Monday, November 17, 2008

It's The Last Dance, It's Your Last Chance...

Okay it's not the last dance... or your chance to lose weight... but it is your last chance to join in all the festive fun going on around here... your last chance to join DIETSODADIVA'S HOLIDAY CHALLENGE!

It officially starts tomorrow! So you have until midnight to contact me and let me know you're in.

If you haven't already - there is still time to join! Just email me your information and I'll add you to the list. Information I would like is the following:

Name - Of course we need to know what to address you as.
Nickname if any - if you would prefer to be referred to as that
Blog Address if any - so we can add a link to the challengers post, anyone who visits this blog and follow your progress on your blog.
Current Weight - to know your start weight.
Address - I plan on mailing out certificates and possibly prizes one the challenge is over, regardless if you make it to your challenge goal.
Before Picture - nice to see a before and after picture for comparison.
50 Day Goal - to know what your aiming for.
Biggest Challenge Staying On Program - so we can get an idea of how we can help you stay on track.
Suggestions, Ideas for This Challenge, For Other Challenges... if any. Feedback is always welcome.

Minimal information I really need for you to participate:

Current Weight
50 Day Goal

All or any information that you do not want posted on please let me know - I will respect your wishes and not post it. You don't even need your name posted to participate in this challenge.

I think that's it... tomorrow morning I'll be making the Official Challenger Entry posting pictures weigh goals, etc...

Get ready people to see a whole lot less of us in the new year!

Happy Losing...

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