

Fruits/Veggies: 3
Milk: 0
Liquids/Water: 6
Lean Proteins: 2
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 4


carla said...

what a hectic few days for you!

here's hoping your weekend is mellow and quite UNeventful!


Leigh Anne said...

Sounds like a mucho stressful day and it could have been so much worse. I think you did okay under the circumstances as well.

And I wanted to let you know that I felt the same way about the 180s. For over a year I tried to lose weight and was never able to break the 180 mark before giving up and gaining some back. This time around I made it to the 170s before giving up LOL. But I never went back above 180 and now I'm back on track and aiming for the 160s.


Tracy said...

Whew, that sound exhausting. And I understand the teenage thing, my daughter just turned 14 and I'm with you on some of that stuff already. They start that stuff so early. :( I'm looking at the 170's more now's to both of us getting there soon.

Rosie said...

CARLA: A non-eventful weekend or day really only comes every so often for me... :(

LEIGH ANNE: It's been a month and I'M STILL IN THE 180'S I'm stuck here and it's really my fault... I keep messing up but I refuse to give up, and you shouldn't give up either... hang in there.

TRACY: My daughter really ran me through the wringer in February... we're not getting everything together and getting her back on track. She's at that experimental phase that I thought (wished) would skip right over her.