Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beef Balls and Scales

I weighted in today, and had a gain. The beef ball in my stomach hadn't started breaking down until this morning, and I knew by weigh-in it wasn't going to be all out... it was only halfway gone. I had a gain of 1.8 which puts me at a total loss of 10 pounds. I'm disappointed in myself... by now I should have at least 20 pounds gone. At least!

But, I can't live in the past, only work on my future. I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to give up. I have too much support to give up now. Ross is extremely supportive and I've become a part of this weigh loss community, I will not let you down - I know you won't give up on me, and I refuse to give up on myself. I want this! I need this!

I thought I did pretty good this week, except for the not too great, but not too bad weekend, and the Obama Beef incident. Yes, that's right. I love him, but I'm blaming him for the beef tacos/burritos.

Anywhoo... this is it. I need to make some changes. I'm not that bad, and in the beginning I was about the same as I am now and I was losing. Then I realized, a couple of months ago I switched from guesstimating portion sizes to weighing them on my (hardly used) scale.

This past week I had turkey most days. When I weighed the turkey on my scale it seemed like a lot, but I figured I had been under-guesstimating on my meats, either that or turkey is a hellava lot lighter than chicken. Either way I went by the scale, it seemed like a lot - but why would Target and the breast cancer people make and sell a scale that doesn't work... even if it is made of pink plastic (super cute).

I realized today that it could be possible that my scale might be off a bit... I broke down, went to Target and got a (what I think is) descent scale. I compared the two scales side by side... and here are the results:

My first scale, weighing a small dish...

I weighed the same dish on my new scale and here's what I got:
See the results? I've basically been eating over double of what I thought I was eating. The plate weighed in on the old scale at 2oz, my new one 4.5oz. I have a feeling this week there will be a loss!

While at Target today, I also picked up a workout towel that I'm going to embroidery with DIET SODA DIVA, as a motivator and reminder to get real workouts in and quit pretending walking the secondhand stores counts as true working out. And to go along with the workout towel I also got a couple of better support sports bras.

I am ready, and I'm going to kick ass!

Also I need to get my journaling in check, so this week and until I reach my 10% (that's 9 more pounds) I will be posting my daily journal at the end of each post. Feel free to send me tough love, and constructive critical comments.

So children, today's lessons are:


carla said...

dont be disappointed!
focus on the ten pounds **GONE** and move ahead from there starting today.
(and yes. I still giggle every time I read the phrase beef balls)

you can EMBROIDER??


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Beef balls- too funny ! And don't beat yourself up about the food scale thing- it is an honest mistake.Personally, anything that is done in a gimiky kind of packaging I run fast and far from because 9 times out of 10 it has been made in less than accurate conditions. Good to buy to support the cause as a charitable kind of thing, but pack it up in favor of using a tool that has been made to be just that kind of tool and nothing more. Taylor is a very accurate brand. I have a manual one as well as a digital one made by Crofton that is very accurate.Live and learn, and it's a new day !

andrea. said...

That is so funny / distressing about the scale! I'm having a similar worry about some measuring cups I got -- I have two different sets, and maybe it's just because they're shaped differently, but they don't look like the same amount to me! You've inspired me to go home and do some scientific experimenting on them. :)

Have a great ON PLAN weekend!

Rosie said...

CARLA: I know I shouldn't beat myself up, and I try to steer away from that because I'm scared if I continue I'll get discouraged.


Yes, I started embroidering here and there since I was pregnant with my daughter (15 years ago).

DI: In the past I've never weighed my food. I was in Target one day and seen it was on clearence for $4.something - pink and cheap, I went for it. I guess it's true, you get what you pay for. I love my new scale.