Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy, Happy Monday

Next week DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge starts, so I decided to be proactive and start working out now... so that when the challenge starts I'll be semi-conditioned to workout everyday.

I got up this morning earlier than usual and got my butt on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I did 30 minutes of powerwalking, and walked a distance of 1.83 mile(s)... which is odd but I walked my weight. I walked 1.83 and I weighed 183 my last weigh-in.

Anyway... I think this week I'm gonna do good. I got on the scale this morning and I weighed in at 182.5 which means I'm down .7 from my last official weigh-in. I'm expecting to be down about a pound on Thursday. I'm excited... that means if I'm down a pound I'll only have 11 more pounds to lose during the challenge.

My challenge goal is going to be to have a total loss of 25 pounds... but I'm gonna try real hard to get there by Christmas (a week early).

I am pumped and excited about the Challenge, about staying on the Weight Watcher's wagon, about exercising, and the holidays.

Exercising this morning really woke me up... I feel alive and happy. Why didn't I think about working out in the morning before?

I might be making another video tomorrow... I have an idea and hopefully it works out. I'll also probably be creating the Challenge yahoo group today... I'll be sending you all invitations.

Well, here's what I had yesterday (didn't hit my quotas - but I did stay within points):

2 Corn Tortillas - 2pt
3 Egg Whites - 1pt
1 Egg White/2 Slices of Thinly Sliced Sandwich Ham/3TBS of Salsa - 1pt
1 Fiber One Bar - 2pt
1 Cheese Stick - 2pt
1 Fiber One Bar - 2pt
1 Cup Fat Free Milk - 2pt
1 Weight Watcher's Chocolate Shake Mix - 1pt
4 Slices of Thinly Sliced pizza - 14pt
2 Slices of Thinly Sliced Sandwich Ham - 1pt
TOTAL - 25pt

I make it through the weekend on points! Now for the rest of the week I don't have to suffer by cutting my daily points down... yyeeaaahhh!!!!! I feel GREAT!

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