Monday, March 09, 2009

New Week, New Beginnings.

I know I start over a lot. But really I'm not because in 6 months I've been back on Weight Watchers I haven't given up... I just go through weak moments/days. Saturday and Sunday were some of those days. With everything that's been going on at home lately I think I'm going into an emotional shock. So drained my mind doesn't even know where to go or how to focus instead I spend it eating.

This weekend it wasn't that I couldn't control myself. I didn't even try... I however journaled everything instead of just giving in to complete freestyle eating.

As you might of guessed I'm back to detoxing for the next few days. I need to try to save this week... I went over 42 points during the weekend. If I lose on Thursday I'll allow myself to move on to phase 2 of the Fat Smash Diet... if not then I'll finish off another round of detoxing. I knew I went over, just not 42 points over.

We're going through a rough patch at home. But when we get through this (and we will get through this), it will only bring my daughter and I even closer together. I'm emotionally drained and this weekend just brought on a new wave of draining... but regardless I need to learn to separate my food intake/cravings from my emotions.

Today I feel stronger. I'm still hurting inside, but I am determine not to let this pain destroy me completely. I refuse to allow this pain to destroy the 6 months I've put in to get this weight off.

So far I'm on program today and detoxing and I feel better already. I used 3 points for Breakfast and 1 point for snack. Lunch is soon... I'm having beans - 6 points worth. My snacks until I get home is fruit and yogurt.

I can do this! I will do this!

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