Friday, November 07, 2008

I did it!

I did it! Yesterday was my first day going Back 2 Basics... I got both servings of oil in, all my veggies, milk and water! I also stayed with in my points!

It wasn't that hard. I just kept an eye on what I was marking off at the bottom of my tracker.

Here's my intake journal for yesterday:
1 Footlong Roasted Chicken Sandwich (Subway) - 12pt
2 tsp Olive Oil - 2 pt
2 Fiber One Bars - 4pt
1 Weight Watcher's Chocolate Shake Mix - 1pt
1 cup Fat Free Milk - 2pt
3 cups of Carrots - 0
1/4 cup fresh lime juice/salt - 0
Total - 25pt

I'm aiming to do the same today. Except I won't be spending 12 points on a sandwich. I did however spread that sandwich out over the course of a few hours.

I think I'll post my journal this whole week... after that it might become too repetious and also takes up time I could be looking up recipes or something.

It's Friday! I hope you all enjoy your weekend! DietSodaDiva's Holiday Challenge starts in 10 days! So if you haven't gotten your information to me do so asap. I'll be setting up categories and stuff possibly this weekend. Also the Challenge yahoo group should be set up this next week. I didn't want to create it too soon. I'm excited about this.

At first I was aiming to be at 20 pounds by Christmas, but I think I'm going to aim for 25 pounds... that means I have 7 weeks to lose exactly 12 pounds... that's a little under 2 pounds a week. I should start exercising this week - shouldn't I. Ross is going to start his program the same day we start the Challenge. He's not overweight, he's focusing on toning up and losing that extra little body fat he's claims he has.

This weekend we wanted to make homemade tortillas, menudo, and biscocitos... but we're going to hold off on getting carried away and make only one of those, probably the menudo. Or maybe a Weight Watcher's dessert. He feels he's gained this week... he stayed the same weight wise but says his body fat went up...

It feels so good to be back on program and having the support I need really helps. Even though I'm not anywhere near my goal weight, I feel good... I don't cringe that much anymore when I look in mirror. I'm already starting to feel better about myself.

Okay, now I think I'm babbling - so it's time to sign off for the day. Happy Friday and I wish you all a losing weekend!


skinnyhollie said...

Doesn't it feel good not to cringe when you look in the mirror? I'm getting there, too. But my mirror is only from the waist up, so my bottom half may not look so hot! LOL!

Rosie said...

You're lucky you're a pear shape easier on the eyes... I'm more like an apple I think... not so great. My upper body is the worse problem... if I can only have a mirror that's from the waist down... lol.

senseieyes said...

both of you are lucky... I don't have a body shape right now! lol. I'm usually an hour glass but this second baby has stretched me out in oh so many places.
Great job getting back on track!

Rosie said...

I'm sure you do... lol Is it possible for your body type to change? I look apple when I'm heavy but not as much as the makes me out to be but when I start to lose weigh I look more like an hourglass... weird.