Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Birthday Intake

Sunday, I had 3,580 Calories, 485 grams of Carbs, 131 grams of Fat, 140 grams of Protein, and 9,744 grams of Sodium... according to myfitnesspal.com in 5 weeks I'm blow up (if I don't have a heart attack by then)! I'm back on program today - feels good!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been journaling on both websites - myfitnesspal.com and weightwatchers.com and it's all become too much for me... I think what I'm going to do is for right now until Thursday - is paper journal and count points. Yesterday was my birthday so I went to Borders and brought myself a nice calorie counting journal... just like myfitnesspal.com I'm going to try that for a bit and see how it works for me.

I feel I need to focus more on eating a balance diet, I've got points counting down... but I turned 34 this year, I need to start focusing on eating balanced meals and keeping an eye on my sugar intake and sodium. I think mfp.com will help me pay more attention to balancing my intake...

I still love Weight Watchers and still plan on weighing-in and attending meetings, they offer in person support like no other! I'm just gonna take a break from counting points for a bit.

Right now my birthday goal is to reach 155 by 11/15/10! I think I can do it! Who wants to join me?!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


After almost 11 years of paper (food) journaling - I'm going paperless purely journaling just online... only when I'm away from internet access I'll use a paper journal. I'll be journaling for now at both myfitnesspal.com and weightwatchers.com...

I'm also thinking of making a progress chart at home for my weight loss to post on my wall... I'll have to come up with something clever looking. I think seeing my progress in my face everyday will be super motivational... I'll post pictures once I'm done making it... it'll probably be some time next week...

Do you have a progress chart on your wall? If so... what does it look like?

Monday, October 04, 2010


I might be a little late with this one... but have you heard of MyFitnessPal.com? I just created my profile and started journaling my food in there today... IT ROCKS!... I'm still going to paper journal and count my points for a bit... but I know several people who have been doing the MFP.com program and have been losing like crazy! 12 pounds in a month, 30 pounds in 2 months, etc.

My name is DietSodaDiva on there... check out my profile. I'll be updating my profile - huh, one day... you know I've been bad with blogging for a while now. My goal is to lost 35lbs total.

I'm super excited about this site... :o)

Go check it out!