Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Current Update

This week I lost 2.3lbs this past week. I did my weigh-in on Friday morning because that's the closest to Saturday morning I'd be able to. The weekend was a bust. Too much to drink, too much to eat, but I did lots of walking a kickball playing so it wasn't a TOTAL bust, however coming back I didn't get a change to prep for the week... so Monday and today we're struggles that I don't think I did my best.

As soon as I finish this post, it's too the kitchen to prep my food and update my calendar. It's also a broke week so I've got to make due with what I have until Friday when I get paid. I'm limited fruit, but do have veggies and chicken in the freezer and feta cheese... I'll make it work!

It also started raining tonight, hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow evening cuz it's back to the gym for me for the rest of the week... rain or shine!

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