Thursday, January 31, 2013


My goal for today was to burn 13 points... starting last week I've upped my workouts to an hour a day and I am for 6 days a week but if I only do 5 that's okay... things come up, etc.

I rotate between cardio and weights... today was a cardio day. I was in the zone during my first 30 minute workout... doing the cybex machine with arms... I was working this baby like there was no tomorrow. The other day per the machine, I burned 450 calories in 30 minutes. I kicked butt!

Today was a later workout and it's later in the week so I set my goal for 350... but when I got close to the end of the workout I seen I way surpassed my goal and was already at 400 calories burned... so I put the petal to the metal and go to pumping like crazy....

I had 15 seconds to spare... I felt a little off but ignored the feeling... I wanted to see 444 on the screen.

When I looked again it said 445 with 10 seconds left... I was going to pump like crazy for those next 10 seconds... I felt like something was coming up but again... I was in the zone, so I ignored it.

7 seconds left and my stomach exploded. I vomitted all over the place... must have been about a gallon of water and a tiny bit of orange I had earlier...

So embarrassing. I went to the front desk, explained what happened. Asked for towels... I cleaned it up, but the housekeeping cholo that works there looked a little **** off.

I felt like telling him to get over it. It was mostly just water and I had cleaned up the mess already, all he had to do was run a mop over it.

I actually still was planning to do a second 30 minute workout but the front desk guy in a friendly way said that was it for me... so I came home :o( only 8 points burned.

I completely forgot today was suppose to be a half cardio and half weight day... I have a dumbbell set here... let's see if I can burn a few more calories with some weights... right now I'm up to 8 Activity Points earned... I doubt I be able to make up the other 5... 2 more would be nice... :o)


Kyra said...

Oh no! So sorry about to hear about stomach explosion! I blame that Cybex machine! It's hell!

Rosie said...

It's happen a few times since, I think it has to do with working the leg muscles hard and the blood flow, my trainer explained it but I don't remember exactly what he said.