Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take-Aways #4

- FIND A WALKING BUDDY: If you start walking regularly with a friend or a neighbor whose company you enjoy, you'll be multitasking in a good way - by exercising and socializing at the same time.

- MAKE CHANGES YOU CAN LIVE WITH: Finding ways to eat healthfully at restaurants or friends' houses or to incorporate your favorite foods into your meal plans will help you to make lasting changes and slim down for good.

- KEEP HIS-AND-HERS VERSIONS OF YOUR FAVORITE FOODS: If you're trying to slim down and your spouse isn't, stock up on regular and low-fat versions of milk, mayo, salad dressing, ice cream, soda, crackers, and cookies. This will allow you both to eat what you like without harming your weight-loss efforts.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Working my way down through the 70's

I've been at 180-something for so long I feel like my started weight was 185! I think back to my starting weight and I can't believe I was less than 3 pounds from 200. I don't ever want to go back to the 190's... heck, when I get out of the 180's I won't ever come back.

I felt like I was a high when I got into the 180's, but now this is old news and time to move on. As you know last week, like the past month was a challenge for me. But something has clicked and I'm back on track, I think it has something to do with me realizing how much I've spent on Weight Watcher meetings this time around! Close to $300, not including special Weight Watcher and Smart One's foods and snacks. I know I need the meetings, I truly enjoy them. I work hard, I take care of my family, I do everything I can to improve our lives so I deserve something for myself. My meetings are my something that's just for me. I don't mind spending the money, BUT if I'm going to be spending this money I better be sticking to program. I have no excuse.

This week I'm back in the game and ready to rock...

I didn't even want to post Wednesday's journal, I think I'm waiting to long to have dinner... when I get home I'm STARVING. I'm going to try having a large veggie snack in the every evening. Wednesday, I went home and ended up binging before dinner... not good. That's what the 5 slices of bread, bacon, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce is about. After the hunger monster calmed down and the damage was done, I had a chicken breast.

Yesterday was weigh-in - I was down .4 - I'm now 185.8. I was fine with .4, for a while now I've been happy with any loss.

As a parent of a teenager, yesterday was an extremely stressful day for me. Let me just tell you, if you have small children - DON'T LET THEM TURN INTO TEENAGERS! TEENAGERS WILL GIVE YOU A RUN FOR YOUR MONEY! DO NOT LET THEM TURN INTO TEENAGERS!

To make a long story short, I didn't eat in the morning because my meeting is at noon. What I usually do is take my oatmeal with me to my meeting, I weigh-in then eat breakfast before or during the meeting.

Yesterday I didn't have time to make my breakfast, but I figured I was coming right back so I would be fine. But as it turns out I wasn't able to go home - my day involved teenagers, a hospital, lies, punishments, and now serveral calls to the school principal. Between weigh-in and heading to the hospital I stopped in and found enough coins (had no money on me) to buy two boiled eggs. It was about 12:40pm when I finally had the eggs, and by the time I was walking by the Jack In The Box it was 5pm. I was going too hold my hunger but couldn't anymore. I had a long walk home and honestly as hungry and as mad as I was I don't think I would of made it. I was walking around with only change at the bottom of my purse, so the Jumbo Jack was the only thing I could afford. I didn't know it was going to cost me 14 points, I would of just had a plain hamburger for only 6 points, heck I could of had 2 hamburgers and still it wouldn't amount to what the Jumbo Jack cost me.

Oh well, I was starving - I had the Jumbo Jack - aside from that, I think I did pretty good. I could of skipped some of the salami and had broccoli on the side to fill me up, but I was at my mothers and just ate what she had that I didn't have to cook. I used up 12 flex points yesterday, but despite everything that was going on I feel pretty good about it.

So far today I'm doing good also. I have to do some running around this evening before I go home, so I'm going to have a bowl of broccoli before I leave work this evening and put a few Fiber One bars in my backpack.

Here's to a losing Super Bowl Weekend!


Daily Points: 25
1 cup Oatmeal: 2 (23)
1/2 cup Fat-Free Milk: 1 (22)
2 Fiber One Bar: 4 (18)
Lean Cuisine South Western Style Sandwich: 6 (12)
1 Smart One's Mint Chocolate Ice Cream: 3 (9)
1 Pear: 1 (8)
4 Bacon Strips: 5 (3)
5 Slices White Bread: 5 (-2)
2 tbs Peanut Butter: 5 (-7)
2 tbs Chocolate Sauce: 2 (9)
4 oz Chicken Breast: 4 (-13)

Exercise: 0 (-13)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-12)

Fruits/Veggies: 1
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 2 1/2
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 0
Filling Foods: 4


Daily Points: 25
2 Boiled Eggs: 4 (21)
1 Jumbo Jack (JINB) Hamburger: 14 (7)
1 Mini Banana: 1 (6)
1 Pear: 1 (5)
2 slices Bread: 4 (1)
3 servings Dry Salami: 5 (-4)
1/2 servings Pomo Juice: 2 (-6)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (-8)
2 pieces Mexican Fruit Hard Jelly Candy: 4 (-12)

Exercise: 0 (-12)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-12)

Fruits/Veggies: 3
Milk: 0
Liquids/Water: 6
Lean Proteins: 2
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 4

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take-Aways #3

- SAY YES TO A WORTHY CHALLENGE: Instead of automatically saying no to activities or events that sound difficult or time-consuming, accept the challenge of doing something that's healthy for you physically and emotionally; it'll be good for your weight as well as your state of mind.

- VIEW SWEET TREATS REALISTICALLY: If you want to lose weight, you can't have high-calorie sweets - cakes, cookies, candy, or full-dat ice cream - whenever you feel like it. You need to either find a lower-calorie substitute that you can have every day or save the rice desserts for once a week.

- TAKE SOME PERSONAL TIME: If you want to succeed at losing weight and improving your health, you need to carve out time for yourself - time to exercise, to de-stress, or to simply enjoy some solitude.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Frames of Thought: Lack of Confidence/Not Trying Hard Enough

Last night I watched my first episode of The Biggest Loser. It was pretty good, I think it's going to take me a few more episodes to truly get into it... I did however find it super motivating (as you've probably figured it out by now I've been having motivation issues lately). Seeing how much everyone on the show has to lose made me realize they have a whole lot more weight to lose than me... so why am I tripping on losing these 45 pounds, why am I not putting my whole heart into reaching goal, if I do I can be at goal by the end of this year if not sooner.

Something Dan on the show said that really got my attention and Sheryl ( quoted on her blog:

"I never thought it was possible - to not be fat. Because I've never known everything different. I look in the mirror and I try to see that this can happen..." - Dan (The Biggest Loser)

I sort of feel the same way. I've always been heavy... I was a husky child, my pediatrician use to tell my mother to cut down on my McDonalds, etc. Growing up I was always a little over weight usually only about 5-10 pounds over. When I got to high school I gained about 30-40 pounds I lost the weight (crash dieting) and for a while was underweight but that didn't last long, I got pregnant... after Vi was born I was then about 20 pounds over weight.

Through the years, I've gotten bigger and bigger until I reach my all time high if being 60 pounds overweight. My point is, according to the medical/health charts I've never been a truly healthy weight - so it's hard for me to image being at goal, and I think that's one of the things that sometimes discourages me and causes me to go off my trail and binge. When I'm losing weight and can start to see a difference, I get cocky and comfortable... but deep down inside a part of me gets scared and nervous... my mind starts to tell me that I can't do this, I won't stay this size for long... and other negative things. I freak out, and then start emotionally binging.

I need to start believing in myself, and erase those negative thoughts, or use them as a motivational tool - knowing that I can gain the weight back, that should motivate me to truly watch my diet and workout regularly. These negative thoughts could be used as a tool to strengthen my commitment to stay healthy, because I know the consequences if I don't.

Andrea.'s ( wrote the following in her blog this morning:

I have this friend who is a registered massage therapist, and one night she was complaining about a couple of her clients who never want their massage to 'hurt' at all. And she was frustrated by this because sometimes you really have to work the muscles to get them right again, and sometimes that's going to hurt a bit, but because they were so scared of that she couldn't really help them. And she said, "People are so afraid of any discomfort, or of anything being hard. They don't realize that sometimes that's the way you have to go to get where you want to be."

A lot of things 'clicked' for me then.

But something happened that day, I don't know. I embraced the idea of 'hard'. I stopped connecting 'hard' with 'bad' or 'undesirable'.

Losing weight IS hard. It takes real work. But that doesn't mean it's 'too hard'. That doesn't mean we can't do it. We CAN do it. All of us can.

This touched me. And made me realize that this time that I've been trying to lose weight I've been trying, but not hard enough. I could do more, like REFUSING to go over my daily points, like saying NO THANK YOU when people offer me high point foods, and not giving in to snack buying when grocery shopping with my mother because she's buying some.

I can stay on program every day. I have the tools, a information and education, and the support. I just need to make more of an effort and have more control over what goes in my body, and what I do with my body. I AM THE BOSS OF ME!

Looking back, I think I've been trying to push this Weight Loss Wagon with only one hand, I need to use two in order to get it really moving.

Another thing is I need to get REAL workouts in... I do get activity in because I do a lot of running around. I work part time, raise a teenage daughter by myself, I have a boyfriend, I care for my mother and her personal needs - so that means I'm not only in charge of running my household, I'm also partially in charge of hers. Between all that I get a lot of activity points in, but can I really honestly count that as true exercise? No, most of the time I don't sweat or strain. I need to make a commitment to get real exercise in, time when I put my workout clothes on and am doing an activity that has me continuously moving and sweating - whether it be jumping, dancing, running, etc.

I have no excuse for not setting time apart. I have numerous exercise videos of all kinds, exercise bands, small hand weights, an exercise ball, a mini trampoline, a yoga mat, not to mention Ross practically has a whole gym in his garage that he's more than happy to share with me, and I know a bit about exercising from working with Chiropractors and in the past managing health clubs (I was a trainer desk junkie). I know how to exercise, and physically I can exercise. I have no injuries or health problems. I'm asthmatic but through the years have learned to work around it and control it. I may not know everything about exercise but I do have a general knowledge and could actually probably tone up quite a bit without the help of a personal trainer. I can do all of this, but I don't out of laziness and procrastination... ignoring myself and not taking the time or I guess caring enough to do it.

I can use my busy schedule as an excuse but I know deep down it's not a very good one. If I went to bed early, I could get up early and get a 30 minute workout in before work.

I haven't been trying hard enough, and if I truly want to get to goal I need to put some hustle (or should I say muscle) into it.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I haven't checked my scale since a couple of days ago... the last I checked it said 185.5. I honestly can't say if I'll have a gain or not. The good thing about tomorrow is it's a brand new start for me. I know a few days ago I said this next week I would be doing an experiment with my first week's journal. I was going to eat exactly the way I did my very first week - when I lost 6 pounds. I took a better look at that journal today, and I can't do it. I lived on snacks. I know lately I've been binging, but that was truly a full week of just processed crap... I mostly ate chicken, Fiber One bars, Fat Free pudding, and Hostess 100 Calorie snacks. I know I haven't been very good lately with staying within points, but I think what I'm eating is a whole lot healthier than what I had that first week. I've been working on eating balanced meals, and I feel if I do a week of eating like that again I'll lose weight but it'll still be a step back...

So, I've decided to browse my old food journals for ideas... but I don't think I want to go back to a week of 17 Fiber One bars, 12 containers of Fat Free Pudding, 50-60 oz of Chicken, and 15 Hostess 100-Calorie Snacks... lol.

Here's to a new week and a more balanced and newly committed me, and to all of you who are also currently experiencing bumps in your weight loss journey. Like Andrea. said... We CAN do it!

The following is my journal for Monday and Tuesday... (not too pretty):


Daily Points: 25
1 cup Oatmeal: 2 (23)
1/2 cup Fat-Free Milk: 1 (22)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (20)
Lean Cuisine South Western Style Sandwich: 6 (14)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (12)
1 Banana: 2 (10)
3 oz Beef Jerky: 4 (6)
2 cups Cucumber: 0 (6)
1 Lemon Juiced: 0 (6)
4 oz Chicken: 3 (3)
1 Peanut Butter Smoothie: 3 (0)
3 tbs Chocolate Sauce: 3 (-3)
4 tbs Peanut Butter: 8 (-11)
1 Peanut Butter Smoothie: 3 (-14)

Exercise: 0 (-14)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-14)

Fruits/Veggies: 3
Milk: 3
Liquids/Water: 3
Lean Proteins: 2
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 7


Daily Points: 25
1 Banana: 2 (23)
Sandwich: 10 (13)
3 slices of Headcheese: 8 (5)
2 slices of Bread: 3 (2)
1 cup Blueberries: 1 (1)
Chocolate Candy: 15 (-14)
1 tbs Chocolate Sauce: 1 (-15)
2 tbs Peanut Butter: 4 (-19)
4 oz Chicken Breast: 3 (-22)
3 oz Chicken Breast: 2 (-24)
2 cups Brown Rice: 8 (-32)
Grilled Vegetables: 0 (-32)
1 cup Sugar-Free Kool Aid: 0 (-32)
4 oz Chicken Breast: 3 (-35)
3 Brownies: 11 (-46)

Exercise - 30 minutes slow: 1 (-45)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-45)

Fruits/Veggies: 3
Milk: 0
Liquids/Water: 2
Lean Proteins: 4
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 7

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As an adult, I've always had problems taking multivitamins... actually all vitamins except for children's and Vitamin C gave me stomach problems. Then a couple of years ago I was catching a cold and a friend of mine introduced me to Emergen-C...

It didn't bother my stomach, and even though it calms to give a boost of energy - it doesn't make me feel jumping or shaky(I tend to be sensitive to BOOSTS). But when I'm starting to feel sick I take two in a day and I start to feel better quicker. I use this as a multivitamin now... and I love it.

I've recommended this stuff to a couple of friends who have sense starting using it. This is not a paid endorsement, just me telling a friend (you) about something I like and you might like to try also.

Check out their website: you can send away for free samples of Emergen-C before you buy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saved 2 Points!

Last night I pulled out my journal from my first week back on Weight Watchers, when I lost 6 pounds. I'm thinking of doing a little experiment and next week eating exactly what I ate that week and see what I lose. I think it would be a fun experiment. I thought it was interesting how my taste buds have changed since them. In one week I had about 15 Fiber One bars! My daily intake wasn't very balanced but I did save points that week... and I lost 6 pounds that week! I know it had to do with it being my first week... but I should still be able to get a loss from it. I’mma try it and see what happens. Imagine if I lost another 6 or even 5 or 4 pounds in a week... I would totally make this my regular diet... lol.

Speaking of daily intake - here's mine from yesterday. Not bad, I saved three points:

Daily Points: 25
2 Over Easy Eggs: 5 (20)
1 Slice Toast: 1 (19)
Butter Spray: 0 (19)
2 Slices Bacon: 2 (18)
1/2 cup Orange Juice: 1 (17)
2 Slices Bacon: 2 (15)
1 Chicken Thigh: 3 (12)
1 Cup Broccoli: 0 (12)
Butter Spray: 0 (12)
3 Cups Salad Greens: 0 (12)
4 oz Mixed Turkey: 4 (8)
2 tbs Light Dressing: 1 (7)
1 Cookie: 2 (5)
Sushi: 2 (3)

Exercise: 0
Flex Points Used: 0

Fruits/Veggies: 5
Milk: 0
Liquids/Water: 5
Lean Proteins: 3
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 8

Tonight I'm be trying out a smoothie recipe... I don't usually like spending points on smoothies because they don't fill me up for long. But this one might be different, it has peanut butter... it's the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (3 pts), I posted the recipe here in September... you can find it by going to the lower menu on the right of this page and clicking on recipes (there are only about 9 right now), then scrolling down. If you don't want to do that, but still curious - you can wait for tomorrow, I'll have a video up.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

That's Some Hott Sh*t!

I tried to get creative today for dinner... in my salad greens mix, I added tomato, cooked mushrooms, and I heated up 4oz of turkey and added a little (bit too much) chipotle in adobe sauce. HOLY CRAP! If you're having a problem getting enough green vegetables and water in... do what I did!

That turkey was so hot, I couldn't help but shove leafy greens and water down my throat to get the burning out of my mouth. Even after I was completely full my mouth still burned for a bit, after a while it died down. For for dinner I had 4oz turkey, tomato, mushrooms, and about 3-4 cups of leafy salad, plus 5 glasses of water. That stuff BURNED.

My weekend didn't go so well, I got in some wholesome foods, but then topped them with brownies again.

Here's Friday and Saturday's menu.

Daily Points: 25
Oatmeal 1 cup: 2 (23)
Fat Free Milk 1/2 cup: 1 (22)
1 Serving Trail Mix: 4 (18)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (16)
Costco Sampling: 3 (13)
3 Servings Sushi Rolls: 14 (-1)
1 Fiber One Bar: 2 (-3)
1 Serving Trail Mix: 4 (-7)
4 oz Turkey: 4 (-11)
Hpnotiq: 5 (-16)
2 cups Broccoli: o (-16)
1 oz Cheeze: 3 (-19)

Exercise 30 minutes slow: +1 (-18)
Flex Points Used: 8 (-10)

Fruits/Veggies: 2
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 0
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 4

Daily Points: 25
1 Egg: 2 (23)
3 Egg Whites: 1 (22)
1 Orange: 1 (21)
1 Taco Shell: 1 (18)
1 2/3 oz Hamburger Meat: 3 (15)
Lettuce/Tomato: 0 (15)
Hot Sauce: 0 (15)
1 cup Strawberries: 1 (14)
1 1/3 Chicken Thighs: 4 (10)
2 cups Strawberries: 2 (8)
Brownies: 7 (1)
1/2 cup Cooked Carrots: 1 (0)
3/4 cup Broccoli: 0 (0)
BBQ Sauce: 1 (-1)
Brownies: 28 (-29)
Low Fat Milk: 2 (-31)

Exercise: 0 (-31)
Flex Points Used: 0 (-31)

Fruits/Veggies: 7
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 1 1/2
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 8

Friday, I think I would have been okay if I wouldn't of had the samples at the store and if I would of skipped the trail mix, it was just too good. It was my first time trying and I realized it's a trigger food, so no more for me. Not worth the 4 points for 3 tbs... forget that. I could have 4 fruits, or 2 Fiber One bars for that price! Overall I think Friday was a D+ day, I should of had some water, more veggies, and cut the alcohol.

Saturday, I think it's clear where I went wrong... those darn brownies that I vowed I wasn't going to make when the kids weren't around. He did all the cooking this weekend... and kept hinting for brownies. I felt sort of guilty, so that night I broke down and made them. Next time I think I'll try substituting a diet 7-up for oil and eggs - that would cut down the points per serving in half... that would be a lot better, and maybe try making only 1/2 the batch - so we won't pig out so much. It was a C+ I did great on my stats, my downfall was very little water and those darn yummy brownies.

Today, I think I've done pretty good... I only used up 23 points so far... it's close to bed time so I think it'll be it for the day.

It's late, I've better get ready for bed.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baked Chicken

Points Value: 3
Servings: 4
Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: 35 min
Level of Difficulty: Easy

1 spray(s) cooking spray
1 pound(s) uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, four 4 oz halves
1/2 tsp table salt
1/4 tsp black pepper, freshly ground
1 tsp olive oil
2 tsp fresh lemon juice, or more to taste
2 tsp rosemary, fresh, chopped
2 tsp parsley, fresh, chopped
1/4 cup(s) canned chicken broth
1/2 medium lemon(s), quartered (for garnish)

* Preheat oven to 400ºF. Coat a small, shallow roasting pan with cooking spray.

* Season both sides of chicken with salt and pepper. Transfer chicken to prepared pan and drizzle with oil; sprinkle with lemon juice, rosemary and parsley. Pour broth around chicken to coat bottom of pan.

* Bake until chicken is cooked through, about 30 to 35 minutes. Garnish with fresh lemon and serve. Yields 1 chicken breast half per serving.

Originally posted on (

Friday, January 23, 2009

I could of swore it was 3 oz per serving, not 3 TBS!

Yesterday's food intake could have been a whole lot better. But all I can do now is just have a better day today. Here's my intake for yesterday, notes to follow:

Daily Points: 25
Oatmeal 1 cup: 2 (23)
Fat Free Milk 1/2 cup: 1 (22)
JITB Chicken Fajita: 6 (16)
2 Fiber One bars: 4 (12)
Steak 4.7oz: 6 (6)
3 PH Breadsticks: 10 (-4)
Tomato Sauce: 0 (-4)
1/2 cup Mushrooms: 0 (-4)
6 Servings Trail Mix: 24 (-28)

Exercise 30 minutes slow: +1 (-27)
Flex Points Used: 27 (0)

Fruits/Veggies: 2
Milk: 1
Liquids/Water: 7 1/2
Lean Proteins: 1
Multivitamin: 1
Filling Foods: 3

I started the day off good, and even when I had the Jack In The Box Fajita that was good. My mess up started with the Pizza Hut Breadsticks and ended with the Trailmix.

We went to Target my mother insisted on stopping at the snack bar. I should of gotten a yogurt parfait, but for some reason thought the breadsticks would be less points. The yogurt parfait was HUGE... I didn't intend to have so much trail mix. I read the package and calculated the points before I had a serving... I thought it said 3oz per serving... it was 3 tbs per serving, I didn't realize that until much later after I had what I thought was 3 servings. After the damage was done I figured out 3 tbs is about 1.5 oz. Remind me never to buy that stuff again. I try to steer clear of snacky foods... but when shopping with my mother I tend to go for that sort of thing. The trail mix was way too good and it's hard to stay away from. Super good with it's nuts, dry cranberries, and white chocolate chips... not worth 4 points for 1.5 oz. After I finish this package I'm done with them... they do taste really good in oatmeal. I tried it this morning... soooo good.

My exercise was me walking around Target... of course we were there more than 30 minutes, but I decided that if I'm not doing actual exercise and just doing shopping and stuff like that I'll only count it as half the actual time. I think that's fair.

I should of had less trail mix and more veggies. I did do GREAT on my water, and remembered my Multivitamin! If grading it I think this was about a C day... what do you think?

A bit of good news before I leave... I got on the scale this morning and it said 184.0 that's a good sign the beef ball is breaking down and getting the heck out!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beef Balls and Scales

I weighted in today, and had a gain. The beef ball in my stomach hadn't started breaking down until this morning, and I knew by weigh-in it wasn't going to be all out... it was only halfway gone. I had a gain of 1.8 which puts me at a total loss of 10 pounds. I'm disappointed in myself... by now I should have at least 20 pounds gone. At least!

But, I can't live in the past, only work on my future. I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to give up. I have too much support to give up now. Ross is extremely supportive and I've become a part of this weigh loss community, I will not let you down - I know you won't give up on me, and I refuse to give up on myself. I want this! I need this!

I thought I did pretty good this week, except for the not too great, but not too bad weekend, and the Obama Beef incident. Yes, that's right. I love him, but I'm blaming him for the beef tacos/burritos.

Anywhoo... this is it. I need to make some changes. I'm not that bad, and in the beginning I was about the same as I am now and I was losing. Then I realized, a couple of months ago I switched from guesstimating portion sizes to weighing them on my (hardly used) scale.

This past week I had turkey most days. When I weighed the turkey on my scale it seemed like a lot, but I figured I had been under-guesstimating on my meats, either that or turkey is a hellava lot lighter than chicken. Either way I went by the scale, it seemed like a lot - but why would Target and the breast cancer people make and sell a scale that doesn't work... even if it is made of pink plastic (super cute).

I realized today that it could be possible that my scale might be off a bit... I broke down, went to Target and got a (what I think is) descent scale. I compared the two scales side by side... and here are the results:

My first scale, weighing a small dish...

I weighed the same dish on my new scale and here's what I got:
See the results? I've basically been eating over double of what I thought I was eating. The plate weighed in on the old scale at 2oz, my new one 4.5oz. I have a feeling this week there will be a loss!

While at Target today, I also picked up a workout towel that I'm going to embroidery with DIET SODA DIVA, as a motivator and reminder to get real workouts in and quit pretending walking the secondhand stores counts as true working out. And to go along with the workout towel I also got a couple of better support sports bras.

I am ready, and I'm going to kick ass!

Also I need to get my journaling in check, so this week and until I reach my 10% (that's 9 more pounds) I will be posting my daily journal at the end of each post. Feel free to send me tough love, and constructive critical comments.

So children, today's lessons are:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No More Beefing Around!

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to use up very little points through out the day and save the majority of them for my special inauguration dinner I was making.

I had oatmeal in the morning and broccoli for lunch. For dinner I had taco/burritos with homemade flour tortillas, fresh lean beef, guacamole, sour cream, and a bit of cheese. Basically all the stuff I should avoid when having a healthy burrito/taco. It was sooo good.

I'm not a regular beef eater. I'll have an occasional hamburger, but that's usually it. I rarely ever buy beef or pork for the house. Oh boy, I don't think my body likes it anymore.

I had dinner last night about 7ish/8ish. I didn't eat to fully explode but I was full, and when my food settled in I felt like I was carrying a rock in my stomach. It didn't hurt... it was just like a rock – maybe a boulder. I went to bed with my boulder, and when I woke up (late and feeling sluggish) this morning I was still full! Full enough to not want breakfast. Heck it’s almost lunch time and I’m still satisfied/full! WTF?!

I made my oatmeal and have it here with me, just in case I get hungry later. I'll just have that when I get hungry and have my lunch later.

It's going to be a broccoli day. I need to clear out this crap out of my body. I don't think my body agrees with beef anymore and right now the way I'm feeling I'm okay with that. I can stick to my poultry, fish and occasional hamburger.

I'm not going to fully blame the beef, I honestly think it was the combination of rich, fatty, yumminess that formed the rock and is making me feel blah right now. Whatever was the cause, I didn't like the feeling. I couldn't even get out of bed this morning. I can't and won't do that to myself again.

I think this is a sign that my efforts towards living a healthier lifestyle are working. My body’s rebelling against that stuff. It wants fruits and vegetables. Funny how your body adapts so quickly.

Tomorrow's weigh-in. I need to clear some of the crap out before then, so it's broccoli and water today... maybe a little fruit. I did better this week then I did last week. Tomorrow starts a brand new week and that means I'll do even better next week then I did this one!

If I can clear this boulder out, I should have a loss.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

See that badge above? Have you seen it around on other blogs? Do you know what it is? The Biggest Loser and General Mills is teaming up for a pound for pound challenge.

From the words of Dude at WW - here's how it works: You pledge to lose a certain amount of weight and General Mills will donate 10 cents for every pound you lose to a local food bank. Apparently 10 cent for a food bank will be about a pound of food with the buying power they have.

I have pleaded to lose 20 pounds starting at 185.2. I can totally lose 20 pounds by May... hopefully I'll be down even more by then.

This is a great cause, and it's a great way for you to help out - volunteer (sort of) without really giving any time, and a way for you to donate without spending your money. Interested? Click the badge above for more information and to sign up... also Dude at WW ( is also running his own challenge offering the same... 10 cents for every pound you lose... you can join his too.

Come on people let's lose some weight and help feed the hungry at the same time.

For Dude at WW's Challenge entry click this link: (

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not too bad...

This weekend I like the rest wasn't my best. I went over my points more than I did last week... but I got way more filling foods in this time, and way more water. So I'm not feeling so bad about it. I am however back on program today, and I'm trying trim a few points a day until Thursday's weigh-in. I'm expecting a loss this week.

I can't say how much of a loss... but a loss, and that's fine.

I'm still annoyed with myself about the gain over the holidays. 3.8 pounds really was a big step backwards for me. I gained almost 1/3 of what I had lost, not good. I know I have to stop beating myself up over this, and just focus on moving forward, and that's what I'm trying to do... but it's hard not to think about it when I look at my Weight Watcher's passport thingy, and see that even though I had a loss this week I was already that weight about a month ago. I think once I reach my 15 pound loss I'll be better.

I'm been attempting to stick to my daily menu that I came up with... but it's been hard... but I will stay I am getting tons more veggies in, filling foods, and water.

We had brownies again this weekend. I don't know if I mentioned it this before, but last weekend I made the VERY, VERY best Peanut Butter Brownies and Ross and I... mostly I ate the whole tray of brownies by ourselves.

This weekend the kids were there so I didn't do so bad with the brownies... I had two small servings and that was it. I think that's quite an NSV.

I was able to save 2 points today, and exercise an hour. Tomorrow I'm not sure about the shaving part... but I will be getting some exercise in. I'm thinking about getting up super early and talking a walk to my local thrift store, then to the market to pick up some stuff for dinner.

Due to the inauguration tomorrow I'm planning a special dinner... stead tacos/burritos with homemade tortillas, guacamole, a little cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes... Hmmmm I can't wait. That means I'll have to have a my regular oatmeal breakfast, maybe a broccoli lunch with a little protein and fruit for snacks.

Well, it's pretty late... I'm going to head to bed now.

Sweet Dreams.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take-Aways #2

- BE ASSERTIVE WHEN DINING OUT: Quiz your waiter about how a dish is prepared, and don't be shy about asking the chef to prepare something without sauces or extra fat. These days, many chefs are willing to do just that.

- PUSH YOURSELF TO TRY AT LEAST ONE NEW FRUIT OR VEGETABLE PER WEEK: You'll be treating yourself to a new taste sensation and a variety of nutrients - and you'll be helping to expand your culinary repertoire in a healthy, low-calorie way.

- QUIT THE CLEAN PLATE CLUB: If you get out of the habit of finishing what's on your plate - and stop eating when you're pleasantly satisfied, instead - you'll spare yourself loads of unnecessary calories at every meal.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Take-Aways #1

- START YOUR DAY WITH A SENSIBLE BREAKFAST: Not only will eating a morning meal jump-start your energy from the day, but it can help you to avoid overeating at lunchtime and will keep your mood on a more even keel.

- AVOID EATING A BIG MEAL LATE AT NIGHT: Going to sleep with a full stomach can compromise the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable the next morning.

- POLISH YOUR NAILS IN THE EVENING: If you do something with your hands - such as giving yourself a manicure or doing needlepoint or knitting - you'll make it impossible to snack after dinner; plus, you'll distract yourself from the desire to do so.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's OUR Year! Love yourself now, and live for today!

You know you've read too many blogs and stayed up way too late that night when you start dreaming about the bloggers.

I was up late last night trying to catch up on blog reading... recently I added a ton of new ones to my reading load, so I'm still adjusting to having so many great blogs to read. Reading so late into the night caused me to have the craziest, sort of motivating dream.

I don't remember the whole dream, you know the way they are sometimes sort of foggy and choppy. I dreamt I went to Los Angeles, which in my dream I think was Florida. I went to a meeting which was set up like a Weight Watcher's meeting... Tony (, was the leader. I don't think it was a Weight Watcher's meeting because I get the feeling we were all at goal. I went to the meeting, I don't remember what he was talking about... I just remember looking around the room - everyone in the room wa at goal. Di ( there, Hollie was there (, Lisa (, Skye ( There was also a few others that I don't know by name but who's blog I read...,,,,,, and How did I know it was them? Some of them looked like their photos, others I just knew it was them. After the meeting I went to the airport. When I got off the plane in my city. My daughter and I rode BMX bikes home from the airport... on the freeway... lol. Strange, Strange dream.

The dream didn't make sense, but what I took from the dream and the reason why I decided to share it with you all was that we were all at goal! :) THIS IS OUR YEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Okay onto things that do (sort of) make sense...

I did pretty good yesterday. I almost stuck to my menu plan... by the time I had my snack after lunch I was pretty full, I couldn't of had the dinner meal that I had planned... instead I wasted those points on a truffle, oatmeal, fruits, and Fiber One bars... I got exercise in, and used 1 of my weekly flex points... which I'm okay with. I think I did good. I forgot to have my multivitamin, and didn't drink all my water, but had 2 glasses... so over the next couple of days I'll drink a little more water and make up for it. Over all I think I had a B day.

Today, so far I'm on target, had my oatmeal for breakfast - about to have my snack... then it's a lunch of a plan old side salad with 4oz of turkey... mmmm I always seem to forget that I actually do like salad, but it has to have some sort of meat/fish in it. I also need to drink some water today too.

The other day, Skye ( wrote a great entry about being healthy not thin, and learning to love and except one self now at any size. That's exactly what one of my New Year's resolutions was this year... love me now and live today. For the past couple of years (well probably more than just a couple) I didn't really want to buy too much clothes for myself, because I wasn't happy with my body or how I looked... instead of just buying a bigger size that fit better, I would rather spend the money on my daughter. Along with my weight I basically let myself go. I'd get a haircut here and there, but didn't really have anything to wear. When Ross and I first started dating he wanted to go out dancing a lot... but I didn't - because I didn't have anything to wear. I still really don't have any club/dancing clothes but I'm getting there.

I decided this year that even though I'm losing weight I'm still going to improve my outside. For years my boss has been trying to gently get me to dress up a bit for work... I'd always wore jeans and any ol'shirt... my hair would sometimes be in a ponytail and rarely any make-up. She never said much to me about it but every once in a while she'd give me a gentle push... one year there was this huge sale at Macy's and she surprised me by buying me a huge load of blouses, sweaters, etc. It was very sweet of her... but I rarely wore the clothes to work. I figured she wanted me to go for a more professional image so I started wearing scrubs for a while... but eventually went back to my uniform of jeans and any ol'shirt.

We sometimes deal with attorneys, etc. I mostly deal with them over phone... rarely do I meet them in person or do they come into the office. But the few times they did I was a bit embarrassed because of my appearance... not really my weight... but mostly my clothes, messy hair, etc.

Rejoining Weight Watcher and climbing back onto the weight loss wagon has brought me back some of my confidence... I want to feel and look good everyday, and I decided that I don't want to wait 'til I reach goal to do so. I decided that even though I love sleep, and my jeans and ol'shirt is very comfortable... I was going to make an effort to get up a little earlier in the morning and invest a little time into my appearance.

Since I don't have tons of clothes and I'm losing weight... by the time I reach goal I'll have gone from a 14 to about a 7/8... that's a big difference so I don't want to spend a fortune in clothes... soooo I found a solution. SECONDHANDS! I've always been a thrifter but I never really took the time to sort through the clothing. I have been lately... and wow or wow... my wardrobe is building up... and when the clothes outgrow me, I won't feel guilting getting rid of them.

Since the beginning of the year I've been transforming myself from a jeans and ol'shirt girl to the Office Manager/Physician's Assistant that I am. I'm still a work in progress, but I I feel great! I don't wear make up everyday, but I do make sure to add a little color to my lips... and now that I've lost a little weight it opens up my options more at the thrift stores to find clothes that fit. Feeling good on the outside for some reason I think has effected my job performance... I feel like I get a lot more done. I look like an Office Manager/Physican's Assistant... so now I'm acting more like one... funny how that works...

Anyway, my point of that longish story is that we have to learn to love ourselves at any size... love ourselves now, work on making us feel good now, and live for today.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm gonna to show you the money, I'M GONNA SHOW YOU RESULTS!!!

I don't know what's my problem this week... last week I totally got thrown off due to the holidays... and that's understandable. I vowed to start over this week... but I haven't been my best, I did get a lot of exercise in and most filling foods, but I also went over my points and drank very little water.

Tomorrow's weigh-in, so I need to get a game plan together TONIGHT. I'm making a menu for next week... then make sure to go get what I need. Thinking about it, I realized when I have weak weeks it's usually when I don't do my shopping. When I have what I need at home I'm good at staying on program.

So this week... I need to write my menu out, and make sure to have what I need. I'm new to writing a weekly menu (I got the idea from Di -

Okay so here we go - I get 25 points per day:

1 Cup Oatmeal: 2 pt
1/2 Cup Milk: 1 pt

Fruit/Vegetable: 0 - 2

Mixed greens: 0
Dressing: 0-2
Poultry 3-4 oz: 3-4
Salad Extra: 1

Fruit/Vegetable: 0-2

Fruit/Vegetable: 0-2

1 Large Potato: 3
1 Cup Broccoli: 0
Butter Spray: 0
2 Tbs Sour Cream: 2
4 oz Poultry: 4

SNACK (optional):
Weight Watcher Dessert or Fruit/Vegetable depending on how many points I have left.

I think that's a pretty good menu for me. I'll try this for a week... then change it up possibly next week. If I go to Ross' this weekend I'll have to pack my food - he has the kids this week, so the menu is different from when it's just us. We usually make childhood classics that aren't the best foods for losing weight: french fries, burgers, pizza, mac and cheese, meatloaf, bean and cheese burritos on homemade tortillas, etc. I'll have to take my own food.

I can do this, I will do this! With in the past couple of weeks I've built up my followers from 2 or 3 to currently 35, plus my youtube viewers and those who aren't either but visit me here. I don't want to disappoint you. I don't want to be one of those people who lose the same couple of pounds over and over... I refuse to be that person! I wanna show you the money, I wanna show you results, and I will! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time Pressed

I was going to make a youtube video today, since I didn't make one yesterday... but today flew by, and now I'm not going to have time... I'm making dinner, I have to run downstairs and do some cleaning for my mother then I'll be back up to have dinner and greet Ross... who's probably on his way now.

So far today I'm doing okay. I don't have my info in front of me, but I think I have about 10-12 points left for the day. Tomorrow's the last day until weigh in... then I get to start all over... since I went over 28 points yesterday, I'm looking forward to a fresh start. This week I've been horrible with the water, I'm going to try to drink as much as I can today, and as much as I can tomorrow until until about 7pm - don't want any of that water staying in for Thursday's weigh-in. I think I'll be down at least a little bit... all losses are good losses... :)

No excuses for next weekend. Last night Ross and I were talking, and we both agreed I shouldn't do any baking the weeks he doesn't have the kids. Let's say I make a batch of brownies when he doesn't have the kids... him and I will eat the whole thing by ourselves... if Vi's around then the three of us... when the kids are there the batch get's divided between 8 sometimes 9 people... that's a whole lot better... if there isn't enough for everyone I'm known for giving my share up.

During the times he doesn't have the kids... if we want a treat, I'll make a special dinner from one of my Weight Watcher cookbooks. He doesn't have any weight to loss, nor does he follow Weight Watchers, but he likes to watch his intake and limit himself on rich/fatty foods. Before we met about 4-5 years ago he lost about 40 pounds and has since kept them off... he's really good with his intake... up until he smells the oven going and the sweet bake goods aroma... that's when he loses it.

It's almost dinner time, I'm about to cross today off the calender and am ready to finish tomorrow off on program and start a new week.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"When I'm good, I'm really good, and when I'm bad, I'm as bad as I wanna be." - Catwoman

See having mottos like that gets a girl trying to change her lifestyle in trouble!... I've been VERY bad, as bad as I've wanted to be.

I'm not going to break down what I had over the weekend... let's just say I'm paying for it now with endless gas, and feeling blah. I think all the sugar I had is actually making my joints achy... is that possible?

You know I did bad, I didn't total my weekend points or today's points until about 5-10 minutes ago. I didn't actually do to bad this week... I used up all my flex points and went over Sunday by about 4... not to bad.

I don't know what my deal was today though... I went over 28, I went on a junk food spree... I think I thought I did horrible over the weekend so figured what's one more day. NOT A GOOD THING TO DO!

I can't do anything about it today, other that just plan my meals for tomorrow... I weigh in Thursdays... so tomorrow and Wednesday will be veggie and fruit filled.

On the water front I should have already drank 30 glasses of water for this week - I've had 6. The filling foods/exercise challenge started this week... so I should of had 25 filling foods already, I've had 16... not to bad.

Exercise this week I should of already gotten in 2 1/2 hours... I got 3 hours and 45 minutes... not bad. I did a lot of shopping this weekend. We went to Walmart, then Ross set me lose inside his local Goodwill... $15 dollars and 30 minutes later I had a pair of new slacks (never worn), a casual blazer, a work blouse, a stretch casual shirt, and a sexy very feminine polka dot blouse. I did very good.

This year Ross and I have made a joint resolution... something we've been wanting to do for a while... learn to dance salsa. We went to a lesson a few months back, it was a disaster. So, I brought a video for us to try at home. Sunday we tried it for the first time. We didn't get through the whole video, but so far we're doing pretty good... we got the basic step down, turns, and a few other moves. We're gonna try to get through the video a few times then hit the club again with our fancy moves. We had so much fun just trying the video and it's great exercise.

We'll I have an early day tomorrow trying to catch up with every one's blogs... see you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

DietSodaDiva?! Who That Be?! is growing! The other day I had most popular day - 110 visitors. My usual daily average is 12. :) And I have 29 blog followers. Holy Moly! I appreciate each and everyone of you who visit my blog... and I try to do the same for you on a daily basis. I think it's important that we all support one another on this weight loss journey.

I thought with all this fancy traffic I'd do something I should of done a long time ago - introduce myself.

I'm not very good with writing out introductions, so I'll do this in a Q&A format. Some questions I've been asked, and others I'll add in... if there's one that I don't cover that you have... feel free to contact me.

What's your name? Rosie

What's your family situation? Married? Kids? I'm a mother of one human daughter, Vi (14) and one fur daughter Penelope (7). The three of us live together. I'm not married but have a GREAT boyfriend Ross who I sometimes mention. Those three are the stars of my life.

What program do you follow? I'm a Weight Watcher.

How long have you been doing Weight Watchers? I first joined in 2000, I lost about 30 pounds - chickened and dropped out. I've been going back here and there ever since. I rejoined September 4th, 2008 and I haven't stuck to it for this long in a long time... this is the time I'm going to reach my goal. I have a great support system in place with meetings, some friends, my family, and you guys... I can't fail.

I do the Low Carb diet, have you tried it? I've tried a couple different versions of a Low Carb diet and I've learned - I need carbs. The first time was right after my daughter was born, I went to a doctor who illegally (at the time I didn't know it was illegal) gave me thyroid medication and put me on a low carb diet. I lost weight QUICKLY but also lost a lot of my hair - it fell out in clumps. Not good. There is only one Sinead O Connor and I don't think a Latino/Native version would have been as popular. I don't know if it was the drugs he was giving me or the diet that made me loss the weight and hair but both had to go. The second time was when I worked in the health club industry. The personal training department had a special program for their clients based on your activity and cravings, etc they would write you a specialized program just for you - to help you reach whatever goal you were trying to conquer. Mine program results put me on a high carb - low protein diet, but my trainer said the program was tripping and give me a low carb high protein diet. I followed it to a T. My trainer would even go grocery shopping with me and I carried my daily food around in a ice chest. I exercised just like she told me... most days were with her (my trainer)... after 2 months I stayed the same weight and gained fat. After that, I gave up on the Low Carb deal. I know tons of people who have lost weight from it... but I just don't feel it works for me.

Why do you blog? I blog to get stuff off my mind. To let my feelings out, and to share information with you - recipes, articles, tips, etc. Blogging to me is sort of therapeutic. It also keeps me accountable... I know I have to blog and face you everyday, and I refuse to lie in my blogs, so it keeps me on or near the weight lossing wagon.

I remember a DietSodaDiva from a few years ago, she disappeared. Are you the same chick? Yes, I am that same chick. I first started in 2006, but I wasn't truly serious about losing weight. I wanted too but just didn't want to put the effort or commitment into it. I let the name go for a few years, and this time when I decided to start blogging about my weight loss again I started it under a different name, but for some reason it just didn't feel right... I'm DIETSODADIVA! Not LaVidaSana (Healthy Life in Spanish). So I went and re-registered the name, I was lucky it was available.

Do you love/drink diet soda? No, I don't love or regularly drink diet soda. Actually, I rarely even drink soda at all... I won't buy regular soda unless I'm sick I might have a 7-up, and I'm known to once in a while during a blue moon to pick up a diet 7up. My name was born not out of my love for diet soda, but just because I thought it sounded cute. Sort of like SodaPopPrincess or something like that...

Why do you promote diet soda? Don't you know that's bad for you? I'm not 100% sure diet soda is bad for you, I have heard it tends to make you hungrier. Either way I do not promote the drinking of any soda... DietSodaDiva is simply a name.

Points or Core? Points Baby! But of course now with the new Momentum program we're a mix of both.

If you're such a Weight Watcher expert why aren't you a leader yet, or at your goal weigh? I don't consider myself an expert but I do know the program fairly well... I've been a part of it for so long. I can look at a food and guesstimate pretty close the points for it. I'm not a leader because I'm not at goal, and I'm not at goal because in the past I wasn't willing to jump in and fully commit to getting to my goal.

How much have you lost? My last weigh in I was down 11 pounds since September 4th. I might of gained some weight since due to the holiday break.

What's your ultimate goal? My Weight Watcher's goal is 141. My personal goal is 130.

Are you a real diva? Diva's are usually bossy and pains in the ass! Well, some might say I'm sort of bossy, but I try not to be. I don't consider myself a diva as in I MUST HAVE MY WAY ALWAYS. But I've been told I can be bossy at times. I'm working on that.

You look crazy in your videos... why do you make them? It's part of learning to love myself and getting comfortable with me at whatever size I am.

Do you read my blog? I probably do... what your blog address?

Got Questions? You can leave them in the comments section or email me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Remember today's goal is to aim for 5 filling foods (core foods) and 30 minutes of exercise... you can do this!

    List of Gettin' Hott By Valentines' Challengers
  • Caroline M.
  • Diane B.
  • Jen
  • Krista
  • Lisa B.
  • Melody O.
  • Missy O.
  • Pamiela L.
  • Richelle
  • Rosie B.
  • beth chappell
  • kelly S

Friday, January 09, 2009

KICKING ASS! (huh, sort of)

Yesterday, was my first day of Season 2... and I think I did pretty good... could of had some improvements... but eating the right foods is a work in progress for me.

Here's what I had:

1 Cup Oatmeal
1/2 Cup Fat Free Milk
6 Crackers
3 Servings of Hummus
1 Cup Blackberries
1 Small Package of Beef Jerky
1 Tamale
1 1/2 Servings Horchata
1 Orange
3 Cups Broccoli
Butter Spray
2 oz Turkey

I completely stayed with in my points, didn't get all crazy on junk food. It was my first time trying hummus... well a few weeks ago I did get a sample on a tiny piece on bread at WinCo... anyway... Hummus is YUMMY.

Today on the other hand... hmmm - I learned what one of my trigger foods are besides chocolate... Ice Cream: I started out good, until my boss gave me a WW Lemon Cake, I went across the street to the grocery market and picked up a container of Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches... at the end of the day I ended up eating all 6. It was only 12 points, but still it was 12 POINTS I WASTED ON ICE CREAM?! Right now I'm only over by 1 point. If I get hungry I'm carrying broccoli with me to Ross' - he wants to drink tonight... so that'll probably be another 10 points from my flex points, but we'll most-likely be dancing, so I might earn some of those points back...

I didn't have very much fruit today, and I've been horrible with the water. Yesterday I didn't drink any, and today I drank 2 cups in. I think I can catch up on the water by next Thursday... I'll be drinking some tonight also.

So tomorrow's the start of DIET SODA DIVA'S GETTIN' HOT BY VALENTINE'S CHALLENGE! So you got a little over 4 more hours to join... for more details look back a few entries for all the details...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Diet Soda Diva's Season One Finale

It's that time to put my first weight loss season to a close... if you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about... read yesterday's entry. I weighed in today to close out this season and have start weight for season 2!

Here's what the said: 185.2 a 3.8 pound gain

I actually did better then I thought... I was expecting at least a 5 pound gain...

Here's how I did the whole season:

Week One on plan: 190.2lbs -6
Week Two OP: 190.0lbs -.2
Week Three OP: 189.0lbs -1
Week Four OP: 187.4.5lbs -1.6
Week Five OP: 186.2 -1.2
Week Six OP: 185.8 -.4
Week Seven OP: 184.8 -1
Week Eight OP: 183.2 -1.6
Week Nine OP: 183.2 (stayed the same)
Week Ten OP: 183.0 - .2
Week Eleven OP: 183.6 +.6
Week Twelve OP: 183.6 (didn't weigh-in)
Week Thirteen OP: 182.0 -1.6
Week Fourteen OP: 181.6 -.4
Week Fifteen OP: 182.8 +1.2
Week Sixteen OP: 181.4 -1.4
Week Seventeen OP: 181.4 (didn't weigh-in)
Week Eighteen OP: 185.2 +3.8

Season 1's Total Weight loss: 11 pounds

My goal for season 2 is to surpass my 11 pounds from Season 1... my goal is to loss 20 pounds during season 2.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I'm 100% sure I'll have a gain tomorrow and I expect it to be a MAJOR one... 5 pounds or so. That means it took me 17 weeks to reach a 10 pound loss. Ridiculious!

Anyway, I've decided that I'm not doing to dwell on the past and instead break my weight loss into seasons. The first 17 weeks was season one... now it's time for it to end and start season two. I'm putting season one with it's start weight and loss behind me and starting all over.

Season two will start at my current weight (I weigh-in tomorrow) and run for 16 weeks. My goal is to lose more weight then I did in season one.

I'm a Weight Watcher's member, so I'll let them keep track of my 10% and my total loses... etc. I'm just going to focus on my current weight as my start weight.

Does this make sense? I hope so... on to Season 2 for new beginnings!

Season 2 starts tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DietSodaDiva's "Gettin' Hott By Valentines" Challenge IS HERE!

It's time for a new challenge... this time we're getting hott by Valentines! Are you ready to join us? Unlike other challenges where you set a weight goal... this one is focusing on staying on program. It's specifically for Weight Watcher's followers this time. Our goal is to eat more filling foods and and work out an average of 30 minutes a day from now until Valentines and of course staying with in our points range. Start date is January 10th, 2008 and it ends Feburary 14th at 12:01am.


To become a challenger you must email me your information to dietsodadivaATyahooDOTcom

Name (first and last initial):
Blog Address (if any):
Start weight:
Weigh-in day:

After sending me your information you MUST join the yahoo challenge group: ( Last time I didn't require it and it was a bit confusing to keep everything and everyone organized.

Here' the Challenge Information...

START/END DATES: January 10th, 2008 12:00am - Feburary 14th, 2008 at 12:01am

LAST DAY TO SIGN UP: January 9th, 2008 11:59pm

REPORTING YOUR WEIGHT AND PROGRESS: Once everyone is in I will be creating a spreadsheet you'll be able to post your progress...

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate Weight Watchers Program

CHALLENGE GOAL: Between January 10th, 2008 and Feburary 14th you should have eaten 175 Filling Foods, and exercised 17.5 hours. That's an average of 5 Filling Foods daily, and 30 minutes of daily exercise. You choose what ever combination of Filling Foods work for you and the amount that you have a day... just by the end of the challenge you should have eaten 175 Filling Foods and exercised 17.5 hours doesn't matter whether it's slow exercise or high... just 30 minutes of it.

WINNERS: Of course there will be more than one winner... this time in order to get a prize you much reach your goals of 175 filling foods, and 17.5 hours of exercise.

COMMUNITY: You're required to update your totals at least once a week and post in the group once a week to check in with everyone... but there's no maximum limit on the amount of posting... some of us are more chatty and have more time than others.

PRIZES: TBA Depending on how many challengers and winners we have.

And, I think that's it for now... if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment here or email me directly.



DISCLAIMER: Myself, DietSodaDiva,, or affiliates are not responsible for any health risks you may incur while participating in this challenge. This challenge is a "use at your own risk" challenge and you should consult with a doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for participation in this challenge you must be 18 years or older. You must not be pregnant or have a health condition that could be worsened by your participation in this challenge or cause you harm while participating. If you have any doubts about your health status, please visit a physician before beginning this challenge. This includes recent surgery (especially weight loss surgery) or any injury/illness that could cause rapid weight loss.

Monday, January 05, 2009

DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge FINAL Update

Yeah! We finished our first challenge. I learned some things during this first challenge... I definitely have to keep a better account of the challengers because they tend to disappear. We have a few members who I don't think ever got started or had to leave for one reason or another... but we do have some tough cookies who stuck it out and completed it! Whether you made it to goal or not I am proud of you for hanging in there. You all deserve a prize... so for all the challengers who send me their mailing address you will receive one.

Okay so here we go... I don't have all the results so far, but please check this post again through out the week for updates, I'll be editing it as I recieve the entries. That last day to turn in last results is January 9th, 2009 at 11:59pm.

I have taken out some names simply because I never recieved their info or they never partipated... if I've removed your name and you have been participating just send me an email and I'll add your results in.

Here we go:

Name: Hollie L.
Location: Tennessee
50 Day Goal: Lose 10 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Name: Jen
Total Gone: .5 pound

Name: Kelly S.
Location: Wisconsin
Total Gone: 12 pounds

Name: Krista
50 Day Goal: 15 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Name: Lisa
50 Day Goal: Lose 10 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Location: California
50 Day Goal: Lose 12 Pounds
Total Gone: TBA

Name: Shelly
Total Gone: 8.4

If you see your name up here... please email me with your current stats... how much did you lose during this challenge. If you have been participating, and would like to be up there but don't see your name please email me with your information.

Congratulations to all the challenger who have participated and completed the challenge.

Now... let's get ready for the next challenge: Gettin' Hott By Valentines!

More information about the next challenge will be posted VERY soon. So stay tuned!

I look about the same but if you take a close look my double chin is down a bit... my stomach looks the same but the second picture includes TOM Bloating...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Year Of The Challenge

It seems like I've joined TONS of challenge for 2009... so far I'm involved in four... one ending tomorrow, and my next one starts very soon.

I'm currently finished up DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge... it ends tomorrow. So remember challengers please get your final weights into me hopefully tomorrow... I'd like to do a final entry with all our updates.

Around Christmas I got an invitation to join a year long challenge... 2009 Weight Loss Challenge. There's a lot of stuff going on in the group... recipe swaps, clothing swaps... a bit complicated, with lots of leaders/moderators... I'm a bit lost keeping up with it... but so far it seems cool.

On YouTube I found a website called I joined a challenge on those boards too.

Finally, one of my favorites I just joined... Biggest Loser Blog Edition 2nd Season.

With all these challenges I've better get in gear and win one of them.

If you're looking for a challenge to join... all of these I believe are too late to join... but will be hosting a new Valentine's Challenge for you Weight Watchers out there. Unlike the challenges I'm currently a part of, the Valentine's day challenge won't have a weight goal... we'll be focusing on exercise and filling foods.

In the coming days I'll be posting more information about the Valentines' challenge. Make sure to come back tomorrow for an update on DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge Challengers' FINAL update.

Also if you're a challenger, remember to email me your final weights and a picture if you like... also directly email me your mailing address if you haven't already. I'll be sending out gifts to all who have participated.

It's late, I've better get to bed. See ya'll tomorrow.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Recently you might of noticed I changed the look of, it needed a facelift for 2009. I figured out some of the features I didn't know how to use before, like adding a poll, the followers feature... and my favorite the list of blogs I read. Previously the weight loss blogs I check on a daily basis were just linked to my site... several times a day I would check them all to see if there were any updates, having to click on every single link. Now that I added them to the blogs I read section, wow what a different. My smart blog tells me when they last updated and the title of there entry... genius! Now I don't have to waste time checking every single one for an update.

Now that I'm saving time I have time to read more blogs... so I've been steady adding more and more... I've removed a few that I don't read or I felt don't really stick to weight loss as much. I've been finding some FABULOUS blogs, so FABULOUS I wanted to share with you... some are old and some are new to me... all the blogs on my list, if you update I read.

Here are five that I can think off of the top of my head... now if I don't mention you here, it's not that I don't love you the same as I love these... I do or else you would be a part of my list... but I'm a little pressed for time today. Eventually, all of you will be posted in a I HEART WEIGHT LOSS BLOGS entry.

So here we go... my five picks for today:

Skinny Hollie ( I met Hollie on WWMSG and we soon became blog buddies. What I love about Hollie is she's crazy busy but still makes an effort to commit some time to herself. She's not perfect, she sometimes falls off the wagon, but eventually gets up, dusts herself off and climbs right back on.

The Incredible Shrinking Family ( This blog is written by the mother, it's about a family of three following Weight Watcher's together. Their ups and downs and there weight loss adventures. She's a writer that usually makes you smile, her posts are mostly upbeat and very well written. I found her blog WWMSG.

The Anti-Jared ( This guy has lost over 205 pounds in I think 10 months. He's a true inspirations. I'm pretty sure if you check his blog out you'll keep going back. I found his blog through WWMSG.

A Fat Girls Blog ( She's the cutest. I came across Amanda's blog through her youtube videos. She sort of reminded me of a cooler and way younger version of myself. When Ross seen one of her videos he said he knew why I liked her videos... he said she sort of looks like a younger version of you... lol. Check her her blog, her video links are on there too.

The Pitter Patter Of Losing Pounds
( She's the nicest. When I first started revived DietSodaDiva... (long story about the name I'll share with you in another post) she commented my blog on wordpress (I started this on wordpress then switched over the blogger), we became friends and she helped me set this blog up... I'll always be thankful for her. She was Weight Watchers for a while but switched back tow Low Carb, her blog is mostly filled with yummy recipes.

So, those are my five blog picks for the day. I hope you visit and enjoy them... I sure do. I think over the next few weeks I'll be doing a few more of these I HEART WEIGHT LOSS BLOGS posts just to help get the word out about these fabulous chickies and gentlemen.

Well, I'm off... headed to Ross'. I hope you all have a fabulous OP weekend. See ya tomorrow...

Friday, January 02, 2009

January 2, 2000

Nine years ago today I joined Weight Watchers for the very first time in my life. I had dieted all through my teen years and would go up and down in my weight, of course mostly up since about 1996.

In December of 1999 I had started a new job, and in one of the bathroom stalls I found a Weight Watcher's leaflet. I think it might of been one the weekly leaflets they give at the meetings. I'm not sure... but I
remember sitting there reading through it... and thinking 'Wow, this looks a great program, why haven't I thought about this before?' I was absolutely certain it was going to cost an arm and leg to join. I remember years ago in the 80's my sister did Weight Watchers and she would go weekly for a weigh-in and pick up a bag of food that looked like cardboard.

I knew I had grown out and was continuing to grow, I was the heaviest I had ever been... I needed to do something about it. If chewing on cardboard food was going to do trick... I was ready to be handed a box. I was ready to lose. I crossed my fingers that I could afford it and called Weight Watchers' 800-numbers. I was excited to hear that it was only $9.99 weekly, and the enrollment fee was free for the holiday season.

I lived it up until the morning of January 2nd. That day I got up and took my first steps into my local Weight Watcher's center. Michael was my leader. I registered, was weighed and handed a name tag. Everyone was SUPER FRIENDLY.

Michael started out every meeting giving Bravo Stickers to anyone who felt they deserved one. He gave me two just for joining. He had me introduce myself... everyone was so welcoming. Right away I felt like I was part of the group. I remember I felt the meeting was too short I wanted to stay and keep on talking and listening to everyones stories, input, and ideas.

My first time losing, with in a few months I had lost 25 pounds. I was a Super Star. This was the first time in my life I had lost so much weight a healthy way. In the past when I was in high school I had lost about 50 pounds but that was by starving myself or vomiting after I ate topped with excessive exercise... so not healthy.

I don't know what triggered me to fall off the wagon. I always blame it on this really big heavy guy I had started dating... who highly encouraged me to eat fatty foods and put on weight, cause he liked his women big. But thinking about it, I don't think that was it, I didn't even really like him... he was just someone to hang out with, so I can't honestly say I fell off the wagon to please him.

Giving it some thought, I think there are several reason why I fell off...

I got big headed. Everyone was telling me how great I looked... so the urgency to continue losing weight wasn't really there because I looked good - I knew this because everyone was telling me.

I got comfortable, so I started to allow myself to slide a little here and there... every day I slid a little more and more until I was completely off program and eventually just stopped going to meetings.

Another thing I think had to do with me falling off, is that I didn't set short term goals. My first goal was my 10%. While getting to my first 10% goal, I kept being told how when I reached it I would have a sit down meeting with my leader and we would go over what was going to be the next step for me. We would set a final goal and come up with a plan for me to get there.

When I reached my 10%, after the meeting I asked my leader if I could set an appointment with him to discuss my final goal and come up with a game plan. Here's how the conversation went.

MICHAEL: What weight you thinking about for your goal?
ME: Huh, maybe 130.
MICAHAEL: That's with in the Healthy Weight Ranges for your height, correct.
ME: Yes
MICHAEL: Okay, your final goal is 130.
ME: Okay, huh - so how do I set an appointment with you?
MICHAEL: We don't have to now, your goal is set. It's 130. (smiled)
ME: Okay (left feeling disappointed).

I don't know what I was expecting. He was a great leader, so I'm sure he was doing his job. But I guess I just expecting a little more of a discussion on how I was going to get from 165 to 130. Thirty-Five pounds is a big number to just set and jump too. I was new to losing weight in a healthy manner. I needed someone to explain to me about short term goals, etc. I didn't know about any of that.

After losing my first 10% I only lost about 7 more pounds before falling off. Those 7 pounds were a struggle... I don't know how long I hung in there before dropping off... I just know after my talk with Michael something shifted and it just wasn't the same anymore. I guess I was overwhelmed from focusing on a 35 pound goal and got discouraged.

Through out the years I've joined and rejoined again... always ended up with me falling off program. I think once I lost 10 pounds but never again did I earn another 10%.

I left Weight Watchers for a long while... well long for me, about 6-9 months. Ross and I decided we wanted to get fit. He's already slim, But wanted to lose a couple of more pounds and encourage me to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. He follows a combination of a personalized program a nutritionist wrote for him, body for life, and fit for life. His program doesn't have enough structure for me so I didn't want to do that, so together we tried The Fat Smash Diet. It didn't work for us... Vi tried it and she said she felt a lot better, and it worked for her. But who really knows because she refuses to get on a scale.

September 4, 2007, I rejoined Weight Watchers and have been steady going to meetings since. I have a new leader who is just fabulous. She's super cute and really makes you feel like she cares, she listens. This time I'm down 14.8 pounds so far, a little slower than the first time I joined... but that's okay. I'm hanging in there... and this time I truly feel is the time I'll reach my goal. I have great support from my leader, Ross, my online Weight Watcher friends, and the friends who I've shared that I'm losing weight with.

What I've done differently this time is I forgive myself... if I have a slip I pick myself up and move on. If I only lose .2 in that week I make an effort to cheer for myself for having a lose because I know if I continue on program the following weigh-in will probably be pretty hefty loss.

Also what I think is important is I don't focus on big goals... my 10% is 19 pounds. I'm down 14.8, and I'm still not focusing on my 10% goal. I go 5 by 5... 5 pounds at a time. The next goal for me to reach will be my 15 pound mark. Then after that will be my 10%, and here's a silly one but who cares that's just how it worked out... and you never know I might even reach 2 goals in one weigh-in... after my 19 pound loss/my 10% my next goal is to reach a 20 pound loss... lol. I've set my Weight Watcher goal to 141, my personal goal is 130. But for now I'm only focused on reaching my next goal of completing a 15 pound loss.

I thought I'd set my next three goals here with a possible time frame.
01/15/08 - 15 Pounds
01/29/08 - 19 Pounds/10%
02/05/08 - 20 Pounds

I know since my last weigh-in I was only .2 away from reaching my 15 pound mark, but I went off program from Christmas until New Years Eve... so I most-likely had a gain. I haven't gotten on the scale. I didn't want to be disappointed or discouraged to get back on gear but I might weigh myself before my next weigh-in next Thursday on the 8th.

Happy Friday, and Happy Weight Watcher's Anniversary to me.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Let's Get Physical

This was originally a longer than 10 minute video. Apparently, youtube has a limit on the length of the video. So I had to cut it into two...