Friday, February 13, 2009

Not Too Shabby

Yesterday wasn't so bad... it was a very emotional day filled with mixed emotions; confusion, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, annoyance... I did 7 hour of cleaning and walking. I only counted 2 hours as activity points.

I kept a lot running of list of what I was eating but didn't calculate my points until this morning. I didn't do so bad... went over by 2... but of course if i would of counted the 7 hours as activity then I would still be under.

Any who, from what I dealt with yesterday I'm pretty proud I only went over by 2. Today again, I'm aiming for zero over. I'm on the right track. I'm having Oatmeal for breafast, and a prepackaged lunch. I just have to figure snacks out... and dinner.

Dinner's going to be a toughy considering I'll be out and about this evening getting last minute Valentine's day stuff. Unlike last payday today I'm skipping the donut. I could walk over to Wendy's and find someone low points before I start the shopping. The Ultimate Chicken Grill is only 7 points. I might have one of those and see if I can pick up a bag of carrots some place.

Also today I need to make up all my water for yesterday. I had liquids but no water, I'm trying to stay old school and only count the water.

Well I'm off to catch up on some blog reading and get ready for work. Hopefully soon this next week won't be as hectic as these last ones have been.


Amy said...

Sorry you're having such a rough time! You're getting back on track though. I bet you're enjoying a nice clean house...

Graciela said...

I'm not exactly sure what you've got going on, but you sound like you are handling it very well. It's so good that you are keeping track of what's going on with your eating. "Skipping the donut" is such a triumph! I can't tell you how often I eat donuts because I'm frustrated or angry or sad or...whatever. Good for you!

Rosie said...

AMY: I wish that's my mother's place I was cleaning... and after 7 hours we're still no where near being done... lol. She's a hoarder.

GRACIELA: Let's just say it was one of the toughest and most tragic things to deal with when it comes to a child... especially a daughter... but we're working through it and making sure she's taken care of. That week skipping a donut or a dozen was hard work.