Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Year Of The Challenge

It seems like I've joined TONS of challenge for 2009... so far I'm involved in four... one ending tomorrow, and my next one starts very soon.

I'm currently finished up DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge... it ends tomorrow. So remember challengers please get your final weights into me hopefully tomorrow... I'd like to do a final entry with all our updates.

Around Christmas I got an invitation to join a year long challenge... 2009 Weight Loss Challenge. There's a lot of stuff going on in the group... recipe swaps, clothing swaps... a bit complicated, with lots of leaders/moderators... I'm a bit lost keeping up with it... but so far it seems cool.

On YouTube I found a website called I joined a challenge on those boards too.

Finally, one of my favorites I just joined... Biggest Loser Blog Edition 2nd Season.

With all these challenges I've better get in gear and win one of them.

If you're looking for a challenge to join... all of these I believe are too late to join... but will be hosting a new Valentine's Challenge for you Weight Watchers out there. Unlike the challenges I'm currently a part of, the Valentine's day challenge won't have a weight goal... we'll be focusing on exercise and filling foods.

In the coming days I'll be posting more information about the Valentines' challenge. Make sure to come back tomorrow for an update on DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge Challengers' FINAL update.

Also if you're a challenger, remember to email me your final weights and a picture if you like... also directly email me your mailing address if you haven't already. I'll be sending out gifts to all who have participated.

It's late, I've better get to bed. See ya'll tomorrow.


carla said...

thanks for stopping by this morning, Rosie!
I LOVE your blog name....your superhero moniker :)

Rosie said...

You're welcome. It took me a minute to get over to your blog but I'm very happy I did... and thank you for visiting mine.