Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time Pressed

I was going to make a youtube video today, since I didn't make one yesterday... but today flew by, and now I'm not going to have time... I'm making dinner, I have to run downstairs and do some cleaning for my mother then I'll be back up to have dinner and greet Ross... who's probably on his way now.

So far today I'm doing okay. I don't have my info in front of me, but I think I have about 10-12 points left for the day. Tomorrow's the last day until weigh in... then I get to start all over... since I went over 28 points yesterday, I'm looking forward to a fresh start. This week I've been horrible with the water, I'm going to try to drink as much as I can today, and as much as I can tomorrow until until about 7pm - don't want any of that water staying in for Thursday's weigh-in. I think I'll be down at least a little bit... all losses are good losses... :)

No excuses for next weekend. Last night Ross and I were talking, and we both agreed I shouldn't do any baking the weeks he doesn't have the kids. Let's say I make a batch of brownies when he doesn't have the kids... him and I will eat the whole thing by ourselves... if Vi's around then the three of us... when the kids are there the batch get's divided between 8 sometimes 9 people... that's a whole lot better... if there isn't enough for everyone I'm known for giving my share up.

During the times he doesn't have the kids... if we want a treat, I'll make a special dinner from one of my Weight Watcher cookbooks. He doesn't have any weight to loss, nor does he follow Weight Watchers, but he likes to watch his intake and limit himself on rich/fatty foods. Before we met about 4-5 years ago he lost about 40 pounds and has since kept them off... he's really good with his intake... up until he smells the oven going and the sweet bake goods aroma... that's when he loses it.

It's almost dinner time, I'm about to cross today off the calender and am ready to finish tomorrow off on program and start a new week.


Emily said...

Wow you seem like a pretty busy gal. I wouldn't be able to make brownies at all, I would eat every single one. Congrats! Keep up the good work.

andrea. said...

Isn't it great to have a guy who kind of 'gets it'? It sounds like Ross is a great partner for you in this.

You're doing great -- I know you'll recover from the weekend and be back on track in no time!

Rosie said...

EMILY: Sometimes my schedule gets a little crazy. I'll eat as much brownies as I can, but he has five kids and I have one... so 1 small batch of brownies doesn't last long with six kids around (4 are teenagers)... heh. I'm safe when they're around.

ANDREA: Ross is the best. I've truly found a partner in him. He is supportive of anything I try to do... he's a Body for Life guy, but has learned a bit about Weight Watchers so he can follow along with me.

Thank you so much for your positive comment, I'm trying to pull myself out of this slump now.