Saturday, January 05, 2013

DietSodaDiva Again

Recently, I decided to start blogging again and restarted my lifestyle blog with the intentions of writing about everything including weight loss.. after I posted about my goal to lose weight... it just didn't feel natural to post about it over there... so I'm back here writing DietSodaDiva again...

I'm feeling a little anxiety and frustration right now... as I was looking at my DSD dashboard I realized I've been writing this blog on and off since September 4th, 2008. That means I have been actively trying to lose this same weight for years. I'm going on five! WTF?! What the hell is my problem?

Why can't I just stick to something and just keep at it? And what's even more frustrating and anxiety causing is knowing I've been trying to lose this weight for even longer! I joined Weight Watcher's for the first time January 2, 2000... and have been on and off Weight Watchers and other diets since.

What's my problem? I am tired of failing but refuse to give up. My goal weight isn't unrealistic... I can do this. I know I can. So here we go again... coming along with me on my journey to goal...

below is a post originally posted on my lifestyle blog:

January 3, 2013

Today was Day One of working toward my weight goal in 2013. Odd thing is I got on the scale on the 1st of January and I was 30lbs away from goal... but this morning was 7lbs heavier! Is that really possible... to gain 7lbs in two days on a liquid diet? I had a tad bit too much to drink on New Years Eve and spend the next days living on clear soup, saltines and 7-Up. So today... Day 1 - 37lbs to go.
- The Fat Smash Diet: I use to have a friend who lost 30lbs on this plan and kept it mostly off. I tried this diet a few years ago when she did it... but I got carried on the unlimited fruit and didn't make any progress. This time I'm adding some limitations to my intake. So... there I am above in my glory and 37lbs of extra weight... The Fat Smash Diet is broken up into 4 different phases... Detox, Foundation, Construction, The Temple... Phase 1 is basically 9 days of eating unlimited fruits and vegetables, some egg whites, no meat, no sugar... and limited carbs. I messed up a tiny bit today... I had 1 1/2 green enchiladas... :o/


Dee Dee said...

Hello Rosie,

Thank for your kind comments. Since that post like you my husband came to his senses and we are working it out. Good luck on your endeavors. We are in the same boat.

Rosie said...

You are welcome. Thank you for visiting. I am happy for you. Sometimes marriage can be challenging... just keep the faith... it'll all work out... (for both of us) :o)

Annalisa201 said...

Good for you! All diets work, as long as you stick with it! It'll work for you :)

Rosie said...

Thank you Annalisa... it was short-lived... I gave up on the Fat Smash Diet already... :o/ BUT still drops 3.1 this week... :o)