Wednesday, November 06, 2013

OP One Week Challenge

There are so many aspects to weight loss and you are like me lately, use to free style eating and no regular exercise schedule... creating (or getting back into) a weight loss regiment can be a challenge.
Lately it seems like week after week I restart on Saturday and fall off by Wednesday.

It's not lack of motivation or tools. I want to lose weight. I want to be a healthier me. I want to fit into my Wonder Woman suit properly.

And tools... I have them all: food, free gym, a personal trainer, Weight Watchers Online, knowledge.
I think I lack a routine, organization, a daily regiment that includes all aspects of weight loss: Intake Monitoring, Food Journaling, Meal Planning & Prep, Water Drinking, Vitamin Taking and Exercise.

That's not too long of a list and with proper planning all do-able daily.
I'm challenging myself and those of you struggling to a full week of all of the above...
Who's with me? We can start Saturday and check in on daily in the comments.

This challenge is all about staying OP, not a scale challenge? If you'd like to join leave a comment... No prize this time. You're reward will eventually come with a smaller number on the scale and a healthier you.

Do I have any joiners?

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