Saturday, January 03, 2009


Recently you might of noticed I changed the look of, it needed a facelift for 2009. I figured out some of the features I didn't know how to use before, like adding a poll, the followers feature... and my favorite the list of blogs I read. Previously the weight loss blogs I check on a daily basis were just linked to my site... several times a day I would check them all to see if there were any updates, having to click on every single link. Now that I added them to the blogs I read section, wow what a different. My smart blog tells me when they last updated and the title of there entry... genius! Now I don't have to waste time checking every single one for an update.

Now that I'm saving time I have time to read more blogs... so I've been steady adding more and more... I've removed a few that I don't read or I felt don't really stick to weight loss as much. I've been finding some FABULOUS blogs, so FABULOUS I wanted to share with you... some are old and some are new to me... all the blogs on my list, if you update I read.

Here are five that I can think off of the top of my head... now if I don't mention you here, it's not that I don't love you the same as I love these... I do or else you would be a part of my list... but I'm a little pressed for time today. Eventually, all of you will be posted in a I HEART WEIGHT LOSS BLOGS entry.

So here we go... my five picks for today:

Skinny Hollie ( I met Hollie on WWMSG and we soon became blog buddies. What I love about Hollie is she's crazy busy but still makes an effort to commit some time to herself. She's not perfect, she sometimes falls off the wagon, but eventually gets up, dusts herself off and climbs right back on.

The Incredible Shrinking Family ( This blog is written by the mother, it's about a family of three following Weight Watcher's together. Their ups and downs and there weight loss adventures. She's a writer that usually makes you smile, her posts are mostly upbeat and very well written. I found her blog WWMSG.

The Anti-Jared ( This guy has lost over 205 pounds in I think 10 months. He's a true inspirations. I'm pretty sure if you check his blog out you'll keep going back. I found his blog through WWMSG.

A Fat Girls Blog ( She's the cutest. I came across Amanda's blog through her youtube videos. She sort of reminded me of a cooler and way younger version of myself. When Ross seen one of her videos he said he knew why I liked her videos... he said she sort of looks like a younger version of you... lol. Check her her blog, her video links are on there too.

The Pitter Patter Of Losing Pounds
( She's the nicest. When I first started revived DietSodaDiva... (long story about the name I'll share with you in another post) she commented my blog on wordpress (I started this on wordpress then switched over the blogger), we became friends and she helped me set this blog up... I'll always be thankful for her. She was Weight Watchers for a while but switched back tow Low Carb, her blog is mostly filled with yummy recipes.

So, those are my five blog picks for the day. I hope you visit and enjoy them... I sure do. I think over the next few weeks I'll be doing a few more of these I HEART WEIGHT LOSS BLOGS posts just to help get the word out about these fabulous chickies and gentlemen.

Well, I'm off... headed to Ross'. I hope you all have a fabulous OP weekend. See ya tomorrow...


Skye's the Limit said...

Love this topic! I'm already following 3 of the 5, but I will definitely check out the other 2.

I keep telling Di of 'The Incredible Shrinking Family' that she really needs to write children stories! Her imagination is simply amazing! If you are ever depressed, check out her blog. You are guaranteed to laugh!

Thanks Rosie!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Oh Rosie I am honored for the mention ! I follow the blogs you mention and others as well and I agree- they are all inspirational ! I think blogging helps us all to realize that we are not alone in this and inspires us all to try things in a slightly different way. One thing I have definitely learned from other bloggers- oatmeal is just a blank canvas to a world of possibilities !

Twisted Cinderella said...

Thanks so much for the nice things you said. That is really sweet of you.

Sharon said...

Wow, great links! Thanks!

Kiki said...

Thanks for the wonderful links to blogs I haven't read. There are so many of us in the blogging world to receive inspiration from.

You are one of them.

Rosie said...

SKYE'S THE LIMIT: I love Di's blog... I didn't know her name until now... lol I always think of her as The Momma... lol She deffiently should do more with her writing. Maybe write a book about weight-loss when she reaches goal.

The Incredible Shrinking Family: I love your blog... your style of writing, and also that you update daily. I know I can usually count on a new entry from you being there especially if I need a little inspiration or motivation.

Twisted Cinderella: It's true. You truly made me feel welcome... I am thankful for you. And also the recipes do sound really good... one day, one day I'll get in that kitchen and finally make one. I've copied down a few you've posted.

Sharon: Yes, I love them all... and hopefully you will too.

Rosie said...

KiKi: You're welcome... and thank you for such an honoring comment. I hope I can inspire at least one person.