Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Good...

I think I'm going to shake this Plateau! I think what I have been doing wrong is when I calculated how many points I should be getting I counted myself has a 1/2 housewife... instead of giving myself 2 points for housework I gave myself 1... even though I do all the housework at home, and for my mother's apartment I still work 24 hours where I sit mostly on my butt, and I go to school for 5 more hours where I'm also mostly on my butt. Okay so I gave myself 1/2 credit for being a housewife... but also have been counting my cleaning as activity points... so I've sort of been non-aware cheating myself... I think.

So this week I stopped counting those points. I got on the scale this morning... and it said at first I was down 1.6 then the next three times (with in minutes) I got on the scale it said I was down 1.1... I'll take either one! Hopefully, by December 4th I'll be down at least two pounds.

I went to bed super late last night, so I couldn't wake up in time to workout... I should of went to bed early. So today, as soon as I get home - before I do anything else... especially turn on the computer, I'm going to do 30 minutes on the theadmill, I have to get into the habit of NEEDING to work out everyday... I can do it, I know I can. I did it with my walks here at work. Up until recently, I use to walk at least 20-45 minutes every other day. At lunch before I had my lunch I would go for a walk, somedays I didn't want too... but went anyway, even if I just went for a walk around the block - I would still go, even if I wasn't feeling good I would still go. Sooner or later before I realized it, it just became habit - and if I didn't go for a walk I felt off the rest of the day.

Recently, my schedule here at work changed, so I can't go for walks at lunch time... it's been about two weeks now - I'm still adjusting.

Hopefully, I'll get around to making a video sometime soon... I don't think tonight, I'm thinking possibly Wednesday or Thursday early in the morning when the Turkey is in the oven.

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