Thursday, November 27, 2008

T-Day Is Here! Are You Ready?

Well it's almost 12:30pm, and I haven't had a meal yet - but somehow I've already used up 16 points. I can feel it already, today's going to be challenging! I've been trying to count everything, including tastes and nibbles. I think for lunch I'll have a salad with a little turkey on top. For sure I'll be using of not all, most of my flex points today.

Every thing is pretty much made and ready to eat, I stayed up super late last night preparing everything. Now I just have to go pick up some tights, clean up a little and set up my table. This year I'm going to use all my vintage glass wear. I'm excited about that.

Whatever you're doing today... Happy Turkey Day to you. Remember, a holiday is just that ONE DAY not one day plus the following weekend.

Challengers, hang in there... WE CAN DO THIS!

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