Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did I What?

It's the holiday season and aside from great high point foods comes nosy relatives/family friends with no tact that think it's okay to ask questions like: When do you plan on getting married? Do you plan on having more children? Are you STILL in school? Or the worse... Have you gained weight?

For me a 32 year old single mother... if Mr.Right would of already proposed to me... don't you think I'd be married by now?! DUH!? More children? With who? Or do you expect for me to add a baby to plate along with raising a teenage daughter, caring for a crazy old mother, full time work, and school? WTF?

Anyway, I was reading an article a few weeks back in the Oakland Tribune that addressed what to answer in these situations... I thought I'd share one of them with you... what to answer when you're asked: Have you gained/lost weight?

Here's some answers you can give:
- Yes, I have.
- I was hoping nobody would notice.
- Yes/No, Same old diet roller coaster.
- (Lost) I had a 12-year old surgically removed from m back last week.
- (Gained) I just started buying pants that make my butt look big.
- (My favorite) Why do you want to know?

Some of these answers might work at your holiday table... some might get you in a bit of trouble... depending on who's asking and who's table you're at... lol Good Luck this holiday season.


senseieyes said...

Haha I hate when people ask me things like that. First it was when are you going to have kids, when are you going to finish school, when are you going to do *beeeeep* It's like... wow, I don't harass YOU about those things!

Rosie said...

My BFF's mother use to ask me everytime I seen her when was I going to get married. One time I said when I find the right man, then I turned the tables and said well spending of marriage when is K and H going to marry their partners... she doesn't like neither of their partners (K and H are her other daughter and son, aside from my bff). She had a verbal fit and told me not to ever mention that idea again. It's been about five years since that happened - she hasn't asked when I'm marrying since.