Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day 1 of DSD's OP One Week Challenge

I had no joiners... so it's a one diva challenge!

I've made it through day one. I worked out with my trainer today. I ate on program, I earned 9 points. My goal is a 10 point day average, I still have two hours to make up that point. I'll take Penelope around the complex real quick.

To hit my daily goal I need to finish off that one point and finish my last 4 glasses of water.

Tomorrow - I'll be cleaning out my refrigerator, planning my meals for the week, working out and making some posters.

I've never been into or good with group exercise classes but I'm tempted to go try out a cycling class. It's at 8am tomorrow morning. I was feeling gungho about it today but as it gets later in the night, I'm not too sure I want to do it tomorrow. I might just go later in the morning and hit the cardio room. :o/

Yyyyaaahhh Day 1 is thisclose to being done.

Tomorrow is a new day with a new beginning, I need to remember to keep my focus, control and motivation.

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