Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take-Aways #2

- BE ASSERTIVE WHEN DINING OUT: Quiz your waiter about how a dish is prepared, and don't be shy about asking the chef to prepare something without sauces or extra fat. These days, many chefs are willing to do just that.

- PUSH YOURSELF TO TRY AT LEAST ONE NEW FRUIT OR VEGETABLE PER WEEK: You'll be treating yourself to a new taste sensation and a variety of nutrients - and you'll be helping to expand your culinary repertoire in a healthy, low-calorie way.

- QUIT THE CLEAN PLATE CLUB: If you get out of the habit of finishing what's on your plate - and stop eating when you're pleasantly satisfied, instead - you'll spare yourself loads of unnecessary calories at every meal.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.


Tanya said...

I don't know about every week but last week I made a sweet potato and beet dish. Neither of which I eat. It was so good that I bought beets to make it again this week, they only had 5 lbs bags of sweet potatoes so I'll try it with regular ones this week.

Rosie said...

TAYNA: I eat both of those but together? Will you post the recipe... I would totally love to give it a try. I love both of those things separately.