Friday, January 23, 2009

I could of swore it was 3 oz per serving, not 3 TBS!

Yesterday's food intake could have been a whole lot better. But all I can do now is just have a better day today. Here's my intake for yesterday, notes to follow:

Daily Points: 25
Oatmeal 1 cup: 2 (23)
Fat Free Milk 1/2 cup: 1 (22)
JITB Chicken Fajita: 6 (16)
2 Fiber One bars: 4 (12)
Steak 4.7oz: 6 (6)
3 PH Breadsticks: 10 (-4)
Tomato Sauce: 0 (-4)
1/2 cup Mushrooms: 0 (-4)
6 Servings Trail Mix: 24 (-28)

Exercise 30 minutes slow: +1 (-27)
Flex Points Used: 27 (0)

Fruits/Veggies: 2
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 7 1/2
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 3

I started the day off good, and even when I had the Jack In The Box Fajita that was good. My mess up started with the Pizza Hut Breadsticks and ended with the Trailmix.

We went to Target my mother insisted on stopping at the snack bar. I should of gotten a yogurt parfait, but for some reason thought the breadsticks would be less points. The yogurt parfait was HUGE... I didn't intend to have so much trail mix. I read the package and calculated the points before I had a serving... I thought it said 3oz per serving... it was 3 tbs per serving, I didn't realize that until much later after I had what I thought was 3 servings. After the damage was done I figured out 3 tbs is about 1.5 oz. Remind me never to buy that stuff again. I try to steer clear of snacky foods... but when shopping with my mother I tend to go for that sort of thing. The trail mix was way too good and it's hard to stay away from. Super good with it's nuts, dry cranberries, and white chocolate chips... not worth 4 points for 1.5 oz. After I finish this package I'm done with them... they do taste really good in oatmeal. I tried it this morning... soooo good.

My exercise was me walking around Target... of course we were there more than 30 minutes, but I decided that if I'm not doing actual exercise and just doing shopping and stuff like that I'll only count it as half the actual time. I think that's fair.

I should of had less trail mix and more veggies. I did do GREAT on my water, and remembered my Multivitamin! If grading it I think this was about a C day... what do you think?

A bit of good news before I leave... I got on the scale this morning and it said 184.0 that's a good sign the beef ball is breaking down and getting the heck out!


Graciela said...

I'm doing kind of the same thing on my weight loss blog as you are...such as when look at your overall day and rate it. I just use a numerical system 1-5 instead. I think the bottom line is it is good to keep a running tally overall. We can strive to always stay above a 3 (or a C in your case). Let's face it, we're not perfect, so not every day can be a 5 (or an A!)

carla said...

Popping in to wish you a good watery exercise filled weekend!

Next time MARCH around target ;) that's what my Toddler makes me do.

xo xo,


Espressomama said...

We've all done it. Congratulations on counting it. That's the way to do it - eat it, count it, move on. Lesson learned.

Rosie said...

GRACIELA: You're right... it's a challenge finding that balance, but I think the important thing is that we hang in there and don't give up.

CARLA: Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for the watery exercise wishes... lol. Marching around, I didn't think of that... I'll have to try it.

ESPRESSOMAMA: Thank you... and I did it again and again over the weekend. I need to start monitoring my weekends and see if I'm getting any better at it.