Monday, January 12, 2009

"When I'm good, I'm really good, and when I'm bad, I'm as bad as I wanna be." - Catwoman

See having mottos like that gets a girl trying to change her lifestyle in trouble!... I've been VERY bad, as bad as I've wanted to be.

I'm not going to break down what I had over the weekend... let's just say I'm paying for it now with endless gas, and feeling blah. I think all the sugar I had is actually making my joints achy... is that possible?

You know I did bad, I didn't total my weekend points or today's points until about 5-10 minutes ago. I didn't actually do to bad this week... I used up all my flex points and went over Sunday by about 4... not to bad.

I don't know what my deal was today though... I went over 28, I went on a junk food spree... I think I thought I did horrible over the weekend so figured what's one more day. NOT A GOOD THING TO DO!

I can't do anything about it today, other that just plan my meals for tomorrow... I weigh in Thursdays... so tomorrow and Wednesday will be veggie and fruit filled.

On the water front I should have already drank 30 glasses of water for this week - I've had 6. The filling foods/exercise challenge started this week... so I should of had 25 filling foods already, I've had 16... not to bad.

Exercise this week I should of already gotten in 2 1/2 hours... I got 3 hours and 45 minutes... not bad. I did a lot of shopping this weekend. We went to Walmart, then Ross set me lose inside his local Goodwill... $15 dollars and 30 minutes later I had a pair of new slacks (never worn), a casual blazer, a work blouse, a stretch casual shirt, and a sexy very feminine polka dot blouse. I did very good.

This year Ross and I have made a joint resolution... something we've been wanting to do for a while... learn to dance salsa. We went to a lesson a few months back, it was a disaster. So, I brought a video for us to try at home. Sunday we tried it for the first time. We didn't get through the whole video, but so far we're doing pretty good... we got the basic step down, turns, and a few other moves. We're gonna try to get through the video a few times then hit the club again with our fancy moves. We had so much fun just trying the video and it's great exercise.

We'll I have an early day tomorrow trying to catch up with every one's blogs... see you tomorrow!


Tracy said...

Don't beat yourself up too bad, everyone has a bad day (or two or three) here and there. The important thing is you are getting right back on track and not giving up. And sounds like you are doing awesome on your exercise! Love the quote too. : )

MommaKnitsalot said...

Just spreading a little tough love to my fellow BLBE2 Team Lynn team member - the clock is ticking, the gym is open, so go workout!

Looks like you need a little tough love - you know where you went wrong this weekend, and you know what you should have done, so go do it. No excuses next weekend!


Sarah said...

OK, so you fell a bit, BUT you still counted your points and you know you didn't do well on the weekend. We all have these days, weekends, weeks.Get back on there and keep at it!

Rosie said...

TRACY: You're right... I shouldn't beat myself... I guess sometimes I just get frustrated with myself. My exercise is improving... I need to work on getting into a routine.

MOMMAKNITSALOT: Thank you for coming by and checking on me. No gym membership, but I get idea there is plenty I can do at home to get a workout in.

SARAH: Thank you... I think I'm getting back on track now. Had my first loss of the year, so I'm looking forward to my 2nd one. Baby steps.