Monday, November 03, 2008

Holidays Here We Come...

1 Holiday down... 3 major ones to go...

For me my birthday is the pre-gateway to the Holiday Season and Halloween is the gateway... I'm officially in the Holiday Season! It's time to start thinking about my holiday menus. What am I going to make for Thanksgiving? Turkey of course... what about the sides?

Christmas - a two day celebration for me... What to cook? What to bake?

New Years... the eve if full of good foods, but the actual day is starting program all over and straight and narrow.

I did okay on my birthday. I made it through that week with a loss. Halloween... I've had worse weeks so I have to say for the 'candy' holiday and weekend I did pretty good. I went over 12 points and used up all my flex points. I'll make those up before Thursday. It's been raining here, so there's no walking outside - I might have to hop on the treadmill sometime this week.

I do all the cooking at my house for Thanksgiving, so that meal will be pretty controlled. The only problem is that I'll be having two Thanksgiving meals. An early one at my house, and a second one at Ross' mother's. So here's my plan. Usually by the time I get done cooking I'm too tired to even sit down and enjoy my meal. I'll make the turkey and only a few sides. A carb (okay maybe two with the rolls), a veggie, cranberry sauce, and a dessert. Maybe I'll toss a salad too. I'll have a good amount of points to spent at my BFM's house.

Christmas - she's making Tamales - and I told Ross that I can go help her with those. I won't cook on Christmas Eve. Growing up Christmas Eve wasn't really celebrated at my house until mid-night. My mother and grandmother use to spend the day shopping and dropping off other's gifts. I'll do cooking for Christmas at my place.

I asked my mother if she had any ideas. She said Chicken Mole, and Vi wants to make Tribal Taco's which won't be a lot of cooking. I don't want to do the traditional Turkey or Tamales this year. I wanted to try something different. If I make Tamales at my house I won't have ANY control. I LOVE TAMALES! So along with the Chicken Mole and Tribal Taco's... I'll make a salad and dessert.

I'm tempted to use WW recipes for my holiday desserts this year. To take to my BFM's house since she follows WW too, I think I'll make regular cookies and a WW dessert for her. She'd like that.

I think it's a good idea to start thinking about the holidays early and having a plan of attack - or non-attack on the food we'll be cooking or being served. For the meals I'm making before I make them I'll be figuring out points to be on the safe side.

On to other non-holiday news. I'll be working on and hopefully have a new video posted tomorrow. Tomorrow is also another big day for me. I'll be voting for the first time. I'm excited, this is a very important election. Not just for the presidential candidates but also for the propositions that are on the ballots. So if you haven't already... get out there and vote. You're vote does count!

DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge is starting in less then 2 weeks. Ladies are you excited? So far we have 7 Challengers. Here's who they are:

Hollie L. (need your info)
Amy S. (need your info)
Krista (need your info)
Rosie B. (me)

Ladies, you'll be hearing from me this week. I'll be emailing you invites for the Holiday Challenge Yahoo Group I'm creating. It'll be just the 7 of use where we can better keep each other accountable.

If you haven't already - there is still time to join! Just email me your information and I'll add you to the list. Information I would like is the following:

Name - Of course we need to know what to address you as.
Nickname if any - if you would prefer to be referred to as that
Blog Address if any - so we can add a link to the challengers post, anyone who visits this blog and follow your progress on your blog.
Current Weight - to know your start weight.
Address - I plan on mailing out certificates and possibly prizes one the challenge is over, regardless if you make it to your challenge goal.
Before Picture - nice to see a before and after picture for comparison.
50 Day Goal - to know what your aiming for.
Biggest Challenge Staying On Program - so we can get an idea of how we can help you stay on track.
Suggestions, Ideas for This Challenge, For Other Challenges... if any. - because feedback is always welcome.

Minimal information I really need for you to participate:

Current Weight
50 Day Goal

All or any information that you do not want posted on please let me know - I will respect your wishes and not post it. You don't even need your name posted to participate in this challenge.

Well... I think I've ran my fingers long enough this morning. I wish you all a losing day and week. Chat with you soon...


Sars said...

Name - Sars
Blog Address if any -
Current Weight - 183
50 Day Goal - I want to get to 170 before New Year's.
Biggest Challenge Staying On Program - Holiday binging. I just forget the plan for two weeks. Bad.

Rosie said...

Great... I will add you to our challenger list. Welcome Aboard!