Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 1, PreWeigh-in and All That Good Stuff...

This hasn't been one of my best weeks but I'm hanging in there... and still have hope for a loss.

Yesterday was the first day of the challenge. I didn't do as good as I wanted. I went over my points by 9! Only got half my water in and wasn't able to exercise in the morning like I had planned.

I got up at 5:14am got my workout clothes on. I was pumped ready to go... then I couldn't find my running shoes. They were hiding...

The upside to yesterday,I did go over 9 points - well there is no upside to that, but on the other hand I did have extra water this week so that sort of makes up for yesterday's lack of water. My day was pretty busy so morning time was my only chance to get on the threadmill - but I did get lots of walking in, including walking a mile up a mountain to get to my daughter's school - on the street/dirt/grass. They don't have sidewalks up there. It took me 30 minutes to get up there, by the time I got there I was ready to let myself fall on their front lawn.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and today's a new day! So far so good... I'm with in my points. I've been getting on the scale it still says 183.something. I hope that's not the case tomorrow... if so I'll just have to try a different approach. I'll really have to get tough and make a menu for the week.

The scale is working my nerves but I'm gonna be patient. I have a feeling something is happening, even if the scale doesn't want to say.

I use to have these favorite pair of low-rise jeans. I wore them all the time, until they got didn't want to rise anymore. I could get them on, but my butt and belly would hangout when I sat down. I stopped wearing them... but for whatever reason never threw them out.

This morning, running late with no clean clothes I went in my closet and grabbed a pair of jeans not knowing which ones they were. They didn't feel familar, the jeans were falling off. No falling off because my butt and belly were pushing them off... but falling off because they were too big. I checked in the mirror, and they were my old jeans! I was happy they fit again... I thought they fit perfect now... my butt and stomach were staying in... but as I got moving and finished getting ready I realized I couldn't leave with out a belt... they kept slipping down to my hips! That was a good feeling.

As I mentioned before I was running late this morning, so another morning with out a workout - but as soon as I get home I'm jumping on the treadmill... I made it a point to find my shoes before I went to bed last night.


senseieyes said...

That's great that those jeans fit again!!! Wahoo!! That's always an excellent feeling.

Rosie said...

I couldn't believe it. It was a good feeling, until I got on the scale at WW yesterday.