Sunday, March 01, 2009


I think I did okay yesterday... I however have fallen behind in my water so I need to catch up today. Also since I didn't exercise Friday I need to make up for that exercise today... my goal is to workout 5 days a week. I have 1 workout in so far.

Yesterday, I was under my daily points range by 4 which is pretty good - I need to make up for the 10 I went over on Friday. Now I have 6 points left to make up. I'm sure I'll be able to do that by the end of the week.

Today I'm going to work on doing the 1 missing workout and my water. If we ever get ready today we're planning to walk over to the secondhand... I need to get some walking in today to make my 5000 step quota.

I'm good so far points wise, I've had a cup of plain yogurt and 4 egg whites so far. I think in a bit I'll have a cup of beans and maybe for dinner I'll have a Subway's Salad.

I have lots to do today, or have lots I want to get gone today and it seems today is slipping by. I've better get going...

Happy Sunday and Happy Losing!

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