Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Few Days Away

It's a few days away from weigh-in. I sneaked on the scale last night... he read a two pound gain which is crazy talk considering I've been on point with my food intake and worked out a couple times this week.

I'm not too worried about it... I'm looking forward to a nice loss and a nice chunk of my 2nd mini goal gone.

I'd like to be 20lbs down by my birthday, I have 6 weeks to lose 11lbs - I think that's totally do-able!

I'm excited.

How are you?


Alexipanda said...

You probably gained muscle! I just came across your blog today :)

I just started my own weight loss journey blog! Come check it out sometime!

excellent job with yours!!!

Madijo @ Fixing Me said...

With some hard work and perseverance 11 lbs in 6 weeks is totally doable.

It will be an amazing gift to yourself on your birthday!
Best of luck.

Rosie said...

Alexipanda: Maybe a little but I haven't done any weights. Thanks for the invite.

Rosie said...

Madijo: Thank you for the encouragement. :-)