Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Saturday

I think staying the same this week has gotten me a little bumped. I'm motivated to lose weight but I'm drawing a blank on what foods to eat. I think I need to go through some of my old journals and see what I had those days... I lost 6 pounds in week one... I'm go see if I have my journal from that week.

Yesterday, I lost control with cake... today I've had 6 cheese sticks and 3 fiber one bars. I'm down to 5 points for the rest of the day. I think I'll do a shake and focus on getting some veggies in. Tomorrow's a new day. It's already close to dinner time and I haven't even finished my first three cups of water yet. Bad me...

Here's my journal for yesterday. I was bad... oh so bad...:
1 Fiber One Bar - 2pt
1 Weight Watchers Chocolate Shake Mix - 2pt
1 Cup Fat Free Milk - 2pt
1 Serving Strawberry Yogurt - 2pt
1 Fiber One Bar - 2pt
1 Servings of Frozen Corn - 4pt
Butter Spray - 0pt
Smart One's Peanut Butter Sundae - 3pt
1 Plum - 1pt
1 Fiber One Bar - 2pt
2 Egg Rolls - 13pt
Pineapple Cake - 9pt
Lemon Cake - 19pt

Exercised slow 24 minutes +1pt
TOTAL - 59pt used 34 Flex Points

I didn't get my oils in, only a few of my fruits/veggies. I did however finish all my water and milk.

I was doing so good until that patient came with homemade egg rolls and 1/2 cakes for each of us made from scratch... darn that woman!

Today's a new day but I still feel blah and unmotivated. I'll make it through today on program, not sure I'll get all my veggies in, I did get all my oils in... and I'll get my dairy and milk in. But most importantly I will stay with in my points today. I refuse to go over my points this weekend...

I'm going to go look for my week one QuikTrak journal and see what I ate that week to do so good. I'll be back tomorrow to update you on how I did today.

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