Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smashing The Fat and Detoxing - Day 1

Today was weigh-in and day one of my combination experiment... like I explained yesterday I'm combining a life style change (Weight Watchers) and a Diet (The Fat Smash Diet) for a bit until I can detox off of junk foods, sugars, and high point fatty foods.

I got up super early this morning... 5am. I've decided in order to get what I want done through out the day I have to get up earlier. Unbelievably I made it to the 7am meeting, jumped on the scale and not surprisingly was up... 1.2 pounds.

I was a little sad, but I've been bad this week... what did I expect! Instead of beating myself up I brought a Weight Watchers Pedometer. I LOVE IT! It counts your steps, distance, it's a stop watch, tells time, and best of all it calculates your walking! So far I've earned a little over 1 1/2 activity points. I walked 8814 steps which equals to 3.62 miles! I did a lot of walking today, if I were to be calculating it on my own I would of way over calculated my activity.

I stuck to my restricted plan, even though I was tempted to buy a candy bar today inside Longs Drugs, and my mother offered me 1/2 of a tamale... I stuck to plan, I'm at the end of the day and I still have 9 points left! I'm sure most will probably be gone by the night... but hey I didn't go over today!


I discovered I like Fat Free Yogurt with frozen fruit and splenda... who would of known!


Tracy said...

That sounds like a very intersting diet plan. It seems to really focus on whole food instead of processed, which is something I would like to work on in the future. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on this. Yea for having a good first day!

Amy said...

Good Luck Girl. I'm going to have to look into that diet.

Rosie said...

TRACY: Yes it def focuses on whole foods. So far so good. I haven't been perfect but that's okay. Tomorrow is weigh-in and I'm excited. The detox is a little hard to follow but def worth a try.

AMY: Thank you.. yes check it out. The only thing is for people like me we need an eating limit. That's why I'm still keeping track of my points. I can totally eat 20 plums in a day with no problem... plus other food... lol That why I didn't lose anything last time.