Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Last night was amazing. The media announced our soon to be 44th president... my guy, Barack Obama!

(I'm going to keep this short and non-political as possible...) Barack Obama is a man who reached not only his goals last night, but also filled the dreams of many minority Americans in the United States.

Against many odds - not just in this presidential race, but also in his life he will now be living his dream. If an ordinary man can accomplish what he has at such a young age, that is very inspiring and motivating for me to continue working toward not only my educational and career goals but also my weight loss goals.

If a minority kid from Kansas can grow up to be President of the United States... one of the most powerful countries in the world - I can shed these 60-something pounds!

It's the eve of my weigh-in and this hasn't been a horrible week - nor the best... but I'm excited and motivated and want to hurry and get on that scale. I can do this, even if I just have a tiny loss or no loss at all week. I have found new inspirations, a new surge of motivation, I want this and I can do this, I can and will reach my goals.

And guess what... SO CAN YOU!


skinnyhollie said...

YES WE CAN! is going to be my mantra for a while now. Like you said, if Barack Obama can be elected president, then the sky's the limit to what we can ALL do, no matter what it is.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You are so right ! my weight loss is nothing compared to the hurdle that this man just overcame and the glass ceiling he shattered. We can do it !!!

Rosie said...

I think mine too. I have never been so proud of who our president is... not only will he be a great leader, but also a great inspiration.

I agree, we can do this! Look at all he's done and accomplished and for us all we really have to do is watch our food, exercise a little, and be patient.