Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Looking Forward...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow... tomorrow's weigh-in and a new week. I don't have much going on here... still a lot going on with my daughter, but we're getting things back in order.

Friday we found her a soccer team which is good. She's always been a soccer player but never played for a league... this is her first league team so she's pumped. I'm happy for her, I think soccer will get her mind of everything and motivate her to exercise and watch her diet. She's been doing a lot of stress eating - I think we both have... so she's put on some weight while I've just been maintaining.

Yesterday we went and got her some of her needed accessories. I finally got myself a new pair of running shoes. I hadn't brought a new pair in about 8 months... the last pair I brought I think was in July! It was def time, mine were run down the padding was falling out... not from the bottom of the shoe but the sides from the inside. I know I'm was abusing my feet for wearing those and working out in them, but I haven't really been in a while... I got a decent pair of Starter running shoes for $17.99 down from I think $49.99... not bad, huh... cheaper than Payless or Walmart.

I was happy with my shoes then I got home and seen that my darn Weight Watchers Pedometer had resetted itself so all the walking I did that morning over 7500 steps was erased... after messing with it a bit I realized the darn thing was broken. Yesterday marked a month I had it... so hopefully they'll except it back tomorrow when I take it into my meeting. The pedometer I know won't last forever but for $22.00 or whatever I paid for it... it should last me more than a month.

Today I'm okay... feeling a mixture of emotions... I can't wait for tomorrow. Right now I'm going to use my lunch break to write out a menu for next week. I'm going to try to get my daughter on board with the healthy menu eating.

Happy Wednesday

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