Sunday, November 16, 2008


I can't believe I haven't told you about 'Dotti's Weight Loss Zone' before. It's a kick ass website with all kinds of great information... it's privately owned by Dotti and ran by her and her husband. It's years and years of Weight Watcher's stuff lists, recipes, etc... all in one site. I use and find that site more useful than I think she also has a forum, but I've never joined... I might check it out one day. I guess I've never told you about it because I use assume everyone already knows about it... but recently I realized new to Weight Watcher's people might not have heard of it yet...

Dotti Rocks! And her site is def a Weight Watcher classic... if you're following the program she's a must see...

This sounds like a commercial for DWLZ but I swear I AM NOT A PAID ACTOR! Just an admirer.

Anyway... the link is

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