Friday, November 15, 2013

Last Day

I'm on the last day of my 1 week Challenge and my first week back on stricter op. I think today'll be a piece of cake!

My only challenge will be dinner on the go. I weigh-in tomorrow morning. I have my scale packed.

My new week starts tomorrow. I have my workout clothes packed, my feta cheese, water bottle. It's gonna be a weekend on the go, I should of packed my protein powder but I ran out of time.

It's okay. I'll figure it out. I'm determined to say op next week. I might have to dip into my extra 49 points next week... but I'm going to aim not too. Tomorrow there's going to be a kickball game including everyone. There should be calories burned there, I'm going prepared for a morning run and there might be a nice walk to the park.

Activity Points Weekend Goals:
-Today: 5
-Saturday: 10
-Sunday: 10

Today's goal is to stay within points, earn my activity points (which should be no problem), and drink my water early... lately at 11-something at night I've been chugging water.

Here's to a great day and OP weekend!

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