Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 5 of OP One Week Challenge

I apologize for the lack of updates this week... It's been a bit crazy. I'm still trying to workout a routine that's do-able without isolating myself from the world. I am at the end of Day 5 OP and Day 4 of the Squat Challenge.
I did 80 squats today and tomorrow they get up'd to 100.
Between food prepping, the gym and work I feel like I don't have time to even talk on the phone... but on the positive side I can feel my mood and energy changing. Despite everything this week I wake up happy and once out of bed I feel energized.
I think high carbs and extra sugar were draining me of energy and feeling good.
Before starting the Squat Challenge I took a picture
( see below)...
By the end of the challenge, I hope to see a pumped and lefted booty....

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