Monday, January 05, 2009

DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge FINAL Update

Yeah! We finished our first challenge. I learned some things during this first challenge... I definitely have to keep a better account of the challengers because they tend to disappear. We have a few members who I don't think ever got started or had to leave for one reason or another... but we do have some tough cookies who stuck it out and completed it! Whether you made it to goal or not I am proud of you for hanging in there. You all deserve a prize... so for all the challengers who send me their mailing address you will receive one.

Okay so here we go... I don't have all the results so far, but please check this post again through out the week for updates, I'll be editing it as I recieve the entries. That last day to turn in last results is January 9th, 2009 at 11:59pm.

I have taken out some names simply because I never recieved their info or they never partipated... if I've removed your name and you have been participating just send me an email and I'll add your results in.

Here we go:

Name: Hollie L.
Location: Tennessee
50 Day Goal: Lose 10 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Name: Jen
Total Gone: .5 pound

Name: Kelly S.
Location: Wisconsin
Total Gone: 12 pounds

Name: Krista
50 Day Goal: 15 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Name: Lisa
50 Day Goal: Lose 10 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Location: California
50 Day Goal: Lose 12 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Name: Shelly
Total Gone: 8.4

If you see your name up here... please email me with your current stats... how much did you lose during this challenge. If you have been participating, and would like to be up there but don't see your name please email me with your information.

Congratulations to all the challenger who have participated and completed the challenge.

Now... let's get ready for the next challenge: Gettin' Hott By Valentines!

More information about the next challenge will be posted VERY soon. So stay tuned!

I look about the same but if you take a close look my double chin is down a bit... my stomach looks the same but the second picture includes TOM Bloating...


skinnyhollie said...

Rosie, I am sorry that I'm one of those people that went MIA. I have yet to successfully complete a weight loss challenge...maybe HOTT for Valentines will be my first????

Rosie said...

I haven't given up on your Hollie, and I won't. We're going to make it to goal one way or another... :) It might takes a little longer them others but we'll get there. I know you're busy, so even if I have to start sending you snailmail notes I will... lol.