Monday, February 23, 2009

Huh, Sort Of Still Smashing The Fat...

I think it's unrealistic to say I can do the detox phase of The Fat Smash Diet 8 days in a roll... so what I think I'm going to do is keep trying until I get 8 days of that diet in than move on the the next phase. I actually sort of like the detox phase foods... but it's hard not to have a little chicken once in a while. I just noticed that all the foods in the detox phase are on the Weight Watcher's filling foods.

Friday, I was on program with the detox list until the afternoon when my boss gave me a mini pumpkin pie and shared her Asian style salad with me, I was off the detox phase since then, but still am with in my weekly points budget.

Today, I had plans of getting back on my Detox plan but started off the morning by sneaking a taste of ice cream, I'm counting it was a point and moving on. I'm on program today... slightly a head of schedule then I would like to be but that's okay. I'm going to make sure to get in plenty of fruits and vegetables today to stay with in points.

Saturday, I only got in 3260 steps, that's only 1.33 of a mile... yesterday, I didn't even put my pedometer on. I slept a lot of the day. Saturday night I had a little (or a lot) too much to drink and was up all night like a frat boy singing into the toliet. It was all bad, and a nice reminder to myself why I'm not a heavy drinker... and yes, I did count all my points for those drinks - even thought I vomited them plus some all up.

I feel good about this week... what hasn't been too on is my water, I'm about 10 servings of water short... but might be able to make those up by the end of the week. Also I keep forgetting to take my multivitamin, I haven't taken it at all this week.

I have an idea for some new videos... remember I told you I was going to do another week long marathon? It's coming soon, it's going to start Thursday... it's DietSodaDiva's Biggest Loser Week. Everyday, starting Thursday I'm going to start recording my food intake, what I'm cooking and me exercising, etc. That means I'm going to have to actually exercise everyday. I know this weekend we should be getting some exercise in... I'm thinking of taking Vi ice skating - that could count as exercise... can't it? She loves ice skating. I don't like the cold.

I'm on track today, and I feel good... only three more days until weigh-in. I might actually have a nice loss this week. I'm aiming to get out of the 180's at least by mid-march. I'm setting my goal now by my brother's birthday March 14, I plan to be at most 179.8! That's my goal... it's only 6 pounds. I can do it! Okay, I get a little leway, the 14th falls on a Saturday. So I'm making my goal for the 19th, that's the Thursday after... that gives me three weeks to lose 6 pounds. I'm going to apply myself and do this.

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