Saturday, February 28, 2009


Okay, so day 2 wasn't as successful as day 1. I knew it wasn't going to be because I decided to go off track in the evening time for a cool night on the town. I knew I would be off program and possibly deep into my flex points... however I did know plan on spending 49 points on a nacho plate... WTF?! I didn't know there were single person plates worth 49 points! What the hell was in those nachos?!

We're looking to transfer my daughter schools next year. We went to an open house for an art school. Afterwards we were in such a feel good mood I invited her to a movie. When we got to the movie house we realized we had 2 hours before the movie started, we decided to have dinner first.

We had quite a few selections including the usually safe Subways. We chose Baja Fresh. I thought their stuff was suppose to be Tex-Mex with a healthy twist... I think I always confuse the word FRESH for healthy... fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. Duh, Fresh doesn't always mean healthy.

From the time I woke up until about 6:30pm I did great, almost everything I had was a filling food. Then at the open house they had cupcakes, Vi and I had two each. Still not too bad, that's when we decided to go grab dinner and a movie.

I didn't think the Chicken nachos would be so bad... when I seen the size of the plate I knew we might have some issues. But not 49 points worth of issues! I had the nachos and at the movies I had some peanutbutter cups. Good think I didn't have a drink.

I journaled everything this morning and figured out the points. I was on complete shock when I realized I had 49 points for freaken nachos and worse when I totalled everything up.

Yesterday, for the day I had a grand total of 81 points! I think that's my biggest journaled points day ever.

So 82 points... I'm allowed 25 points daily, so that's 57 points over. I checked off all 35 flex points... so that brought my overage down to 22, I was under my points on Thursday by 10... so if I average that out I went over my points yesterday by 12. I earned 1 activity point for walking so that brings my total overage down to 11.

I'm back on program today and for the rest of the week. I should be able to make up those 11 points.

I'm doing good today. I'm on program. I've used up 5 point so far, I'm going to have some beans for lunch and head to the grocery store to pick up some more goods. I've taken 141 steps so far, but am confident I'll get in my 5000 steps. I'm also going to do 30 minutes worth of my new rebounding video today.

Yesterday was a crazy day... even thought I had all those points at no time did I feel out of control, nor today do I feel out of control. I am in control of the choices I made and the food that I choice to put in my body.

I am on program today, and I can/will do this. I feel strong, healthier for being on program, and good.

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