Monday, March 02, 2009

10%HICS CHALLENGE - Day 4 and Other Goodies

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I slightly went off my detox... I had chocolate milk with my salad. I didn't want water and they didn't have any caffeine-free diet drinks so I went ahead and had a chocolate milk.

I don't think I've had chocolate milk in years, it was sooo good like a milk shake. I did go off my detox but I'm okay with that, I stayed with in my points. Actually, at the end of the night I was under by 5 points! The detox phase isn't so bad. I miss meat - but I’m almost done with this phase. Friday's my last day. Phase 2 allows I think poultry and fish, that's mostly what I eat anyway. I feel good and on program. I got on the scale this morning and am down 3.6 pounds. My scale like I've mentioned before is sometimes nice to me but if I keep this up I can at least expect a 3 pound loss on Thursday. Being on program this week makes me feel like I've gotten my 2nd weight-loss wind.

I've made a new discovery at Subways that isn't too bad... a Veggie Delite Salad. It's only 1 point for the whole salad minus the cheese. I count it as 1 point because of the olives. The crotons are 2 point per bag, and the dressing are a point per packet. 4 points you have a super filling dinner. Yesterday when Vi and I went to Subways I asked for dressing, they had ran out of the Low-Fat Ranch in the packages but had some in a squirt bottle. The girl wanted to put in on the salad herself. I asked her to please put it on the side. She said she didn't have anything to put it in. I told her anything would be find... the wrap paper they use for their sandwiches, even a napkin - just not on the salad. She rolled her eyes and said she couldn't do that. I told her find she can squeeze some in my hand... her co-worker heard and suggested she put some in a soup bowl.

I was going to explain to her why I needed it on the side, but then I thought to myself... and remembered I am the customer. I am paying for this there for I shouldn't have to explain my reason for such a simple request of having the dressing on the side. Subways in my area now have tip cups... she got no tip!

I've been meaning to inform you since I posted about my Baja Fresh Nacho situation... The Chicken Nachos from Baja Fresh are 2020 calories, 108 grams of fat. The upside is they also have 35 grams of fiber... but it doesn't make much of a good think when you're dealing with 108 grams of fat! Just thought I'd let you know just in case you're in Baja Fresh one day and aren't sure what to have DON'T HAVE THE NACHOS!

Here's a some reasonable items from their menu that are under 10 points:
Tortilla Soup without Chicken (220 cal/12 g fat/3 g fiber) - 5
Tortilla Soup with Chicken (270 cal/12 g fat/4 g fiber) - 6
Baja Ensalada, Charbroiled Chicken (310 cal/7 g fat/7 g fiber) - 6
Baja Ensalada, Savory Pork Carnitas (370 cal/18 g fat/7 g fiber) - 8
Baja Ensalada, Charbroiled Shrimp (230 cal/6 g fat/6 g fiber) - 4
Mahi Mahi Ensalada, Charbroiled Fish (310 cal/12 g fat/10 g fiber) - 6
Side Salad (80 cal/3 g fat/3 g fiber) - 1
Baja Fish Taco, Breaded Fish (360 cal/17 g fat/3 g fiber) - 8
Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco, Charbroiled Fish (340 cal/13 g fat/6 g fiber) - 7
Original "Baja Style" Taco, Charbroiled Steak (310 cal/11 g fat/3 g fiber) - 7
Original "Baja Style" Taco, Charbroiled Chicken (280 cal/8 g fat/3 g fiber) - 6
Original "Baja Style" Taco, Savory Pork Carnitas (320 cal/14 g fat/3 g fiber) - 7
Original "Baja Style" Taco, Charbroiled Shrimp (280 cal/8 g fat/3 g fiber) - 6

March 4th is my 1/2 year anniversary being back on program and back to weight loss blogging. So in honor of that, I have a surprise for you Thursday. I'm not telling until then, so you'll have to come back and see what it is.

AIMING DATE: April 30th, 2009

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