Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bit-Past-Mid-Week Check In

I've been meaning to blog all week. My goal is to get back to blogging on a regular basis. One to resurrect this blog and two because I miss blogging, I miss the community I was building here and the support I was giving and getting through this weight loss game.

It's fun-er to do when you don't feel like you're doing it alone.

I restarted with measurements and all this Saturday... yes this is the one millionth time I've restarted. Continuous restarts isn't good but that just means I haven't given up yet.

I have to keep reminding myself the first weeks are the hardest with anything. I've been restarting week after weeks now for a couple of months. I lost 10 on the last two months and put on 5 so I'm down 5 since September 1st.

This restart I have to stick with it. I need to lose it. My goal as of now is 44lbs. I'm doing the Weight Watcher's program (online) and making a goal to workout every other day. I worked out Saturday, Monday and was suppose to workout today but was just so tired. I went for a walk instead. I'll aim for Friday. I thought about trying to make it up tomorrow... but I workout in the evenings and tomorrow being Halloween I don't want to be out after dark.

Ideally, I'd like to start blogging every day or at least on some sort of schedule. I have so much info to share with you... I can't wait to get started.

My weigh-in days are Saturdays. I restarted this past Saturday, so I'm a little over midweek now. So far so good. I need to work on my water in take a bit, but I'm still with in points. I've used my activity points and have 10 of my flex points left... tomorrow my goal is to earn 5 more points... and not use up all my extra points.

It's gonna be hard, it's Halloween, we have candy ALL OVER the office and I'm a sugar addict. It's like dropping off a crack head at a crack house and telling them to be good.

Something different I've done this week is planning tiny meals. I have a few (sometimes more than a few) points every couple of hours. Every two hours or so I check to see if I'm hungry. It's been helping me start with in points. Usually by now I'm negative on the flex points.

Another thing I've been doing this week is learning to say NO to myself...

NO it's Wednesday and weigh is Saturday, you only have 10 flex points left and no points left for the day why do you think you can go check out that new burger joint across the street...
NO! That place will still be there on Saturday when you start your new set of points.
NO! You can't just go over there and have a burger and skip the fries and soda... the burger will still be more than 10 points!
NO! You can't skip the new burger joint and run to Jack in the Box for a Jumbo Jack.
NO! You can't go check out what Carl's Jr has to offer either.

YES! You can go to the grocery store and pick up some fruit, pasilla peppers and feta cheese. That you can do.
NO! You can't buy Halloween candy tonight to give to co-workers tomorrow because you'll get tempted, tear open the bag and promise to restart your program again Saturday.

YES! Possibly tomorrow morning, depending on your emotions and temptation level - you might be able to stop at CVS and pick them up some candy, or the grocery store for cupcakes... MAYBE... but if  you wake up feeling too excited about the idea of candy shopping in the morning... the trip to CVS will be cancelled!

It's been a bit of a tough week. But I have to keep my eye on my goal. I can do this. I read so many people losing weight, losing the natural way, losing the Weight Watcher way. I've done it before and I can do it again. I just have to keep my motivation FRONT and CENTER!

Next I'm going to break down my 44lb goal into mini goals and incentives. Incentives like a hair cut, a hoodie I've been waiting for two years now, etc.

So this is my bit-past-mid-week check in. So far so good. I have two more days to get through before weigh-in. I can do this!

So, how are you?

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