Friday, March 20, 2009

No More Excuses...

The other day I was reading Tony's blog (theantijared), he was hosting a give-a-way. Tony gave away all his excuses. I decided not to comment and try to win any of his... I've got tons of my own.

His entry really got the my wheels turning and thinking about all of my excuses... When I started this journey back in September I was on program, but not exercising. My excuse was that it was cold out and I didn't have anywhere to exercise (but I have a treadmill in my living room). I finally started using my treadmill for exercise instead of a coat rack... then it broke, so my excuse was my treadmill was broken and for safety reasons I couldn't walk/run outside in my neighborhood.

The no exercising grew into not sticking to my eating program, and my excuse changed to THE HOLIDAYS! Due to the end of the year holidays it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to stay on program. The holidays ended January 1st but my holiday excuse continued on until February!

In February I subconsiously let my holiday excuse go, but since then I've been using my daughter and everything else that's going on as an excuse... STRESS! That's been my excuse... and as long as I keep believing I can't stay on program due to stress I don't be able to stay on program.

I decided yesterday morning after I weighed in one pound heavier than last week (the gain was well deserved) that I am throwing away my excuses. I'm not going to even attempt to host an excuse give-a-way... I'm just going to toss them outside in the big trash dumpster in the back of my building.

Yesterday was a good day. My day started super early. My meeting topic was great and really hit home. I'll have to write about that another day. Yesterday I kept saying to myself NO MORE EXCUSES which worked to stay away from the snacking at my mothers, the temping candy and junk I came across while out shopping... In the end yesterday I ended up dipping in to my flex points. I'm going to try and not use anymore over the weekend or limit myself to only a few a day today, tomorrow, and Sunday.

However my exercising was great. I got 30 minutes of walking in and my total steps for the day were 16,032 which equals to 6.58 miles and earned me 4 activity points.

BTW I returned my Weight Watcher's pedometer at my meeting with no hassle... they just handed me a new one... which was super great! I love my Weight Watcher's pedometer.

Today I'm doing pretty good... the only mess up was the three mint leaf candies I had... they are so good, but so not worth the 3 points they cost me. Water wise I'm right on target. Yesterday, I only had two glasses of water - so today I'm working on getting some extra in. I've drank 4 glasses of water already, and I've walked 4598 which equals to 1.88 miles.... my goal everyday is walk 5000 steps... which is totally easy during the week and sometimes done by lunch time... but the weekends it's a challenge getting that walking in. If I'm spending it with Ross we usually spend the weekend in bed. This week I'm going to get my 5000 in everyday... including this weekend that I spend with Ross. Also this week my goal is to get a 30 minute hustle walk in five days. I got yesterday, and today while Victoria is at soccer practice I'm going to get my 30 minutes in walking over there to pick her up. I might try to get a walk in this weekend so I can skip a weekday next week.

I'm back on program, I'm not allowing anymore excuses in, and I feel great!

Happy Friday!


karen said...

What a great post! I did a double-take when I first saw Tony's subject line in my sidebar the other day. "A giveaway? Tony doesn't do giveaways!" I love the idea of giving away excuses, though! I'm giving away my excuse of "Johnny needs me around" and trading it in for, well, "Johnny needs me around!" I can workout and still be around him during the afternoon/evening while he watches his cartoons or plays ... so I can BE around when he's older! :)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Incidentally, Tony has no children, let alone the role in life of a single parent, homeschooloing parent, parent of a special needs child, parents who are aging and require special care or anything else. Tony has a job, the gym and a number under his belt. Real life does not work that way. How well would it fly if you said to the issues your daughter is facing "nope, can't do this. Gotta get to the gym for an hour ". If you encounter the authorities( school, legal or medical) as a result of NOT helping your daughter, how well do you think the excuse "I could not do anything because I have to spend an hour in the gym everyday so that the scale reads a specific number" would fly? When all is said and done, are me people with many talents, responsibilities and joys or numbers on a scale ? And does that number on the scale make us intelligent, successful contributing compassionate people ?

Rosie said...

KAREN: I think in you've done a beautiful job working around your challenges.

DI: I don't think I can be as dedicated to him, and I know my schedule is def crazier than his but I can do more than just make excuses. First and far most my daughter and her needs some first... but I can get off the bus a little early and walk home and get that 30 minutes of exercise in... you know what I mean. I've been going way over my points over and over and I keep blaming stress when I'm the one putting the food in my mouth... I haven't even made an effort to try and do something else when I'm tempted. I'm not aiming for flawless weight loss like he is able to do... but I need to stop letting the excuses get the best of me.