Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Current Update

This week I lost 2.3lbs this past week. I did my weigh-in on Friday morning because that's the closest to Saturday morning I'd be able to. The weekend was a bust. Too much to drink, too much to eat, but I did lots of walking a kickball playing so it wasn't a TOTAL bust, however coming back I didn't get a change to prep for the week... so Monday and today we're struggles that I don't think I did my best.

As soon as I finish this post, it's too the kitchen to prep my food and update my calendar. It's also a broke week so I've got to make due with what I have until Friday when I get paid. I'm limited fruit, but do have veggies and chicken in the freezer and feta cheese... I'll make it work!

It also started raining tonight, hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow evening cuz it's back to the gym for me for the rest of the week... rain or shine!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Last Day

I'm on the last day of my 1 week Challenge and my first week back on stricter op. I think today'll be a piece of cake!

My only challenge will be dinner on the go. I weigh-in tomorrow morning. I have my scale packed.

My new week starts tomorrow. I have my workout clothes packed, my feta cheese, water bottle. It's gonna be a weekend on the go, I should of packed my protein powder but I ran out of time.

It's okay. I'll figure it out. I'm determined to say op next week. I might have to dip into my extra 49 points next week... but I'm going to aim not too. Tomorrow there's going to be a kickball game including everyone. There should be calories burned there, I'm going prepared for a morning run and there might be a nice walk to the park.

Activity Points Weekend Goals:
-Today: 5
-Saturday: 10
-Sunday: 10

Today's goal is to stay within points, earn my activity points (which should be no problem), and drink my water early... lately at 11-something at night I've been chugging water.

Here's to a great day and OP weekend!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 5 of OP One Week Challenge

I apologize for the lack of updates this week... It's been a bit crazy. I'm still trying to workout a routine that's do-able without isolating myself from the world. I am at the end of Day 5 OP and Day 4 of the Squat Challenge.
I did 80 squats today and tomorrow they get up'd to 100.
Between food prepping, the gym and work I feel like I don't have time to even talk on the phone... but on the positive side I can feel my mood and energy changing. Despite everything this week I wake up happy and once out of bed I feel energized.
I think high carbs and extra sugar were draining me of energy and feeling good.
Before starting the Squat Challenge I took a picture
( see below)...
By the end of the challenge, I hope to see a pumped and lefted booty....

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day 1 of DSD's OP One Week Challenge

I had no joiners... so it's a one diva challenge!

I've made it through day one. I worked out with my trainer today. I ate on program, I earned 9 points. My goal is a 10 point day average, I still have two hours to make up that point. I'll take Penelope around the complex real quick.

To hit my daily goal I need to finish off that one point and finish my last 4 glasses of water.

Tomorrow - I'll be cleaning out my refrigerator, planning my meals for the week, working out and making some posters.

I've never been into or good with group exercise classes but I'm tempted to go try out a cycling class. It's at 8am tomorrow morning. I was feeling gungho about it today but as it gets later in the night, I'm not too sure I want to do it tomorrow. I might just go later in the morning and hit the cardio room. :o/

Yyyyaaahhh Day 1 is thisclose to being done.

Tomorrow is a new day with a new beginning, I need to remember to keep my focus, control and motivation.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

OP One Week Challenge

There are so many aspects to weight loss and you are like me lately, use to free style eating and no regular exercise schedule... creating (or getting back into) a weight loss regiment can be a challenge.
Lately it seems like week after week I restart on Saturday and fall off by Wednesday.

It's not lack of motivation or tools. I want to lose weight. I want to be a healthier me. I want to fit into my Wonder Woman suit properly.

And tools... I have them all: food, free gym, a personal trainer, Weight Watchers Online, knowledge.
I think I lack a routine, organization, a daily regiment that includes all aspects of weight loss: Intake Monitoring, Food Journaling, Meal Planning & Prep, Water Drinking, Vitamin Taking and Exercise.

That's not too long of a list and with proper planning all do-able daily.
I'm challenging myself and those of you struggling to a full week of all of the above...
Who's with me? We can start Saturday and check in on DietSodaDiva.com daily in the comments.

This challenge is all about staying OP, not a scale challenge? If you'd like to join leave a comment... No prize this time. You're reward will eventually come with a smaller number on the scale and a healthier you.

Do I have any joiners?

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hot Cocoa is my Methadone...

I don't know what my problem was yesterday or really lately. I think maybe emotions, stress and possibly depression trying to creep in. I don't know what my deal is but whatever it is I got to push through it and pick myself up and get cooking and moving.

I need to get in the habit of prepping my food the night before and getting my butt to the gym everyday (when I say every day I mean 4-5 times a week).

I know this, I've been known this... now I just have to figure out a way to turn cooking into a habit and awaken my gym habit up.

Sunday, I could have easily prepped my food for Monday. I have no excuses.

I over ate yesterday and didn't exercise. I got home, laid down and called it a night. Another thing I need to work on is a schedule. During the week I wake up in the morning, get dressed like a bat out of hell and run to make it to the bus stop by 6:05 or 7:10 depending of what my work day starts.

On Saturdays, I get up weigh-in and meet my trainer... that's it. Beyond those two things I have no other routine. Not even getting home from work is a set routine. Either my neighbor gives me a ride or I catch the bus for an hour ride.

I think having a set schedule would also help with weight loss... I can work food prep in, workouts and blogging. Blogging allows me to vent, share and get/give support. Support when trying to lose weight is underestimated as a necessity.

Yesterday, I over ate so much I won't be able to make those points up - it'll be impossible. So I'm restarting my count today. I'm sticking to my allotted 27 points, and any points I have I will allow myself to use half of those. I know I should have any considering I've over eaten for 3 days... but I'm not trying to set myself up for failure, and realistically I'm a hunger girl - I need extra points. I think I can handle only using half of what I earned.

So far today I've had:
- 1 egg
- 1 egg white
- 1 pita pocket
- hot chocolate/coffee
- Banana
Total Points: 8

It's a lot of points for just a meal... the hot chocolate was 4 points, but I think it's worth it right now. Around the office we have TONS of Halloween candy floating around, especially in my department and it's all too tempting for a chocolate/sugar addict. So having a controlled amount like a cup of hot cocoa will do me better than trying to stay away from it all together and then breaking down in the middle of the day and shoving Fun Size Snickers down my throat.

Hot Cocoa is my Methadone...

For snacks I have baggy of seaweed and a 2 pomegranates, for lunch I have a grilled spinach mix with spinach (of course), tomatoes, turmeric and onions - topped with Feta Cheese (my favorite) for a total of 2 points!

For dinner, I'm not sure yet. I might have more spinach or maybe I'll try making a chicken/chili mix. I have an idea of grilling a Weight Watchers Chicken Burger (chopped up), roasted Pasilla Chili Peppers and Feta - all shoved into a pita bread. That'd be 7 points... not too bad.

We'll see...

Sunday, November 03, 2013


Last week I did pretty good. I didn't kick arse but I was pretty darn good and stayed within points until Friday... then I don't know what happen. Maybe it was excitement, nerves, fear... all of the above. But by the end of the day Friday I was over by 39 points... What the heck?! I got on the scale Saturday morning at 7:15am... and weighed exactly the same as last week.

Can you feel my disappointment. I worked kind of hard and expected at least a bit of a loss. I know I messed up Friday but still I felt I had worked hard enough during the week to pull off at least a little loss.

This weekend didn't turn out so great. I left early in the morning. I had a good breakfast before I left. I wasn't home all day and all I had while out was a chicken salad sandwich from 7-11 and two Cliff bars. Not a good idea. For one everything I ate was high points... and two when I got home I was STARVING! I shoved whatever I could find in my mouth.

And... in a fit of hunger and starvation and fear of dying I justified in my mind that In-N-Out was low points and okay to have a double, fries and a chocolate shake.

The smart thing would have been to come home, journal it and plan today smartly... but you know smart isn't my style... suffering is. So I didn't journal, decided to wait for today to do so - considering I kept a mental list of everything I poured in.

Today I woke up and decided it was Sunday and I'd have a free day considering I probably eat just a little over points yesterday and still have the 49 extra plus the 7 I earned. I assumed I was good and had the points to enjoy today. And again of course I figured "I GOT THIS!" and didn't journal until tonight...

Again NOT a smart move. I didn't eat as light as I thought yesterday and apparently over enjoyed today. I am now negative 66 points. Ouch, I know... and I'm only 2 days into this week... the good news is I have 5 days to make this up! And I CAN DO IT! I will require a little extra walking and workouts everyday this week but I can do it, or at least get close to making up the 66 points. I know when I go to work and workout I can earn at least 10 points. So even if I earn 10 points a day that'll leave me negative 16 points instead of 66 by Saturday morning weigh-in which could possibly give me a loss. I'm going to go for it!

How was your weekend?

Friday, November 01, 2013

November Goals

I borrow this idea from my friend Hollie of SkinnyHollie.com... it's nothing but still an awesome idea that I need to remember to go more often. Set goals and state them clearly.
I know 14.7lbs is a lot to lose in a month, but it is my first month on a fresh start. I've also got a head start by a week. I'm hoping to have lost a few pound this week.

This past week (fresh start) I've been a little wonky on the water drinking. There are 30 days in November. 30 times 8 is 240 glasses of water, so I left a little leeway for a missed glass here an there. It's all about baby steps.

My goal for now is to workout every other day, so far this week I was suppose to workout 4 times, provided I workout tomorrow I would have missed 1 workout. But 3 times in a week is better than I've been lately. Did I mention baby steps? 30 days divided by 2 is 15 workouts... again I'm not trying to set myself up for failure like I have in the past. So my goal is 12 this month. 

I've been keeping score on the right side bio area. 

So do you set monthly, weekly, daily goals? If so... what are they?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Wonder Woman Might of had too Much Wonder Bread

I'm finishing off the night with no more points left. Which is way better than negative points! I'll earn more extra points tomorrow during my workout... I'm aiming to earn 10 for the total day on Friday.

I didn't do too bad. After I ate my small mountain of candy, journaled it and found that I wasted 20 points on tiny candy bars I called it quits and stuck to healthier food the rest of the day. I know that doesn't sound like much but really that was a big accomplishment for me.
  A couple of months ago I decided I was going to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween. What got into me... I don't know.  I went online ebay to look for an inexpensive costume... found one for under $22.00! Awesome! Great! The only problem was that it was coming from China (chances were the sizes would be wrong and most likely run small - but I was keeping my fingers crossed that the sizes would run big) and the ad was labeled One Size - S/M.

Now me being 40 lbs over weight I don't know what made me think I could fit into a S/M... I guess I was hopeful and focusing on the "One Size" part of the label, ignoring the "S/M" part.
When it got here I couldn't get it on from the top or the bottom! Wouldn't fit over my shoulders or over my hips. I was determined, I was motivated... by gosh I was going to wear this costume for Halloween even if I just wore it to spin around in circles in my living room - I was going to be Wonder Woman!

That determination, that motivation lasted a whole 2-3 days, then I completely forgot about I even brought it until a few days ago when I was cleaning out my closet and came across it.

I came home today from work and just for kicks attempted to get the costume on... and Holy Moly I got that bad boy on. But I didn't quite look like the Wonder Woman from Ebay... I looked way wider than I should have, and my waist wasn't going in the way it should be.. I tried to blame it on the fact that the costume was sent wasn't exactly the same costume in the ad, which could have had about 1% to do with why I didn't look so hot in this get up. :o/
I don't know what I was thinking...

Even thought I was not happy with the total end results, I was thrilled I got it on over my hips. I quickly took it off and put it away. I'm going to save it for next year!

I vow to be Wonder Woman next year in this exact costume and look Wonderful! I might not quite look exactly like the Ebay Wonder Woman... but I plan on being close!

I've got my work cut out for me. I can do it!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bit-Past-Mid-Week Check In

I've been meaning to blog all week. My goal is to get back to blogging on a regular basis. One to resurrect this blog and two because I miss blogging, I miss the community I was building here and the support I was giving and getting through this weight loss game.

It's fun-er to do when you don't feel like you're doing it alone.

I restarted with measurements and all this Saturday... yes this is the one millionth time I've restarted. Continuous restarts isn't good but that just means I haven't given up yet.

I have to keep reminding myself the first weeks are the hardest with anything. I've been restarting week after weeks now for a couple of months. I lost 10 on the last two months and put on 5 so I'm down 5 since September 1st.

This restart I have to stick with it. I need to lose it. My goal as of now is 44lbs. I'm doing the Weight Watcher's program (online) and making a goal to workout every other day. I worked out Saturday, Monday and was suppose to workout today but was just so tired. I went for a walk instead. I'll aim for Friday. I thought about trying to make it up tomorrow... but I workout in the evenings and tomorrow being Halloween I don't want to be out after dark.

Ideally, I'd like to start blogging every day or at least on some sort of schedule. I have so much info to share with you... I can't wait to get started.

My weigh-in days are Saturdays. I restarted this past Saturday, so I'm a little over midweek now. So far so good. I need to work on my water in take a bit, but I'm still with in points. I've used my activity points and have 10 of my flex points left... tomorrow my goal is to earn 5 more points... and not use up all my extra points.

It's gonna be hard, it's Halloween, we have candy ALL OVER the office and I'm a sugar addict. It's like dropping off a crack head at a crack house and telling them to be good.

Something different I've done this week is planning tiny meals. I have a few (sometimes more than a few) points every couple of hours. Every two hours or so I check to see if I'm hungry. It's been helping me start with in points. Usually by now I'm negative on the flex points.

Another thing I've been doing this week is learning to say NO to myself...

NO it's Wednesday and weigh is Saturday, you only have 10 flex points left and no points left for the day why do you think you can go check out that new burger joint across the street...
NO! That place will still be there on Saturday when you start your new set of points.
NO! You can't just go over there and have a burger and skip the fries and soda... the burger will still be more than 10 points!
NO! You can't skip the new burger joint and run to Jack in the Box for a Jumbo Jack.
NO! You can't go check out what Carl's Jr has to offer either.

YES! You can go to the grocery store and pick up some fruit, pasilla peppers and feta cheese. That you can do.
NO! You can't buy Halloween candy tonight to give to co-workers tomorrow because you'll get tempted, tear open the bag and promise to restart your program again Saturday.

YES! Possibly tomorrow morning, depending on your emotions and temptation level - you might be able to stop at CVS and pick them up some candy, or the grocery store for cupcakes... MAYBE... but if  you wake up feeling too excited about the idea of candy shopping in the morning... the trip to CVS will be cancelled!

It's been a bit of a tough week. But I have to keep my eye on my goal. I can do this. I read so many people losing weight, losing the natural way, losing the Weight Watcher way. I've done it before and I can do it again. I just have to keep my motivation FRONT and CENTER!

Next I'm going to break down my 44lb goal into mini goals and incentives. Incentives like a hair cut, a hoodie I've been waiting for two years now, etc.

So this is my bit-past-mid-week check in. So far so good. I have two more days to get through before weigh-in. I can do this!

So, how are you?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Changes to DietSodaDiva

You probably noticed the layout is WAY different than what it's been the last x-amount of years... I don't know what I did but I somehow deleted the whole layout and now have to start from scratch. Hopefully, I'll be able to fix that tomorrow.

I've got lots of info to share but just haven't had time to get around to posting. I'll be back tomorrow with tons of fun, exciting posts. Including, yes... ::sad face:: once again a restart.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

DietSodaDiva on Facebook

I finally added DietSodaDiva to facebook. I created the page a long time ago, but didn't realize it wasn't published! Opsy. I've been posting quick tips, photos, etc over there... make sure to run over and add DSD... https://www.facebook.com/dietsodadiva

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reset Button Pressed

I've been blogging for how long here now? It's been a LONG time... since 2008, and I've been battling the bulge since way before then.

I know you've heard me say it a million times and probably around this time every year I say I'm going to get to goal... but you know what this time I'm going to do it.

Saturday I'm weighing in, aside from Weight Watcher's I'm going to have a game plan, complete with wall posted on my bedroom wall as a reminder of my plan, goals, etc.

I finally have regular internet access now, so expect to see me around this neck of the woods more often.

In the past blogging has really helped me stay motivated and on top of stuff.

Are any of my old blogging pals still out there?

I'll be back real soon with more information on my game plan to start Saturday!

Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wiggling Down to Goal

I weighed in yesterday at 178.0, that's a 1.2lb loss. Not bad, I expected a minimal loss due to tge 9lbs I lost in two weeks. But this week it's on! Come on body time to drop this weight!
Last week I didn't eat any of my extra 49 points, but did eat all the earned activity points. But Wednesday through Friday I didn't even finish my daily points.
This week I'm not gonna limit mtself so much. I'm gonna continue with my workouts and walking... Also I'm gonna try that Squat Challenge. I found it on facebook lets see if it lifts and shapes as promised... Lol.
I want to start it today.
Here's to another awesome week of losing!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Few Days Away

It's a few days away from weigh-in. I sneaked on the scale last night... he read a two pound gain which is crazy talk considering I've been on point with my food intake and worked out a couple times this week.

I'm not too worried about it... I'm looking forward to a nice loss and a nice chunk of my 2nd mini goal gone.

I'd like to be 20lbs down by my birthday, I have 6 weeks to lose 11lbs - I think that's totally do-able!

I'm excited.

How are you?

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Did that Scale say 5+ Pounds?!

Yesterday I didn't take weather into consideration and walked 5.54 miles total from the Weight Watcher's center in about 85-90 degree heat. I didn't drink any water because I wanted to get home with my new scale and weigh in... not a smart idea. By the time I got home I was drenched in sweat and vomiting white foam... so gross.

I got home and collapsed on the floor. After a few minutes I got up and broke in my new scale...

I have a feeling my new scale and I are gonna be great friends. It said I lost 5.4 lbs from last week! That's a total of 9 lbs in 2 weeks!

Is that awesome? Or is that awesome?!

I have surpassed my first mini goal of 8 lbs and am finally once again out of the 180's.

I have earned a hair cut! I'll probably do it a little later in the month closer to my birthday.

I wanna breeze through the 170's into the 160's. The 160's is where my head starts to swell.

I'm excited.

What I'm gonna do differently this week is aim to get 5 gym workouts in and maybe 2 lunch walks... It's gonna be super hot this week so I'm going to have to limit my lunch walks, I don't like to go back to work all sweaty and looking discombobulated.

Here's to another fabulous week of staying on program and working toward our goals!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Blogging Again

I really need to get back into weight loss blogging again. I'm currently doing Weight Watcher's online because I csn only get to meetings on Saturdays, but I meet with my trainer on those days - and since I basically walk everywhere it would take up my whole Saturday just to go to a meeting and train.

Plus my meeting is about 3 miles away - that would mean a 6 mile ealk before my training session. Huh... That's a bit extreme... even for me.

I commited the week before last and lost 3.6lbs. I haven't weighted in yet today.

I'm on my way to Weight Watcher's now to buy a scale (I lost access to the one I was using) and a new pedometer. The day before yesterday I got in the.whirlpool with mine and fried it.

I'm also starting a new rewards system. I've broken my grand goal into mini goals with realistic time frames. Each time I reach a mini goal I get a prize... a new sweatshirt, hair cut, etc. I'm working toward my 8lb goal when I reach it I get a hair cut which I desperately need.

Also, weekly if I have a loss... even if just a tiny one I'm going to treat myself to Starbucks on Sunday mornings.

Well, I'm off to get my new pedometer and scale...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

'Cuz I like to suffer...

I was doing so well... I don't know what happened. February was a hard month for me. I was trying so hard to hold on but just couldn't. It was one emotional blow after another witj every blow I gained and gained a bit more. Now I'm almost back to my all time heaviest.

It's heart breaking for me but what can I do other than just start over...

I restarted Saturday with a goal of 64lbs. It's gonna take a bit but I know it's possible... I think consistancy or lack of is my problem.

I'm half way through weekly one... I'm a bit nervous.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I wrote a long post about my weight loss history etc... and it got deleted. I give up... Yesterday I did earn my first 5% award... 159.8

Thursday, January 31, 2013


My goal for today was to burn 13 points... starting last week I've upped my workouts to an hour a day and I am for 6 days a week but if I only do 5 that's okay... things come up, etc.

I rotate between cardio and weights... today was a cardio day. I was in the zone during my first 30 minute workout... doing the cybex machine with arms... I was working this baby like there was no tomorrow. The other day per the machine, I burned 450 calories in 30 minutes. I kicked butt!

Today was a later workout and it's later in the week so I set my goal for 350... but when I got close to the end of the workout I seen I way surpassed my goal and was already at 400 calories burned... so I put the petal to the metal and go to pumping like crazy....

I had 15 seconds to spare... I felt a little off but ignored the feeling... I wanted to see 444 on the screen.

When I looked again it said 445 with 10 seconds left... I was going to pump like crazy for those next 10 seconds... I felt like something was coming up but again... I was in the zone, so I ignored it.

7 seconds left and my stomach exploded. I vomitted all over the place... must have been about a gallon of water and a tiny bit of orange I had earlier...

So embarrassing. I went to the front desk, explained what happened. Asked for towels... I cleaned it up, but the housekeeping cholo that works there looked a little **** off.

I felt like telling him to get over it. It was mostly just water and I had cleaned up the mess already, all he had to do was run a mop over it.

I actually still was planning to do a second 30 minute workout but the front desk guy in a friendly way said that was it for me... so I came home :o( only 8 points burned.

I completely forgot today was suppose to be a half cardio and half weight day... I have a dumbbell set here... let's see if I can burn a few more calories with some weights... right now I'm up to 8 Activity Points earned... I doubt I be able to make up the other 5... 2 more would be nice... :o)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Official..

It's Official... I'm an emotional eater. I confirmed it today. I've been stressed and a little depressed the last couple of day... yesterday evening I ate and ate... things I knew I didn't have points for... and top it with a slice of German Chocolate Cake with a cherry on top... all bad! I skipped the gym... all bad!

Today wasn't any better... I started off my morning with a Smart Ones English Muffin... but then went ahead and had a liquor store chocolate pie and Sour Skittles... so not worth it. I decided it was going to be zero point foods for the rest of the day... I was doing good until I got stressed again, went upstairs to the pot luck we were having and fixed myself a plate...

I didn't get crazy, but didn't I say earlier it was zero point foods for the rest of the day?

In the middle of smashing my face into my plate trying to get it all in my mouth at once I realized what I was doing.

I wasn't even hungry... something clicked and I realized I was stressed, depressed... and stuffing my face.. BINGO - EMOTIONAL EATING.

I stopped myself and immediately went to track it all online...

I threw the rest of the food away, stopped the mindless eating and afterwork hit the gym... and according to my activelink I earned 13 points today! Good cuz I needed them...

Tomorrow is a new day, new set of points... but this week unfortunately for us trying to control our intake... there is a 2nd pot luck. Wish me luck... I'm going to need it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

1st Weigh-In

I had my first weight in... happy but a little confused about it. I got on the scale I was still exactly the same weight... 168.2... after my workout I weighed myself again... and low and behold 166.2!

I think I might be retaining water for not drinking enough... does that make sense?

I counted my loss at 167.2 :o) Also lost 1/2 inch off my navel line!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Average...

Recently I found an old list of weigh-ins... I went back to all my old resources and updated/filled in the spots... weigh-ins from 2008 to this year 2013.

Bored, I played with the numbers and here are some stats I came up with...

Average Weight Per Year:
2008 - 185.93
2009 - 183.84
2010 - 171.44
2011 - 176.8
2012 - 179.21
2013 - 171.92

2008 - was happy in a relationship... I had been even before the two prior years... at one point in 2006 weighing in at 200.5 at a Weight Watcher's meeting... my heaviest ever.

My over all weight with in the last 6 years (including this one): 179.93

What good do all of these averages make.... hhmmm well none really... just thought it was interesting how I've gone up and down.

I'm tired of battling my weight. I am tired of my weight from holding me back from what I want. I need to take these negative feelings, this frustration and transform it into motivation and strength to keep on moving, keep on tracking... to keep on losing.

My official first goal is 159.8... but my mini personal goal right now is to bring this years average weight down to 171.43... if I lose a pound this week that'll lower my average to 170.94! Then I can focus on lowering my over overall average to 179.21.

I an do this... 28lbs.


Saturday, January 19, 2013




Okay well not OFFICIAL spokesperson... but I have OFFICIALLY joined Weight Watchers Online and I am nominating and electing myself as the Unofficial Weight Watcher's Spokesperson Blogger.

My starting weight - as of this am... 168.2 - I officially have 28.2 more pounds to go!

I'm excited and pumped.

We are starting a biggest loser contest at work on Monday... my concern isn't even about winning... I feel like I have that in the bag... my concern is what if I reach my goal weight before the 12 weeks... what will I do? :op

Weight Watchers Lifetime... HERE I COME!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have one person so far who wants to join the Challenge... anyone else? Final Call... leave a comment if you're interested...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Challenge Anyone?

It just occurred to me that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I know I just got back to blogging... and probably have about 1 to 2 hits a day at the most right now... but is anyone up for a short Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge?

If you're game... leave me a comment. If anyone wants to join me I'll post up the guidelines and rules. I'm not sure about a prize... but there can possibly be one.

Remember... leave a comment below if you're interested in a challenge. Finally call will be Thursday - January 17th, 2013...

Sunday Update

This past week I did pretty good... I started off Fat Smash... then went to just WebMD's program... which is basically counting calories... and ended the week counting points.

I'm down 3.1 pounds... not bad. I'm super excited this week I have a big announcement to make Saturday... Stay Tuned...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

DietSodaDiva Again

Recently, I decided to start blogging again and restarted my lifestyle blog with the intentions of writing about everything including weight loss.. after I posted about my goal to lose weight... it just didn't feel natural to post about it over there... so I'm back here writing DietSodaDiva again...

I'm feeling a little anxiety and frustration right now... as I was looking at my DSD dashboard I realized I've been writing this blog on and off since September 4th, 2008. That means I have been actively trying to lose this same weight for years. I'm going on five! WTF?! What the hell is my problem?

Why can't I just stick to something and just keep at it? And what's even more frustrating and anxiety causing is knowing I've been trying to lose this weight for even longer! I joined Weight Watcher's for the first time January 2, 2000... and have been on and off Weight Watchers and other diets since.

What's my problem? I am tired of failing but refuse to give up. My goal weight isn't unrealistic... I can do this. I know I can. So here we go again... coming along with me on my journey to goal...

below is a post originally posted on my lifestyle blog:

January 3, 2013

Today was Day One of working toward my weight goal in 2013. Odd thing is I got on the scale on the 1st of January and I was 30lbs away from goal... but this morning was 7lbs heavier! Is that really possible... to gain 7lbs in two days on a liquid diet? I had a tad bit too much to drink on New Years Eve and spend the next days living on clear soup, saltines and 7-Up. So today... Day 1 - 37lbs to go.
- The Fat Smash Diet: I use to have a friend who lost 30lbs on this plan and kept it mostly off. I tried this diet a few years ago when she did it... but I got carried on the unlimited fruit and didn't make any progress. This time I'm adding some limitations to my intake. So... there I am above in my glory and 37lbs of extra weight... The Fat Smash Diet is broken up into 4 different phases... Detox, Foundation, Construction, The Temple... Phase 1 is basically 9 days of eating unlimited fruits and vegetables, some egg whites, no meat, no sugar... and limited carbs. I messed up a tiny bit today... I had 1 1/2 green enchiladas... :o/