Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Take-Aways #16

- SET A 10 PERCENT MILESTONE: If you have a lot to lose, instead of setting your signs on achieving your ultimate goal, which can feel overwhelming, aim to lose 10 percent of your weight at a time.

- THINK HARD ABOUT WHY YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT: If you jot down a list of your primary reasons for wanting to slim down, you'll have a handy source of inspiration when your motivation begins to flag.

- START A GRATITUDE DIARY: Each day, jot down three to five things you're grateful for in your life in a special diary. When your spirits flag or you're in the midst of an especially aggravating day, paging through your diary can bolster your mood and your resolve to stay on track with your goals.

Originally printed in Weight Watchers Start living, Start losing.

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