Sunday, January 25, 2009

That's Some Hott Sh*t!

I tried to get creative today for dinner... in my salad greens mix, I added tomato, cooked mushrooms, and I heated up 4oz of turkey and added a little (bit too much) chipotle in adobe sauce. HOLY CRAP! If you're having a problem getting enough green vegetables and water in... do what I did!

That turkey was so hot, I couldn't help but shove leafy greens and water down my throat to get the burning out of my mouth. Even after I was completely full my mouth still burned for a bit, after a while it died down. For for dinner I had 4oz turkey, tomato, mushrooms, and about 3-4 cups of leafy salad, plus 5 glasses of water. That stuff BURNED.

My weekend didn't go so well, I got in some wholesome foods, but then topped them with brownies again.

Here's Friday and Saturday's menu.

Daily Points: 25
Oatmeal 1 cup: 2 (23)
Fat Free Milk 1/2 cup: 1 (22)
1 Serving Trail Mix: 4 (18)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (16)
Costco Sampling: 3 (13)
3 Servings Sushi Rolls: 14 (-1)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (-3)
1 Serving Trail Mix: 4 (-7)
4 oz Turkey: 4 (-11)
Hpnotiq: 5 (-16)
2 cups Broccoli: o (-16)
1 oz Cheeze: 3 (-19)

Exercise 30 minutes slow: +1 (-18)
Flex Points Used: 8 (-10)

Fruits/Veggies: 2
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 0
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 4

Daily Points: 25
1 Egg: 2 (23)
3 Egg Whites: 1 (22)
1 Orange: 1 (21)
1 Taco Shell: 1 (18)
1 2/3 oz Hamburger Meat: 3 (15)
Lettuce/Tomato: 0 (15)
Hot Sauce: 0 (15)
1 cup Strawberries: 1 (14)
1 1/3 Chicken Thighs: 4 (10)
2 cups Strawberries: 2 (8)
Brownies: 7 (1)
1/2 cup Cooked Carrots: 1 (0)
3/4 cup Broccoli: 0 (0)
BBQ Sauce: 1 (-1)
Brownies: 28 (-29)
Low Fat Milk: 2 (-31)

Exercise: 0 (-31)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-31)

Fruits/Veggies: 7
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 1 1/2
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 8

Friday, I think I would have been okay if I wouldn't of had the samples at the store and if I would of skipped the trail mix, it was just too good. It was my first time trying and I realized it's a trigger food, so no more for me. Not worth the 4 points for 3 tbs... forget that. I could have 4 fruits, or 2 Fiber One bars for that price! Overall I think Friday was a D+ day, I should of had some water, more veggies, and cut the alcohol.

Saturday, I think it's clear where I went wrong... those darn brownies that I vowed I wasn't going to make when the kids weren't around. He did all the cooking this weekend... and kept hinting for brownies. I felt sort of guilty, so that night I broke down and made them. Next time I think I'll try substituting a diet 7-up for oil and eggs - that would cut down the points per serving in half... that would be a lot better, and maybe try making only 1/2 the batch - so we won't pig out so much. It was a C+ I did great on my stats, my downfall was very little water and those darn yummy brownies.

Today, I think I've done pretty good... I only used up 23 points so far... it's close to bed time so I think it'll be it for the day.

It's late, I've better get ready for bed.

See you tomorrow.


Tanya said...

Mmmmm... chipotles. I actually had the opposite problem. I picked up a chipotle sauce and I find it kind of bland.

Darned those brownies!

Rosie said...

TANYA: Ross and I are crazy chipotle people... you have to try different brands and some batches are hotter than the others. Def use the Mexican labels... where do you live? Here we have La Morena it was a nice sweet and hot one before, I haven't had it in a while... opened a can today and burned the heck out of my mouth.

Next time for sure the brownies will be made with diet 7-Up.