Sunday, January 11, 2009

DietSodaDiva?! Who That Be?! is growing! The other day I had most popular day - 110 visitors. My usual daily average is 12. :) And I have 29 blog followers. Holy Moly! I appreciate each and everyone of you who visit my blog... and I try to do the same for you on a daily basis. I think it's important that we all support one another on this weight loss journey.

I thought with all this fancy traffic I'd do something I should of done a long time ago - introduce myself.

I'm not very good with writing out introductions, so I'll do this in a Q&A format. Some questions I've been asked, and others I'll add in... if there's one that I don't cover that you have... feel free to contact me.

What's your name? Rosie

What's your family situation? Married? Kids? I'm a mother of one human daughter, Vi (14) and one fur daughter Penelope (7). The three of us live together. I'm not married but have a GREAT boyfriend Ross who I sometimes mention. Those three are the stars of my life.

What program do you follow? I'm a Weight Watcher.

How long have you been doing Weight Watchers? I first joined in 2000, I lost about 30 pounds - chickened and dropped out. I've been going back here and there ever since. I rejoined September 4th, 2008 and I haven't stuck to it for this long in a long time... this is the time I'm going to reach my goal. I have a great support system in place with meetings, some friends, my family, and you guys... I can't fail.

I do the Low Carb diet, have you tried it? I've tried a couple different versions of a Low Carb diet and I've learned - I need carbs. The first time was right after my daughter was born, I went to a doctor who illegally (at the time I didn't know it was illegal) gave me thyroid medication and put me on a low carb diet. I lost weight QUICKLY but also lost a lot of my hair - it fell out in clumps. Not good. There is only one Sinead O Connor and I don't think a Latino/Native version would have been as popular. I don't know if it was the drugs he was giving me or the diet that made me loss the weight and hair but both had to go. The second time was when I worked in the health club industry. The personal training department had a special program for their clients based on your activity and cravings, etc they would write you a specialized program just for you - to help you reach whatever goal you were trying to conquer. Mine program results put me on a high carb - low protein diet, but my trainer said the program was tripping and give me a low carb high protein diet. I followed it to a T. My trainer would even go grocery shopping with me and I carried my daily food around in a ice chest. I exercised just like she told me... most days were with her (my trainer)... after 2 months I stayed the same weight and gained fat. After that, I gave up on the Low Carb deal. I know tons of people who have lost weight from it... but I just don't feel it works for me.

Why do you blog? I blog to get stuff off my mind. To let my feelings out, and to share information with you - recipes, articles, tips, etc. Blogging to me is sort of therapeutic. It also keeps me accountable... I know I have to blog and face you everyday, and I refuse to lie in my blogs, so it keeps me on or near the weight lossing wagon.

I remember a DietSodaDiva from a few years ago, she disappeared. Are you the same chick? Yes, I am that same chick. I first started in 2006, but I wasn't truly serious about losing weight. I wanted too but just didn't want to put the effort or commitment into it. I let the name go for a few years, and this time when I decided to start blogging about my weight loss again I started it under a different name, but for some reason it just didn't feel right... I'm DIETSODADIVA! Not LaVidaSana (Healthy Life in Spanish). So I went and re-registered the name, I was lucky it was available.

Do you love/drink diet soda? No, I don't love or regularly drink diet soda. Actually, I rarely even drink soda at all... I won't buy regular soda unless I'm sick I might have a 7-up, and I'm known to once in a while during a blue moon to pick up a diet 7up. My name was born not out of my love for diet soda, but just because I thought it sounded cute. Sort of like SodaPopPrincess or something like that...

Why do you promote diet soda? Don't you know that's bad for you? I'm not 100% sure diet soda is bad for you, I have heard it tends to make you hungrier. Either way I do not promote the drinking of any soda... DietSodaDiva is simply a name.

Points or Core? Points Baby! But of course now with the new Momentum program we're a mix of both.

If you're such a Weight Watcher expert why aren't you a leader yet, or at your goal weigh? I don't consider myself an expert but I do know the program fairly well... I've been a part of it for so long. I can look at a food and guesstimate pretty close the points for it. I'm not a leader because I'm not at goal, and I'm not at goal because in the past I wasn't willing to jump in and fully commit to getting to my goal.

How much have you lost? My last weigh in I was down 11 pounds since September 4th. I might of gained some weight since due to the holiday break.

What's your ultimate goal? My Weight Watcher's goal is 141. My personal goal is 130.

Are you a real diva? Diva's are usually bossy and pains in the ass! Well, some might say I'm sort of bossy, but I try not to be. I don't consider myself a diva as in I MUST HAVE MY WAY ALWAYS. But I've been told I can be bossy at times. I'm working on that.

You look crazy in your videos... why do you make them? It's part of learning to love myself and getting comfortable with me at whatever size I am.

Do you read my blog? I probably do... what your blog address?

Got Questions? You can leave them in the comments section or email me.


Ms. Gigglepuss said...

Thanks for introducing yourself! Your name sounded familiar when I first saw it...maybe I knew you in one of my old forms :) Your reason for doing videos is pretty much the reason why I started to...I just have to get comfortable with myself, whatever the size. Gosh, I don't have any questions for you right now, but I'll let you know if one pops in my head.

Swansong said...

OK I admit it I was a visitor! :)

Patty said...

Rosie, I loved your Q & A session - I learned alot about you! Love your blog.

Tracy said...

I haven't gone back far enough to find any videos yet but now I'm intrigued. Thanks for that post, it was great learning more about you for someone who is new to your blog.

Rosie said...

Ms. Gigglepuss: We might of... I've been a part of WWMSG since 2001, haven't you been a member of it? Maybe from there. I love youtube, don't you... I have a good collection of weight loss youtubers on my channel page... if you haven't seem them before you should check them out.

Swansong: :) Visitors are always welcome. Thank you so much for visiting.

Patty: Ohhhh thank you. I love your blog too. I don't really post about anything here other than my weight loss but sometimes it's nice to let people know a little more about you.

Tracy: Hi Tracy, welcome. I just posted a video yesterday. I try to do them about once a week... I hope you continue to visit.

Rosie said...

Swansong: Do you have blog?