Sunday, November 03, 2013


Last week I did pretty good. I didn't kick arse but I was pretty darn good and stayed within points until Friday... then I don't know what happen. Maybe it was excitement, nerves, fear... all of the above. But by the end of the day Friday I was over by 39 points... What the heck?! I got on the scale Saturday morning at 7:15am... and weighed exactly the same as last week.

Can you feel my disappointment. I worked kind of hard and expected at least a bit of a loss. I know I messed up Friday but still I felt I had worked hard enough during the week to pull off at least a little loss.

This weekend didn't turn out so great. I left early in the morning. I had a good breakfast before I left. I wasn't home all day and all I had while out was a chicken salad sandwich from 7-11 and two Cliff bars. Not a good idea. For one everything I ate was high points... and two when I got home I was STARVING! I shoved whatever I could find in my mouth.

And... in a fit of hunger and starvation and fear of dying I justified in my mind that In-N-Out was low points and okay to have a double, fries and a chocolate shake.

The smart thing would have been to come home, journal it and plan today smartly... but you know smart isn't my style... suffering is. So I didn't journal, decided to wait for today to do so - considering I kept a mental list of everything I poured in.

Today I woke up and decided it was Sunday and I'd have a free day considering I probably eat just a little over points yesterday and still have the 49 extra plus the 7 I earned. I assumed I was good and had the points to enjoy today. And again of course I figured "I GOT THIS!" and didn't journal until tonight...

Again NOT a smart move. I didn't eat as light as I thought yesterday and apparently over enjoyed today. I am now negative 66 points. Ouch, I know... and I'm only 2 days into this week... the good news is I have 5 days to make this up! And I CAN DO IT! I will require a little extra walking and workouts everyday this week but I can do it, or at least get close to making up the 66 points. I know when I go to work and workout I can earn at least 10 points. So even if I earn 10 points a day that'll leave me negative 16 points instead of 66 by Saturday morning weigh-in which could possibly give me a loss. I'm going to go for it!

How was your weekend?

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