Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Smashing The Fat

It's Wednesday, the day before weigh-in. I've been so out of it lately I haven't even stressed about weigh-in... I've been to busy being stressed about other stuff.

Ross doesn't want to change programs right now, he said he's going to stick to his... he doesn't have to lose weight. I don't know if I've mentioned before a few years back he lost about 40-50 pounds and has kept it off since... so he does maintence.

He does a cross between Body for Life, Fit for Life, and a personalize program a nutritionist wrote out for him a while back.

Ross is interested in doing a fast possibly in a few weeks... so I decided to wait on him to do the fast. I don't think I can do the fast alone right now, I need some support.

Tomorrow I'm going to try something new... I'm combining Weight Watchers and The Fat Smash Diet.

I truly believe I'm a WWer for life... believe and completely love Weight Watchers but sometimes a girl needs a little more guidence than just Tools For Living. The Fat Smash Diet we tried last summer Ross, all the kids, and I. Vi lost a little weight, Ross refused to get on the scale, and the kids gave up. I stuck to phase 1 and part of 2 but didn't lose anything. Ross says it has something to do with the amount of fruit (mainly plums) I was eating... I don't know. Dr. Ian said there was no limitation on the amount of food as long as I stuck to the list. If Ross was right then the book sort of faultly advertises.

Anyway, right now I think I need some sort of detox... so I'm follow The Fat Smash Diet, but journal everything and keep with in my points range. I think this, for sure phase 1 should really kick start my weight loss... and also help me detox from junk food. Almost everytime I go over it's the junk food points that are extra.

I'm excited to try this way of eating again. I've already picked up some beans and brown rice, now I just need to go shopping for Vegetables and Fruit tomorrow morning maybe. I might try to make it to the 7am meeting, so that I can make it back to my side of town by 8:30am and I'll have time to to the grocery store and food market for the other stuff I need.

I typed out the outline for The Fat Smash Diet for those of you who've never heard of it and might want to try it out. It's a pretty good one, but for me personally I don't see it as something long term like Weight Watchers... however I think it'll help me detox from the sugars and fatty foods. With the outline below you don't HAVE to have the book to follow the program, but the book is fairly cheap and if you like me you might want the book, just cause... it's called "The Fat Smash Diet" by Dr. Ian Smith.

The Fat Smash Diet

PHASE 1: Detox
Duration: 9 days
Meals: 4-5 daily along with nightly snack
Exercise: 30 minutes a week five days a week of cardiovascular exercise (any five days you choose)

·Do not skip meals
·Nightly snacks must be small/light
·Food can ONLY be eaten raw, grilled, or steamed.
·You’re allowed 3 tablespoons of low-fat dressing on your salads.
·If you’re grilling your veggies, use a minimal amount of virgin olive oil (one or two teaspoons)

8am... Meal #1
11am... Meal #2 (heavy snack)
2pm... Meal #3
5pm... Meal #4 (light snack)
7pm... Meal #5
8pm... Light Snack

·Snack ideas: Frozen seedless grapes, frozen banana
·Eat foods high in fiber.
·Never eat within a hour and a half before going to bed.
·Try to go for a 20-25 minute walk after dinner

·All fruits in any quantity
·All vegetables in any quantity, EXCEPT: NO WHITE POTATOS, NO AVOCADOS
·Good Protein: chickpeas, bean, tofu, lentils
·Brown rice 2 cups of cooked rice per day
·2 cups of low-fat or skim or soy milk per day
·As much water as you like, minimal 8 cups
·Oatmeal 1 cup per day
·All herbs and spices
·6 oz. Low-fat yogurt (2 times per day)
·4 egg whites per day
·2 cups of herbal tea per day

·White rice
·Bread all types
·Dried and preserved fruits
·Ice cream
·Soda regular or diet
·Coffee and all coffee drinks
·Sports drinks
·Whole eggs or yolks
·Fast food
·Fried food

Cardio Fat Burning:
Work out with your heart rate in the fat-burning zone: 50-70% of maximum heart rate. Subtract your age from 220 to find your maximum heart rate. Then multiply that number by .50 – this will give you the minimum heart rate you should maintain while performing your physical activity. Then take your maximum heart you should maintain while performing your physical activity. Then take your maximum heart rate and multiply it by .70 – this is the upper range for maximal fat burning.

Example: (40-year-old person)
220 - 40 = 180 (maximum heart rate)
180 x .50 = 90 (lower limit or minimal fat-burning range)
180 x .70 = 126 (upper limit of maximal fat – burning range)

Range during exercise for maximal fat burning: 90-126 beats per minute


PHASE 2: Foundation
Duration: 3 weeks
Meals: 4-5 daily along with nightly snack
Exercise: 10-15% more than phase 1 (30 minutes is now 35 minutes)

Still fruits and vegetables are limitless, food list is the same as phase 1 with slight changes and additional foods.

Vegetables and grains:
·Bok choy
·Collard greens
·Dark green leafy lettuce
·Romaine lettuce
·Acorn squash
·Butternut squash
·Sweet potatoes
·Black beans
·Black-eyed peas
·Kidney beans
·Green peas
·Lima beans
·Bean sprouts
·Brussel sprouts
·Green beans
·Green/red peppers
·Brown rice 2 cups of cooked rice every other day (if desired)
·Avocado ½ per day maximum

NOTE: (Regarding following lists) These are total servings allowed per day; eat your servings during any meal you choose.

Meats 3-4 oz. (size of a deck of playing cards)
·Chicken: baked without skin (NO FRIED!)
·Turkey: baked without the skin
·Ground beef: EXTRA lean or ground sirloin, broiled
·Sirloin steak, broiled
·Lamb, broiled

·Halibut, Tuna, Salmon, Snapper, Stripped Bass, etc.: 3ox. (NO FRIED!)
·Shrimp: 4 large
·Mussels: 3oz
·Oysters: 6-12
·Clams: 3

·4 egg whites plus 1 whole egg; scrambled, boiled, or poached

Milk & Cheese
·2 ½ cups of low-fat, skim, or soy milk
·Cheese: 1oz (about 1.5 slices)
·6oz. low fat yogurt (2 times per day)

Cold unsweetened 1 ½ cups per day
Hot ½ cup per day
·Corn flakes
·Farina/Cream of wheat
·Bran flakes
·Rice Crispies
·Puffed wheat
·Shredded wheat
·Special K

·4 tsp of granulated sugar (or sugar substitute)

Spices & Herbs
·As much as you like except Salt is limited to 2 tsp

·2 tbsp of fat-free dressing
·Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp
·1 tbsp of fat-free mayo
·2 pats of butter (two teaspoons)

·1 10oz. cup of coffee
·3 cups of tea
·5 cups of club soda
·2 cans of diet soda
·1 cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice (you can divide this up into ½ cup servings)
·Ice tea sweetened only with 3 packets of sugar substitute
·Lemonade made with real lemons and 2 packets of sugar substitute or 2 tsp of granulated sugar
·Flavored seltzer or tonic water unlimited
·Unlimited tap or bottled water!

·White rice
·White potatoes
·Bread/English muffins
·White pasta or white wheat pasta
·White flour
·Ice cream
·Potato chips/corn chips/Tortilla chips/popcorn
·Fried food
·Fast food
·Regular soda
·Sweetened juices from a bottle or can
·Café latte or cappuccino

·Don’t eat the same fish or meat twice in the same day
·Try to separate the meats by at least a meal
·Try to leave some of the food on your plate when you get up from the table
·Try to do some physical activity after eating dinner (at least 20 minutes)
·Only snack on fruits and veggies after dinner
·Remember portion size: less is more!

PHASE 3: Construction
Duration: 4 weeks
Meals: 4-5 daily along with nightly snack
Exercise: 25% more than phase 2 (35 minutes is now 45 minutes)

Try one day of Phase 1 during each week of Phase 3. This will cut the calories down for a few days and shake your body from it’s comfortable routine, which can kick-start more weight loss.

If possible try to burn off some extra calories by doing a “two-a-day.” Work out twice in one day: a morning exercise routine and another in the evening. This will really rev up your metabolism.

Same as Phase 2 with additional foods

·2 cups of freshly squeezed fruit juice (you can divide this up throughout the day as you like)

Meats 5oz. (size of a deck and a half of playing cards)
·Chicken: baked without the skin (NO FRIED!)
·Turkey: baked without the skin
·Ground beef: EXTRA lean or ground sirloin,
·Sirloin steak, broiled
·Lamb, broiled
·Turkey Sausage 1 link

·4 egg whites plus 2 whole egg; scrambled, boiled, or poached

Milk & Cheese
·3 cups of low-fat, skim, or soy milk
·Cheese: 1.3oz (about 2 slices)

Pasta & Bread
·Whole wheat pasta: 1 cup per day
·White wheat/whole grain bread: 4 thin slices

Desserts (the serving size for the cookies is approximately the size of a silver dollar (e.g., an Oreo)
NOTE: One dessert per day at any meal you choose
·3 chocolate chip cookies
·4 gingersnaps
·2 oatmeal raisin cookies
·2 whole graham crackers
·1 scoop of low-fat ice cream

·White rice
·White potatoes
·White bread/English muffins
·White pasta
·White flour
·Potato chips/corn chips/tortilla chips/popcorn
·Regular sodas
·Frappuccinos or cappuccinos
·Café latte

PHASE 4: Temple
Duration: Life
Meals: 4-5 daily along with nightly snack
Exercise: Minimum 1 hour daily five times a week

·Buy an inexpensive pedometer to keep track of how many steps you take per day. Try 6,000 steps for good health and 10,000 steps for weight loss.

Same as Phase 3 with additional foods. Enjoy, but remember PORTION CONTROL!

·Bacon 4 strips per week
·Sausage 2 links per week
·6 4-inch pancakes per week (whole wheat is better)
·1 6-inch waffle per week

Lunch & Dinner
·2 slices of cheese pizza with any toppings – twice a week
·White rice- 2 servings per week (but brown is still better)
·1 white baked potato a week (but sweet potato is still better)
·2 small servings of French fries per week
·1 serving of ricotta cheese - 3 times per week
·2 medium-sized crab cakes per week
·1 medium-sized lobster per week (use butter sparingly)
·4 medium slices of ham per week (avoid the fat)

·2 8-oz. cups of soda per week (diet soda is much better)
·2-3 beers per week (preferably not at one sitting)
·3 glasses of wine per week (preferably not at one sitting)
·2 8-oz. café lattes or cappuccinos per week (try using fat-free milk)
·1 12-oz. milkshake per week

Exercise 5 times a week for 1 intense hour each time. It’s very important to change your workout routine, since your body can quickly become accustomed to your exercise schedule and stop burning the calories.

Start lifting light free weights under supervision. This will help build up your lean muscle mass. You should lift weights at least twice a week, working on your different body parts. You can do this right at home with dumbbells.


DON’T QUIT! Plateaus are very common, be patient. There are several methods to bust through this ‘standstill’ point.

·First, each time you exercise, increase it by 20% and do this for 9 days. For example, if you normally walk for 60 minutes during your exercise time, walk for 72 minutes instead. If you normally walk 2 miles at a time, walk 2.4 miles. At the same time, decrease the amount of calories you consume by eating smaller portions. This way you’re attacking the problem from both ends.

·Another method is to change your diet altogether. Sometimes you have to 'shock' the system to get it going. So go back to an earlier phase like 1 or 2 or a combination of them and stay there for 7 days. You can play with the combination as you like, but the idea is to do something different fro what you’ve been doing. You should also change your exercise program. Try to do a different exercise. Don’t decrease your time, just switch up the activity.


skinnyhollie said...

I bought this book several years ago, and put it back on eBay the same day! I don't do well with restrictions, no matter how temporary. I hope it works for you though, if only to shake up your metabolism and get that drive going full steam!

Hope you're having a great day!

Rosie said...

I def don't see it as a lifestyle change, but more of a detox for all the sugar and fatty foods I've been eating... it's been really bad, I've realized hardcore stress makes me eat. I think once I do the fat smash diet for a cycle I should be ready to be back on my own with WW's Tools For Living.