Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take-Aways #3

- SAY YES TO A WORTHY CHALLENGE: Instead of automatically saying no to activities or events that sound difficult or time-consuming, accept the challenge of doing something that's healthy for you physically and emotionally; it'll be good for your weight as well as your state of mind.

- VIEW SWEET TREATS REALISTICALLY: If you want to lose weight, you can't have high-calorie sweets - cakes, cookies, candy, or full-dat ice cream - whenever you feel like it. You need to either find a lower-calorie substitute that you can have every day or save the rice desserts for once a week.

- TAKE SOME PERSONAL TIME: If you want to succeed at losing weight and improving your health, you need to carve out time for yourself - time to exercise, to de-stress, or to simply enjoy some solitude.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.

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