Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No More Beefing Around!

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to use up very little points through out the day and save the majority of them for my special inauguration dinner I was making.

I had oatmeal in the morning and broccoli for lunch. For dinner I had taco/burritos with homemade flour tortillas, fresh lean beef, guacamole, sour cream, and a bit of cheese. Basically all the stuff I should avoid when having a healthy burrito/taco. It was sooo good.

I'm not a regular beef eater. I'll have an occasional hamburger, but that's usually it. I rarely ever buy beef or pork for the house. Oh boy, I don't think my body likes it anymore.

I had dinner last night about 7ish/8ish. I didn't eat to fully explode but I was full, and when my food settled in I felt like I was carrying a rock in my stomach. It didn't hurt... it was just like a rock – maybe a boulder. I went to bed with my boulder, and when I woke up (late and feeling sluggish) this morning I was still full! Full enough to not want breakfast. Heck it’s almost lunch time and I’m still satisfied/full! WTF?!

I made my oatmeal and have it here with me, just in case I get hungry later. I'll just have that when I get hungry and have my lunch later.

It's going to be a broccoli day. I need to clear out this crap out of my body. I don't think my body agrees with beef anymore and right now the way I'm feeling I'm okay with that. I can stick to my poultry, fish and occasional hamburger.

I'm not going to fully blame the beef, I honestly think it was the combination of rich, fatty, yumminess that formed the rock and is making me feel blah right now. Whatever was the cause, I didn't like the feeling. I couldn't even get out of bed this morning. I can't and won't do that to myself again.

I think this is a sign that my efforts towards living a healthier lifestyle are working. My body’s rebelling against that stuff. It wants fruits and vegetables. Funny how your body adapts so quickly.

Tomorrow's weigh-in. I need to clear some of the crap out before then, so it's broccoli and water today... maybe a little fruit. I did better this week then I did last week. Tomorrow starts a brand new week and that means I'll do even better next week then I did this one!

If I can clear this boulder out, I should have a loss.


carla said...

ok you have me cracking up about the beef and the boulder so I shall just with you luck with Natures Scrubbrush and leave it at that :)


Q102Briand said...

you know I understand what you said about the beef. I used to LOVE steak, burgers and more but now it doesnt taste like it used to :-( I have stopped eating red meat. I still eat chicken and fish.

Rosie said...

CARLA: It didn't work, but I think this weeks weigh-in will be a lot better.

BRIAN: I think that's my next step is to let beef go. I was Vegan for a long while, then vegetarian... and also a major meat eater in the past. I had poultry/fish, beef, and pork (all three) everyday for a couple of years. I think I need to find someplace in the middle... maybe just stick to poultry and fish.